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How To Apply For A Property Tax Exemption As A Disabled Veteran

Explained | Texas Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption | Ready Front Real Estate

In order to apply for a property tax exemption as a 100% rated disabled military vet, youll require three important documents:

  • A VA disability letter proving a 100% disability rating according to the VA
  • Form 50-114 , completed and notarized
  • A copy of your ID with an address that matches the residence seeking property tax exemption

If your disabled status is between 10% and 99% according to the VA, you can apply for two different types of exemptions: the Residence Homestead Exemption and the Disabled Veteran Partial Exemption.

Forms 50-114 and 50-135 are required in order to apply for both of these exemptions, as well as your VA proof of disability letter and a copy of your ID with an address matching the property seeking exemption. In order to receive an exemption during the current tax year, applications need to be submitted between January 1 and April 30. Otherwise, they will be applied to the following tax year.

The deadline to apply for a disabled veteran exemption is looser than for other exemptions. While the deadline is normally April 30, you may file for total exemption up to five years after the taxes have gone delinquent. If you become qualified for the exemption mid-year, you may receive the exemption immediately for the applicable part of that tax year.

Property Tax Breaks Disabled Veterans Exemptions

To receive a disabled veteran exemption, you must either be a veteran who was disabled while serving with the U.S. armed forces or the surviving spouse or child of a disabled veteran or of a member of the armed forces who was killed while on active duty. You must be a veteran of the U.S. armed forces who is classified as disabled by the Veteran’s Administration or the armed services branch in which you served and have a service-connected disability. The disabled veteran must be a Texas resident and must choose one property to receive the exemption.

In Texas, veterans with a disability rating of:

  • 100% are exempt from all property taxes
  • 70 to 100% receive a $12,000 property tax exemption
  • 50 to 69% receive a $10,000 property tax exemption
  • 30 to 49% receive a $7,500 property tax exemption
  • 10 to 29% receive a $5,000 property tax exemption

Front And Center: Employment Is The Lowest Funded Of Any Veteran Program Area

SAN ANTONIO Experts say the Bureau of Labor Statistics is falling short in accurately reporting the veteran unemployment rate for several reasons, but an issue many vets are facing right now is theyre not landing the jobs they are qualified for.

Recent data from the Veterans Metrics Initiative shows that a combined under-employment and unemployment rate for transitioning service members and veterans is at a staggering 61 percent.

But what does under-employment mean?

We mean people working beneath their objective skill set and experience. So, they are getting paid less than they should for the experience they have and for the education they have, Dan Goldenberg, executive director of the Call of Duty Endowment Program said.

Goldenberg said underemployment is a growing societal problem that is hitting veterans especially hard.

We noticed that were hearing anecdotally from veterans, hey, I got a job, Ive got two jobs, but I cant pay the rent because I cant get enough hours. So, you know, on the one hand, theyre employed, but on the other hand, theyre not employed in a quality manner such that they can, you know, pay the rent, Goldenberg said.

One of the most requested services from transitioning service members and veterans is employment support. And to make matters worse, employment is the lowest funded of any veteran program area.

And to land a good job you need a pretty stand-out resume.

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Property Tax Reduction For Disabled Veterans In Texas

Some counties may allow disabled veterans to apply for more than one property tax exemption, depending on their disability. Here are examples of what exemptions you could combine:

  • 100% disabled veterans of all agesprimary residence only
  • 10%90% disabled veterans of all ages:

DoNotPays Property Tax guide will show you which exemptions you can apply for and how to do it!

License Plates And Registration For Vehicles Owned And Driven By Disabled Veterans

PRORFETY: What Documents Do I Need To File Homestead Exemption In Texas

A person entitled to veteran specialty license plates may register, for the person’s own use, one vehicle without payment of any fee paid for or at the time of registration except the fee for the license plates.

A veteran is entitled to register, for their own use, motor vehicles under the above exemption if:

  • the person has suffered, as a result of military service:
  • at least a 50 percent service-connected disability or
  • a 40 percent service-connected disability because of the amputation of a lower extremity
  • the person receives compensation because of the disability and
  • the motor vehicle:
  • is owned by the person and
  • has a gross vehicle weight of 18,000 pounds or less or is a motor home.
  • An organization may register a motor vehicle and receive this exemption if:

    • the vehicle is used exclusively to transport veterans who have suffered, as a result of military service, a service-connected disability and
    • the veterans are not charged for the transportation.

    License plates issued must include:

    • the letters “DV” on the plate if the plate is issued for a vehicle other than a motorcycle and
    • the words “Disabled Veteran” and “U.S. Armed Forces” at the bottom of each license plate.

    The fee for the first set of license plates is $3. There is no fee for any additional set of license plates.

    A person, who receives DV license plates, may receive a disabled parking placard for each set of license plates without providing additional documentation.

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    Other Texas Disabled Veteran Benefits Discounts And Free Services

    Texas Disabled Veteran Benefits Discounts

    With the generous donationsof for-profit entities as well as various non-profit organizations, Texasoffers Disabled Veterans a ton of discounts and free services.

    For a complete list ofdiscounts and free offerings for Texas Disabled Veterans, please

    List of Texas Disabled Veteran Benefits Discounts and Free Services

    • The Folds of Honor Foundation has two types of scholarship programs for Texas DisabledVeterans: The ChildrensFund Scholarship serves the dependents of disabled veterans rated at90% or higher, in Kindergarten through 12th grade and TheHigher Education Scholarship the dependents of disabled veterans ratedat 10% or higher for those seeking a first bachelors degree or a certificationat a post-secondary institution. Both types of the Folds of Honor scholarshipsare based on unmet need as determined by documentation submitted by theawardee and can be valued up to $5,000. VA Claims Insider is a 1-StarFriends of the Folds partner to enable these incredible scholarship programsfor the dependents of Disabled Veterans.
    • Freedom Hunters offers Texas Disabled Veterans outdoor adventuresand hunting for military, veterans and their families.
    • The VeteranTickets Foundation teams up with major sports teams, leagues,promoters, organizations, venues and ticket holders to provide free tickets tothe more than 21 million military and veterans, including Disabled Veterans inTexas.

    Surviving Spouse Of First Responder Killed In The Line Of Duty

    A surviving spouse of a first responder who is killed or fatally injured in the line of duty who has not remarried since the death of the first responder may be entitled to an exemption from taxation of the total appraised value of the surviving spouses residence homestead. Documentation must be provided.

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    Combining Unemployment Benefits With Other Benefits

    Disabled veteran tax exemption is costly for Central Texas cities

    UCX benefits are reduced if a veteran is also receiving disability retirement benefits or military retirement benefits. This could completely negate your unemployment benefits because the amount for which you are eligible may be less than the amount of your retirement benefits.

    If you are receiving disability compensation from the VA, on the other hand, your unemployment benefits will not be reduced.

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    How Tax Exemptions Benefit Disabled Veterans And Others In Texas

    Property taxes can be a significant consideration for current and potential Texas homeowners. Though property taxes go to good use in Texas through community improvement, tax exemptions for former service members provide relief for those whose service has caused them potential financial stress. Veterans in Texas should collaborate with their appraisal district and the VA to ensure that they receive the financial relief theyve earned.

    Ready to live your best life in Texas? at to contact an experienced local real estate agent who can help you discover the Texas home of your dreams.

    Texas Veteran Financial Benefits

    The Texas Income Tax Break

    Since the State of Texas features no personal income tax, military members living there will enjoy more savings at tax time than they might in states where personal income tax is collected. There is also no Texas military retirement income tax.

    Tax Breaks For Disabled Veterans and Surviving Dependents

    Qualifying disabled veterans and surviving spouses may be eligible for property tax breaks from the State of Texas. One such tax break is a graduated form of property tax relief for those with VA disability ratings starting at 10%. Tax exemption laws and requirements may change from year to year, its best to consult a local tax professional to see what exemptions or regulations of those exemptions apply in a given tax year.

    • For aliens, a copy of your green card or other employment authorization document.
    • Your DD-214, if your unemployment claim is due to separation from the military.
    • Earnings data for several previous weeks .

    If youve had your hours reduced, but you have not been entirely let go, you could qualify for a partial benefit.

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    Disability Homestead Exemptions Information And Requirements

    In Texas, a disabled adult has a right to a special homestead exemption. If you qualify, this exemption can reduce your taxes substantially. By law, school districts must provide a $10,000 disability exemption. Other taxing entities have the option to offer disability exemptions of at least $3,000. If you qualify, you will receive this exemption in addition to the general homestead exemption. However, you cant receive both a disability exemption and an over-65 exemption.

    An Application for Disability Homestead Exemption can be found at the Forms Page under the Residential Exemption Section .

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    Disabled Person Homestead Exemption

    16 States With Full Property Tax Exemption for 100 Disabled Veterans ...

    You may receive the Disabled Person exemption immediately upon qualification of the exemption. You are eligible for this exemption if you are unable to engage in any substantial gainful work because of a physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death, or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months or you are 55 years old and blind and unable to engage in your previous work because of the blindness.

    To automatically qualify, you must meet the Social Security definition for disabled and receive disability benefits under the Federal-Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance Program administered by the Social Security Administration.

    To verify your eligibility, you must provide a current dated statement from the Social Security Administration showing that you are disabled and the date your disability began. Disability benefits from any other program do not automatically qualify you for this exemption. You do not have to receive disability benefits to qualify, but you must meet the Social Security definition for disabled. If you are not receiving Social Security benefits, then you must have your physician complete the Bell CAD Physicians Statement form available on this site or you may contact Customer Service at 254-939-5841.

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    Hazlewood Act For Spouse/child

    Spouses and dependent children of eligible Active Duty, Reserve, and Texas National Guard who died in the line of duty, as a result of service-connected injury or illness, are missing in action, or who became totally disabled for purposes of employability as a result of a service-related injury or illness are entitled to each receive 50 credit hours tuition-free college.

    Like the normal Hazlewood act, the veteran must have been a Texas resident when they entered the service.

    A spouse must:

    • meet GPA, academic progress and credit hour requirements.

    A child must:

    • have no federal VA education benefits.
    • be a Texas resident.
    • meet GPA, academic progress and credit hour requirements. This requirement does not apply to the child of a MIA, KIA, or service connected deceased Veteran.

    Property Tax Exemption For Texas Veterans

    Tax Code Section 11.131 requires an exemption of the total appraised value of homesteads of Texas veterans who received 100 percent compensation from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs due to a 100 percent disability rating or determination of individual unemployability by the VA. This exemption can only be applied to a residence homestead of a disabled veteran.

    A disabled veteran who owns property other than a residence homestead may apply for a different disabled veterans exemption under Tax Code Section 11.22 that applied according to the veterans disability rating of 10 percent or higher.

    An individual must apply to their local appraisal district between Jan. 1 and April 30. Download and print Form 50-114, Application for Residence Homestead Exemption from the Comptrollers website.

    Surviving spouses of veterans who qualified for this exemption or who would have qualified for this exemption if it had been in effect at the time of the veteran’s death are eligible if:

    • the surviving spouse has not remarried
    • the property was the surviving spouse’s residence homestead at the time of the veteran’s death and
    • the property remains the surviving spouse’s residence homestead.

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    Disabled Veteran Partial Exemption:

    For: Disabled Veteran Exemption -OR- Surviving Spouse/child of Deceased Disabled Veteran -OR- Surviving Spouse/child of Armed Service Member who died on Active Duty

    Supporting Documents:

  • Form 50-135– complete and notarized
  • VA Disability Letter showing % VA disability
  • ID with address matching residence homestead
  • Supporting Documents:

  • Form 50-114– complete and notarized
  • VA Disability Letter showing 100% VA disability
  • ID with address matching residence homestead

    1. Disabled Veteran ExemptionWhat is the amount of the disabled veteran’s exemption?The exemption amount that a qualified disabled veteran receives depends on the veteran’s disability rating from the branch of the armed service.

    Disability Exemption

    These guidelines are set forth by the State Comptroller, but are administered by each County Appraisal District.Administration of rules and can vary considerably by county.

    Tax Code Section 11.13 requires school districts to offer a $25,000 exemption on residence homesteads and Tax Code Section 11.13 allows any taxing unit the option to decide locally to offer a separate residence homestead exemption of up to 20 percent of a propertys appraised value. The local option exemption cannot be less than $5,000. Tax Code Section 11.13 requires counties that collect farm-to-market or flood control taxes to offer a $3,000 residence homestead exemption.

    $10,000 from the property’s value
    70% to 100% $12,000 from the property’s value

    Texas Historically Underutilized Business Program

    Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemptions in Texas

    The comptroller encourages the use of historically underutilized businesses by state agencies and assists agencies in the implementation of this policy. The purpose of the HUB program is to promote full and equal business opportunities for all businesses in an effort to remedy disparity in state procurement and contracting in accordance with the HUB goals specified in the State of Texas Disparity Study, including veterans.

    For more information about the program visit the FAQ page on the Texas Comptrollers website.

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    When Are Property Taxes Due

    Taxes are due in October of each year and must be paid by January 31st. In order to be timely, payment of taxes must be postmarked on or before January 31st.Taxes are delinquent on February 1 of each year and subject to penalty and interest. Due to a change in the statute, participating jurisdictions may elect to turn over their delinquent business property taxes to their delinquent tax attorneys for collection on April 1 of the year the taxes became delinquent, and are also subject to an additional penalty of 15% or 20% of the taxes, penalty, and interest due.All other past-due taxes are surrendered for collection on July 1st of the year the taxes became delinquent and are also subject to the additional 15% or 20% collection fee.

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    Find Help If You Lost Your Job Because Of Foreign Trade

    If you lost your job because of increased foreign imports or shifts in production to foreign countries, you may be eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance , a federal program that helps workers find suitable new work. TAA benefits may include retraining, the Health Coverage Tax Credit, job search and relocation allowances, and weekly benefits called Trade Readjustment Allowance .

    • Trade Adjustment Assistance Handbook 2016

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