Disabled Veteran Benefits In Texas


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Women Veterans Professional Network

Hidden VA Benefits for Florida & Texas Residents

The Women Veterans Professional Network is a closed social media network that establishes a supportive environment in which women veterans can connect with one another to discuss the important topics of employment, womens health, and womens entrepreneurship. The community seeks to make sure that its members are fully aware of the services and benefits they earned through their military service, and that they have the support to access them.

Texas Disabled Veteran Benefits Financial Assistance

Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption Texas

Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption Texas

Property taxes in Texas are locally assessed and administered by each county.

Disabled Veterans in Texas with a 10% to 90% VA disability rating can get a reduction of their homes assessed value from $5,000 to $12,000 depending on disability percentage.

Surviving spouses also qualify. Disabled Veterans are required to apply for residence homesteads owned by veterans or surviving family each year.

The deadline for filing for a disabled veterans exemption is between January 1 and April 30 of the tax year.

However, you may file for a disabled veterans exemption up to one year from the delinquency date.

To file for a disabled veterans exemption, you must complete the Application for Disabled Veterans or Survivors Exemptions form and submit it to the appraisal district in which the property is located.

The table below lists the exemption by VA disability rating.

Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption Texas Quick Calculator

$12,000 from the propertys value

Texas Veterans Dmv Benefits

Free Drivers License for Texas Disabled Veterans

Disabled Veterans in Texas with at least a 60% VA disability rating and an honorable discharge can get a Texas drivers license or ID card for free.

Free Hunting and Fishing License for Texas Veterans

Disabled Veterans in Texas with an honorable discharge and a 50% or greater VA disability rating, or who have suffered the loss of use of a foot or leg as a result of service, can get a free Super Combo Hunting and Fishing License each year.

The Super Combo Hunting and All-Water Fishing Package is available at no cost for Texas Disabled Veterans.

The Super Combo License Package includes:

  • Resident hunting license
  • Federal Duck Stamp is NOT included, but is required for waterfowl hunting

Texas Veterans State Park Admissions

The Disabled Veterans passport allows free entry to Texas state parks for Texas Disabled Veterans with a 60% or more service-connected disability or loss of lower extremity.

One additional person may assist the pass holder at a reduced rate of 50% of the standard entry fee.

Present valid identification AND at least one of the following to get your passport:

  • Disabled Veterans of Texas license plate receipt
  • Veterans VA Disability Summary Award Verification Letter
  • Tax exemption letter for Texas veterans

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What Is The Texas Veterans Commission

The Texas Veterans Commission is a state agency founded in 1927. Its mission is to advocate for and provide superior service to veterans all in support of improving the overall quality of life for Texas veterans, their families, and their survivors.

Originally designed to provide services for veterans of the Indian wars, Spanish-American War, and World War I, the scope of the TVC has expanded over time to include all military service veterans. More than 80% of the commissions employees are veterans themselves, and they remain committed to ensuring that every Texas veteran receives the full benefits and services they have earned through their time of service to their country.

The Texas Veterans Commission coordinates efforts of service providers, facilitates sharing of essential resources, and provides innovative and effective training. The agency also awards grants to organizations to help them meet veterans needs, establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with other government agencies to reach the highest level of service for veterans, their families, and their survivors.

The TVC has a stated mission to act as a state-appointed advocate for Texas veterans as they seek to secure the benefits they rightfully have earned through their sacrifice and service to our nations armed forces.

Were There When You Get Married

 What Benefits Do Disabled Veterans Get In Texas

Whether youre celebrating your anniversary or starting a new chapter alone or with a new spouse, a part of that new life may include a new name. If you legally change your name due to marriage, divorce, or any other reason, let us know so you can get an updated Social Security card and so we can accurately keep track of your earnings. Theres no charge for a.

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% Disabled Veteran Benefits By State: 5 Great States For 100% Disabled Veterans

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

If you want to learn how to implement these strategies to get the VA benefits you deserve, to speak with a VA claim expert for free.

Veterans of the U.S. military have a wide range of benefits and services available to them when they return to civilian life. Its not always easy for veterans to learn about and pursue these benefits. Disabled veterans are often unaware of the special benefits available just for them, which is why we want to call out the best 100% disabled veteran benefits by state.

In addition to compensation from the VA for any disabilities caused or worsened by service , disabled veterans have access to many special exemptions, deductions and preferences. Disabled veteran benefits by state can specifically include property tax exemptions, education and training programs, financial assistance, recreational licenses and discounts, vehicle registration discounts, and help with employment.

Listed below are some of the most impressive 100% disabled veteran benefits by state. We encourage you to explore all the support that might be available to you after youve servedboth at the state and federal level!

Lets count down some of the best 100% disabled veteran benefits by state!


Education Benefits For Veterans In Texas

Eligible veterans may apply for VA education benefits in Texas under the federal GI bill and its variants or under the states Hazlewood Act.

The post 911 GI bill can help veterans pay for most or all of their educational costs. Under the Hazlewood Act, veterans education benefits include up to 150 hours of tuition exemption at public institutions throughout the state.

These scholarships for veterans are available to eligible military members and their dependent children and spouses. To apply for these benefits, students must complete a Texas Hazlewood Act Exemption Application and submit it to the college or university they wish to attend.

Other educational benefits include the following:

  • The Fry Scholarship

Note: To learn more about these educational benefits, call 1-800-252-8387.

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Texas Veteran Affairs Disability Benefits Lawyer

If you are a military veteran with an injury, illness or mental health condition connected to your time in service that impacts your daily life, you most likely qualify for financial assistance through Veteran Affairs disability benefits. More than 5.2 million veterans currently receive benefits from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Yet many of these vets had to fight for financial compensation against adversity, such as unfair dealings by the VA and wrongful claim rejections. Our veterans law firm is committed to providing the high-quality, diligent representation and advice that you deserve.

For assistance filing your Veteran Affairs disability benefits claim in Texas, contact a lawyer at Stone Rose Law. We can help you file a claim, appeal a claim denial, request an increase of your benefits, and more. Call 498-8998 today for a free consultation.

Texas Veterans Mean Business

Texas State Veteran Benefits

Texas Veterans Mean Business is a weekly podcast hosted by the TVCs Veteran Entrepreneur Program. Program highlights touch on business topics of interest to the Texas veteran and small business communities. Texas Veterans Mean Business is available for listening on Spotify, RadioPublic, Google Podcasts, and Breaker.

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Texas Veteran Financial Benefits

Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption

Visit the following website for more information:

Total property tax exemption on Homesteads for veterans with a 100% disability rating or a determination of Individual Unemployability and their surviving spouses.

Veterans with 10 90% VA disability can get a reduction of their homes assessed value from $5,000 $12,000 depending on disability percentage. Surviving spouses also qualify.


  • Form 50-114- complete and notarized
  • VA Disability Letter showing 100% VA disability
  • ID with address matching residence homestead

Some counties offer homestead tax exemptions for veterans.

Administration of rules and can vary considerably by county.

Please contact your local Appraisal District to verify your tax exemption.

For general policy questions, contact the State Comptrollers Property Tax Question Line: 512-305-9999

Non-Primary Residence of a 100% Disabled Veteran

Visit following link for more information:

A disabled veteran who owns property other than a residence homestead may apply for a different disabled veterans exemption under Tax Code Section 11.22 that is applied according to the veterans disability rating of 10 percent or higher. An eligible disabled veteran may receive both exemptions.


Supporting Documents:

  • Form 50-135- complete and notarized
  • VA Disability Letter showing % VA disability

Land/Home Loans

Veteran Readiness And Employment

  • What: This program helps you explore employment options and address training needs.
  • Who: If you have a service-connected disability that limits your ability to work or prevents you from working, find out if you can get VR& E benefits and services as a service member or Veteran. In some cases, your family members may also qualify for certain benefits.

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Free Lifetime Vehicle Registration

When my husband first received his rating, we lived in Washington state. I was so excited to learn that we were now eligible for free lifetime vehicle registration!

We were given permanent registration tags for one vehicle, and we never had to renew it. Of course, we moved out of state and ruined that but it was great while it lasted!

Many states offer discounts on vehicle registration for veterans, usually those with a 100% rating and sometimes those with a 25-50% rating as well. This is one of my favorite extra benefits for 100% disabled veterans, so we have a full list here.

Do You Deserve A Higher Va Disability Rating

Veteran Tax Exemptions by State

Texas is one of the most veteran friendly states in in the country, and as you can see, many of the great benefits depend on your VA disability rating.

If youre a veteran in Texas with a 0% to 90% VA rating, and you think you deserve a higher VA rating, we can help!

At VA Claims Insider, we help fellow Veterans celebrate LIFE CHANGE by getting you the VA disability rating and compensation you deserve by law.

  • Were Veteran Owned and Led! FOR Veterans, BY Veterans. Were the largest community of Veterans Helping Veterans Worldwide
  • 15,000+ disabled veterans served in our Elite Membership program since 2016 with an average VA disability rating increase of > 30%
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
  • 4.8/5.0 Google Reviews rating across 1,500+ total reviews

If youre ready to secure the VA disability claim rating and compensation you deserve for your honorable service to our nation, simply click the button below now to start our FREE 3-step intake process within minutes).

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Registration As Veteran Organization Or Veteran Organization Solicitor:

An organization who includes or represents veterans OR whose name includes a word that would lead a reasonable person to assume the organization is associated with veterans or concerned with a veterans’ issue must file a registration statement and bond with the Secretary of State before beginning solicitations in Texas. Additionally, a person who solicits on behalf of a veterans organization must register and file a bond with the Secretary of State before beginning solicitations.

License Plates And Registration For Vehicles Owned And Driven By Disabled Veterans

A person entitled to veteran specialty license plates may register, for the person’s own use, one vehicle without payment of any fee paid for or at the time of registration except the fee for the license plates.

A veteran is entitled to register, for their own use, motor vehicles under the above exemption if:

  • the person has suffered, as a result of military service:
  • at least a 50 percent service-connected disability or
  • a 40 percent service-connected disability because of the amputation of a lower extremity
  • the person receives compensation because of the disability and
  • the motor vehicle:
  • is owned by the person and
  • has a gross vehicle weight of 18,000 pounds or less or is a motor home.
  • An organization may register a motor vehicle and receive this exemption if:

    • the vehicle is used exclusively to transport veterans who have suffered, as a result of military service, a service-connected disability and
    • the veterans are not charged for the transportation.

    License plates issued must include:

    • the letters “DV” on the plate if the plate is issued for a vehicle other than a motorcycle and
    • the words “Disabled Veteran” and “U.S. Armed Forces” at the bottom of each license plate.

    The fee for the first set of license plates is $3. There is no fee for any additional set of license plates.

    A person, who receives DV license plates, may receive a disabled parking placard for each set of license plates without providing additional documentation.

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    Discuss Your Benefits As A Veteran In Texas With Experienced Va Claims Attorneys

    Our firm works with Veterans in Texas and across the United States. While the national nature of our work means we are not experts on each stateâs veterans benefits, we are experts on the subject of VA disability benefits claims and appeals. Contact us today for a free screening of your VA disability benefits appeals.

    Important Benefits And Services For Texas Veterans

    The BEST VETERAN Benefits in Texas 2022 | Moving to Texas
  • Education Benefits
  • Texas Veterans Portal
  • State Programs for Texas Veterans
  • The care and advocacy for veterans is extremely important to the people and the leadership of the state of Texas. This commitment is brought to life through the states extensive programs and services offered to Texas veterans.

    Texas proudly leads the country in the way they treat their veterans. The state makes sure every Texas veteran is cared for, has access to the benefits theyve earned, and has a voice when it comes to advocacy and legislation that help improve quality of life for all veterans.

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    Texas Veteran Employment Benefits

    Veterans Preference

    Wartime veterans have preference in employment with state agencies or offices, as do widows and children of those killed on active duty. State agencies must practice veterans preference until they have reached 40% veteran employment.

    Military Time Credit Towards State Retirement

    Non-retired veterans who are state employees can claim their active-duty military time toward retirement by making a payment equal to the monthly contribution an employee would make times the number of months active duty. The maximum anyone can buy is 60 months.

    Veteran Entrepreneur Program

    Visit the following website for more information:

    The Veteran Entrepreneur Program provides veteran entrepreneurs and veteran small businesses the tools they need to start or grow their businesses. The program provides consultation with business plans, financing, marketing and more.

    Information For Persons Who Formed A Veteran

    Veterans who formed a business entity on or after January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2021, do not qualify for the exemptions provided to a new veteran-owned business as defined by either Senate Bill 938, discussed above, or Senate Bill 1049 , discussed below. Senate Bill 938 applies only to a veteran-owned business formed on or after January 1, 2022 and before January 1, 2026. Senate Bill 1049 only applied to a veteran-owned business formed on or after January 1, 2016 and before January 1, 2020.

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    Hazlewood Act Educational Benefits

    The Texas Hazlewood Act specifies that eligible veterans may receive up to 150 credit hours of tuition exemption at an approved state-supported college or university. To be eligible, a veteran must have been a Texas resident when entering military service, entered into active federal duty in the state of Texas, or declared Texas as the home of record when entering military service.

    In addition, the veteran must have a military discharge of honorable or general, under honorable conditions and not be in default on any federal education loan or student loan made or guaranteed by the state of Texas.

    Wyoming Veteran Recreation Benefits

    Texas volunteer honored for 44 years of service to disabled veterans

    Wyoming resident disabled veterans are eligible for a free lifetime fishing license. Wyoming residents who are 100% disabled veterans are eligible for a free lifetime game, bird, small game, and fishing license.

    Wyoming 100% disabled veterans receive a free lifetime camping pass to all Wyoming state parks, recreation areas, and historical sites.

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    Does Va Disability Change From State To State

    While your VA disability rating doesnt change from state to state, the benefits you may receive at the state level can change! Each state has its advantages and has set out parameters for receiving benefits. The department of veterans affairs website is a great place to look at different financial benefits by state.

    We Are With Those Who Need A Helping Hand

    The Supplemental Security Income program is a program that provides income support to people with disabilities, people age 65 or older, or blind, who have low income and resources. U.S. Treasury general funds, not the Social Security trust funds, pay for SSI.

    If you or someone you know may be eligible for SSI, visit to learn more and apply.

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    Eligibility Requirements And Applying For Chapter 31

    Veteran Readiness and Employment is available for veterans who have a service-connected disability. Interested applicants need to meet with a VA counselor to apply for Chapter 31 benefits. The basic period of eligibility in which VR& E services may be used is 12 years from the date of separation from active military service or 12 years from the date the veteran was first notified by VA of a service-connected disability rating. Once the VA has determined a veteran’s eligibility, the VA Counselor will send authorization to Scholarships & Financial Aid to certify enrollment and set up the benefit with TAMU.

    For more information on what documents are required, visit .

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