New York State Disability Benefits


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New York Veteran Employment Benefits

What is New York State Short-Term Disability Insurance?

Civil Service Credit Preference

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Ten-point additional credit preference toward original appointment for disabled wartime veterans five-points for wartime service and two and a half points for other veterans. Job retention rights applicable to veterans and spouses of totally disabled veterans.

Immediate action is needed if you are eligible for these additional veteran credits.

You must complete the online Veteran Credit Use Questionnaire that is available through the website.

Military Service Credit for State & Local Retirement System Members

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You may be entitled to receive additional credit towards retirement for your military service through New York State and local retirement systems.

There are different sections of the law that allow the crediting of qualifying military service. Once the Retirement System receives your request, they will determine under what section you qualify for.

New York State Peddlers License

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What If I Need More Help

What other legal protections do I have?

Where can I get more information?

  • at 1-833-NEED-ABB or visit .
  • Contact the Disability Benefits Bureau of the Workers Compensation Board, the agency that administers the law, toll-free at 632-4996 or visit .

This guide is designed to assist you in understanding your basic rights under the Temporary Disability Insurance program. It does not cover all aspects of the law and does not constitute legal advice. It is possible that other laws or additional TDI provisions or rules not described here may apply to your specific circumstances.

Free, confidential legal helpline / Línea de ayuda gratuita y confidencial: 1-833-NEED-ABB

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Employer/insurance Carrier Requests Examination By A Health Care Provider

  • Your employer/insurance carrier may designate a health care provider to examine you. You must submit to requested examinations under the following conditions:
  • Exams may occur at intervals, but not more than once a week.
  • You do not pay for the exams.
  • Exams occur at a reasonable time and place.
  • If you refuse to submit to an exam, you may jeopardize your benefits.
  • New York Disability Benefits Law

    Coronavirus update: New York sick leave, disability and family leave ...

    NY DBL provides partial income replacement for non-work related injuries or sickness, including pregnancy.

    Employees are eligible to receive NY DBL benefits when one of the following criteria is met:

    • Full-time employees: Employee has worked in New York for a covered employer for at least four consecutive weeks.
    • Part-time employees: Employee has worked in New York for a covered employer for at least 25 days.

    Benefits: NY DBL offers income replacement of 50% of an employees average wage up to a maximum weekly benefit of $170. After satisfying the 7-day waiting period, benefits are paid for a maximum of 26 weeks in a 52-week period.1

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    Complying With The Disability Benefits Law

    An employer who has had in New York State employment 1 or more employees on each of at least 30 days in any calendar year shall be a “covered employer” subject to the Disability Benefits Law after the expiration of 4 weeks following the 30th day of such employment. These 30 days of employment need not be consecutive days but must be work days of employment in one calendar year. In addition to the above-stated provisions, effective January 1, 1984, employers of personal or domestic employees in a private home are subject if they employ at least one employee who works 40 or more hours per week for that employer. .

    An employer who by operation of law becomes successor to a covered employer, or who acquires by purchase or otherwise the trade or business of a covered employer, immediately becomes a covered employer.

    A “covered employer” under the law is required to provide for the payment of Disability Benefits to all eligible employees. The employer may comply by purchasing a policy of insurance or by applying to the Chair for approval as a self-insurer with permission to deposit securities or file a surety bond. Insurance may be purchased from any insurance company authorized to write Disability Benefits insurance in this state, including the State Insurance Fund, 199 Church St., New York, Now York 10007.

    Benefits that differ from those set forth in the Law may be provided if submitted as an “at least as favorable” Plan and approved by the Chair.

    New York Veteran Financial Benefits

    Income Tax

    Military Pay: If your permanent home was New York state before entering the military, active-duty income is tax-free, IF you meet all three of the following conditions:

    • Did not have a permanent home in New York
    • maintained a permanent place of abode outside New York during the entire year
    • spent less than 30 days in New York during the year.

    Retired pay and SBP payments are tax-free.

    Property Tax Exemptions

    Visit the following website for more information:

    New York state has three different property tax exemptions which are based on your military service, with additional benefits based upon degree of service-connected disability.

    The exemption applies to county, city, town, and village taxes. Exemptions may apply to school district taxes.

    The Alternative Veterans Exemption for veterans who served during wartime or received an expeditionary medal.

    The Cold War Veterans Exemption for veterans who served during the Cold War period.

    The Eligible Funds Exemption for property that a veteran buys with pension, bonus, or insurance funds

    Applications must be filed before taxes are due, check with your city or county for more information.

    Qualifying surviving spouses may file for benefit based on their spouses service.

    Annual refiling is required.

    Find your local tax assessor at this link:

    E-Z Pass for Disabled Veterans

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    Other Ways You Can Apply

    Apply With Your Local Office

    You can do most of your business with Social Security online. If you cannot use these online services, your local Social Security office can help you apply. You can find the phone number for your local office by using our Office Locator and looking under Social Security Office Information. The toll-free Office number is your local office.

    Apply By Phone

    If You Do Not Live in the U.S. Or One of Its Territories

    Contact the if you live outside the U.S. or a U.S. territory and wish to apply for retirement benefits.

    Mailing Your Documents

    If you mail any documents to us, you must include the Social Security number so that we can match them with the correct application. Do not write anything on the original documents. Please write the Social Security number on a separate sheet of paper and include it in the mailing envelope along with the documents.

    How Much Is The New York State Supplement To Ssi

    Insurance Made Easy: What is New York State Disability?

    The state of New York pays a supplemental payment to those receiving SSI from the federal government. For example, for a single person living alone, the federal government typically pays $841 per month and New York pays an additional $87.

    The supplemental amount varies depending on how much income you have, whether you live with others, whether you’re married, whether your spouse receives SSI benefits as well, and whether you live in a nursing home, group home, or assisted living situation. The county or borough where you reside may also affect the amount you receive from the state of New York.

    Here’s a chart of the combined federal and state payment for a single person without any countable income.

    Your Living Situation

    You apply for the supplemental payment through NY’s Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance .

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    What Are The Penalties For Not Providing Disability Benefits Insurance In Nys

    Failure to provide disability benefits insurance is a misdemeanor in New York State, punishable by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $500 or imprisonment for up to one year or both for a first violation.

    A second violation of the law within five years may result in a fine of not less than $250 nor more than $1,250. A third violation within five years may result in a fine of up to $2,500.

    Does Dbl Cover Pregnancy

    Yes. Pregnancy is treated like any other disability. Eligibility for benefits is based upon medical certification of disability, which may occur at any time during pregnancy.

    However, an employee on unpaid maternity leave who become disabled is eligible only within four weeks of the last day actually worked.

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    If You Become Disabled While You Are Unemployed

    • If you have been unemployed for less than four weeks
    • your disability benefits are provided by your last employer’s disability benefits insurance carrier, and
    • the seven-day waiting period applies.
  • If you have been unemployed for more than four weeks and are collecting unemployment insurance benefits
  • the Workers’ Compensation Board Special Fund for Disability will provide your disability benefits, and
  • no waiting period is required.
  • You may not collect unemployment benefits and disability benefits for the same period of time.
  • Who Is Not Eligible For Benefits

    New York Temporary Disability Insurance and the Family Medical Leave ...
    • Minor children of an employer.
    • Government, Railroad, or Maritime employees.
    • Ministers, Priests, Rabbis, members of a Religious Order, sextons, or Christian Science readers.
    • Persons engaged in a professional or teaching capacity for a non-profit religious, charitable, or educational institution.
    • Persons receiving rehabilitation in a sheltered workshop or under a certificate issued by the Department of Labor.
    • Persons receiving aid from religious, charitable, or educational institutions, who perform services in exchange for such aid.
    • Daytime elementary or high school students who work part-time during the school year or during vacation periods.
    • Independent contractors.
    • Employees during the first 45 days of extra employment.
    • These are persons not normally in the labor market who are hired to do work for a limited special period of time.
    • Employees in casual employment. An employee who normally works in a different occupation, who is hired for a day or less.
    • Corporate Directors, acting only as such, and not as employees.
    • Partners and Proprietors are not required to be covered. They must, however, cover any eligible employees.
    • Executive Officers of an incorporated non-profit, religious, charitable, or educational institution .
    • An employer may elect to provide voluntary benefits to an excluded class of employees by filing an application for voluntary coverage with the Workers Compensation Board.

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    If Your Disability Started Within Four Weeks Of The Last Day You Worked

    Who pays benefits: Your employer’s disability benefits insurance carrier.

    How to Apply

    • File the claim with your employer or insurance carrier, using Notice and Proof of Claim for Disability Benefits .
    • Form DB-450 may be obtained using the link above, from your employer, your employers insurance carrier, your health care provider or any Board office.

    Who Is Eligible For New York Short

    In order to be eligible for short-term disability benefits, you must have become injured or ill while not at work but must be employed, or recently employed, at the time of illness or injury. Additionally, pregnancy is covered under short-term disability.

    The employees who are covered by disability include:

    • An individual who is working or has recently worked at least four consecutive weeks at a job that is considered to be owned by a “covered employer.”
    • Individuals who change from one covered employer to another covered employer. As long as your employment was continuous, coverage for short-term disability starts on your first day of work.
    • Domestic workers who work 40 hours or more for one employer. An example of this would be a nanny or personal assistant.
    • Individuals who are not employed by a covered employer but elect for voluntary coverage.

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    Who Is Eligible For Disability Benefits In New York State

    • Most employees in the State of New York are eligible if working for a covered employer
    • Full-time employees, new to working are eligible after working for 4 consecutive weeks
    • Part-Time employees, new to working are eligible on the 25th day of regular employment for one employer
    • Employees receiving Unemployment Benefits are eligible immediately upon beginning work
    • New employees who have previously established eligibility with another employer are eligible immediately upon beginning work, as long as the gap in employment is not more than four weeks
    • Personal or domestic employees working for the same employer in a private home at least 40 hours a week
    • A spouse working for a Sole Proprietor or Partnership unless an exclusion is elected
    • College students are eligible for DBL benefits if they meet any of the above requirements
    • A Corporate Officer is an employee and will be covered, unless he receives no wages or remuneration for services

    If You Are Claiming/receiving Unemployment Benefits And Your Disability Started More Than Four Weeks From The Last Day You Worked

    How to Apply for New York Life Disability Benefits & Get Approved

    Who pays benefits: New York State Special Fund for Disability Benefits

    How to Apply

    • PO Box 9029 Endicott, NY 13761-9029.

    IMPORTANT: Before filing your claim, be sure that you have completed and signed Part A, “Claimant’s Statement,” and your health care provider has completed and signed Part B, “Health Care Provider’s Statement.” Submit this information promptly to avoid delaying your claim. You must file your claim within 30 days after you become disabled.

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    Ny State Insurance Fund

    Policies may also be purchased through NYSIF, a public insurance carrier. NYSIF is a not-for-profit agency of the State of New York that offers workers’ compensation, New York State disability benefits and Paid Family Leave insurance. It is a separate and distinct entity from the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board.

    NYSIF must provide insurance to any employer seeking coverage, regardless of the employer’s type of business, safety record or size. However, if an employer owes NYSIF money from a previous bill or account, coverage can be denied.

    How To Apply For Temporary Disability In Ny

    People who work in New York State apply for temporary disability after suffering an occupational accident or illness. Workers Compensation offers benefits in three areas, making an effort more worthwhile.

    • Healthcare to treat injured workers
    • Partial lost wage replacement
    • Survivor benefits if workers die

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    What If An Employee Becomes Disabled While Unemployed

    An employee who becomes disabled while they are unemployed may still be eligible for disability benefits. An employee may not collect unemployment benefits and disability benefits for the same period of time.

    The length of time an employee has been unemployed determines who pays the disability benefits:

    • If an employee has been unemployed for less than four weeks:
    • Disability insurance benefits are provided by last employer’s disability insurance carrier.
    • The seven day waiting period applies.
  • If an employee has been unemployed for more than four weeks and is collecting unemployment insurance benefits:
  • The Workers’ Compensation Board Special Fund for Disability will provide disability benefits.
  • No waiting period is required.
  • How To Apply For Ssdi In New York

    New York State Disability Insurance Withholding / Guide For Controllers ...

    You can apply for Social Security Disability in one of three ways: online, over the phone, or in person. To apply online, submit your application by creating an account on You can also call the Social Security office directly at 800-772-1213 and a representative will walk you through the application process.

    If you prefer to make your application in person, contact your closest New York field office to set up an appointment.

    It will speed up the process to gather any relevant information and documents ahead of time. Below is a general list of requirements, but you may be asked to provide more or less based on your specific case:

    • Personal information: birth certificate or permanent resident card, marriage or divorce records, military records, vital details about any minor children
    • Current employment or self-employment information
    • Bank account information for direct deposit
    • Personal or professional references like a doctor or family member who can certify your conditions
    • Medical history about your disability like records of physical and mental health, tests, and names of doctors
    • Job and education history for at least the last two years

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    How Does Temporary Disability Insurance Relate To Other Laws

    Can I take unemployment insurance and TDI at the same time?

    No. By law, you cannot claim TDI and UI at the same time. In order to receive TDI, you must be unable to work due to disability in order to receive UI, you must be ready, willing, and able to work.

    Because UI benefits are generally more generous than TDI benefits, it may be beneficial to go back on UI as soon as you are ready, willing, and able to work again. If you are unemployed, be sure to discuss with your doctor your desire to return to work as soon as you are able before your doctor prepares your TDI documentation.

    How is TDI different from paid family leave ?

    Paid family leave is a state program that guarantees workers up to 12 weeks of paid, job-protected time off to care for a seriously ill or injured family member, bond with a new child, and address certain military family needs. If youre employed outside of the government in New York State, either full-time or part-time, youre probably covered under the paid family leave law, regardless of how many people work for your employer.

    For more information about New York paid family leave, visit .

    How is TDI different from the Family and Medical Leave Act ?

    For more information about the FMLA, visit .

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