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Open Sesame Sesame Enable App

Handsfree Lazy Phone Neck Holder Review
Average Price: £15.30/month

The worlds first touch-free control for your smartphone or tablet is an excellent solution for people with quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord or other injuries that give them limited movement.

This app uses head movements to eliminate the need for touch, and it also has integrated voice control.

This app can give you greater independence some people even manage their business through this app.

Open Sesame can be installed on any Android device.

Here are all the cool things you can do with Open Sesame:

  • Touch-free control -control your phone with head movements
  • Voice control answer and end calls touch-free
  • Use the other features on your phone through voice control download apps, Facebook, youtube, e-books
  • Connects to your other Smart Home technology -voice control for lights, TV, A/C, cameras, doors and more
  • Works in both landscape and portrait mode
  • Voice control for your camera
  • Use Skype and other video chat apps
  • Create customised voice commands
  • Enable voice control when the screen is locked

Mobile Phones For Disabled Hands Android#

If you like the idea of Jitterbug, but you want a smartphone instead of a flip phone, the Jitterbug Smart2 might be for you. This is a 5.5 inch-smartphone powered by a heavily customized build of Android 9. Screen Size: 1.44 and 3.2 inches | Resolution: N/A | Processor: 1.1 GHz | Camera: 2MP rear | Battery: Around 1 day But Greatcall has no long-term contracts and uses Verizon’s nationwide network, which is very extensive. The Jitterbug Flip is also exclusive to the Greatcall carrier, so if you’re a customer on another carrier, this phone won’t work. The camera on the phone isn’t the best, which is not surprising considering the flip-phone form factor. The loud speaker makes phone calls a snap even for those whose hearing could be better. The large buttons and bright screens are perfect for seniors because they’re so easy to use. The Jitterbug Flip is, as its name suggests, a flip phone with a small outside screen for incoming calls and notifications, and a large inside screen with a custom operating system designed around simple yes/no navigation. That’s because Jitterbug and its carrier Greatcall built their phones specifically for those long-lived folks who want to stay connected. Jitterbug is one of the big names in cell phones for seniors.

Use Your Phone In 1 Hand

If you mostly use your phone with one hand, there are some features you can use, including:

  • making the screen size smaller with the One-Handed Mode on Android
  • aligning the layout for left-handers and right-handers
  • changing to the one-handed keyboard on iPhone
  • adjusting the reachability on iPhone so you can reach things at the top of the screen by double tapping the home button

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Tips For Using Your Phone If Youve Got A Hearing Loss

While nothing can entirely compensate for a hearing loss, from my personal experiences, there are some useful tips that can improve your experience of making a call on your mobile.

Find a quiet place

This may sound obvious but finding a quiet space to use your phone can make a significant difference to the sound quality of the call. For example, if your mobile rings in your workplace background noise from colleagues, printers or other phone handsets can have a substantial impact on your ability to hear the person on the other end of the call.

Instead of having background noises detracting from the quality of the sound, move to find a quiet place which allows you to focus on the call.

Dont Drive and Call

Even if you have perfect hearing, using a hands-free kit to take a phone call when driving is not advisable. If you have a hearing loss, then the potential risks of trying to focus on hearing someone on the other end of a phone are even more significant.

So, dont take any risks and make sure you pull over to make a phone call in a safe way.

Head indoors

Passing cars, pouring rain and passers-by can all have an impact on your ability to hear on a phone call. So, if possible, consider heading indoors to try and get a clearer call.

This should take away at least some of the external factors which may have a negative impact on a phone call.

Signal strength



What Is The Lifeline Assistance Program

Big Button Easy To Use Phone

Since 1985, the Lifeline assistance program has offered FREE or reduced-cost phone services to qualifying low-income individuals to ensure that all Americans have access to the advantages and security that phone service provides, including being able to communicate with jobs, family, and emergency services.

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Why Is Lifeline And Acp Offered

A free cell phone and plan may be quite beneficial to the disabled, who have trouble earning sufficient income because of their disability.

Lifeline and ACP reduce this hardship by reducing your monthly cell phone and internet bills while providing the opportunity to be connected to friends, family, and work.

Hands Free Phones For Disabled People

Image: Different solutions for disabled people to access a phone hands-free

2019 Jun 12

Mobile technology has changed our life in the last 10 years. Two thirds of the world population own a mobile phone and according to GSMA, there are now almost 9 billion mobile connections worldwide.

Tablets and smartphones have become a key element in our daily life. They have changed the way in which we communicate with friends and family and the way in which we perceive the world: messaging apps, social networks, online TV or GPS navigation are just a few examples of services that we cannot live without. Being connected anywhere anytime is part of our culture.

But the question remains: is this technology accessible to everyone?

The statistics about disability are also breathtaking. It is estimated that 15% of the world population has at least one type of disability: sensory, physical or cognitive. The numbers are much higher if we consider elderly people and persons with chronic diseases.

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Contactless Payments With Your Phone

Another thing thats easy to do if youve got any kind of visual impairment is lose your bank cards. Which is why paying for things using my phone can make a massive difference to me when Im out and about.

And of course the frontrunners are Apple Pay and Google Pay. As you might imagine, both allow you to store card information on your mobile and settle bills with contactless payment.

For pure ease-of-use, Apple Pay comes out as a clear winner. While both work by hovering the device over the contactless terminal, Google incurs far more error messages than its counterpart.

There is often a lot more time spent trying to wave the phone into the correct position than actually paying.

While the iPhone contactless system is triggered by pressing a side button, Googles is summoned by holding the phone up to the terminal. This can make for some tiresome fumbling around if the handset doesnt sense the card machine.

To be fair to Google Pay, it mostly works speedily. And even when it doesnt, it can usually be coaxed into doing what its supposed to. On that inevitable day it doesnt do what you need it to do though, youll be left frustratedly waving it around the checkout, before hastily searching for your contactless card.

If you dont have Apple Pay at your disposal then prioritise placing your preferred card in an easy to reach spot and save yourself the trouble of Google Pay.

How To Get Free Cell Phone Service

The Best Smartphone for Retirees or Seniors

One in four American adults suffers from a disability that impacts major life functions, according to the CDC . This is a startling statistic, especially when you consider that the maximum SSI benefit is just $771 per month .

Whether or not you apply for disability benefits like SSI or SSDI you may still have a difficult time meeting all your monthly expenses. In today’s world, cell phone service is a necessary part of those expenses. But it can also be expensive.

If you calculate your disability benefit and find that you’re still short of what you need to pay your bills, stay tuned. I’m going to tell you how to save money on cell phone service for people with a disability.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Phone If You Have A Hearing Loss

As one of the 11 million people living in the UK with a hearing loss, making calls on a mobile phone can be a disproportionately challenging task. The reduced sound quality on a mobile, combined with competing background noises and not being able to see the caller in person can make a mobile call a horribly testing experience.

While theres no perfect solution or remedy to this challenge, over recent years, there have been some serious improvements that provide users with the tools to have a more inclusive experience.

#cell Phones For Disabled Hands For Android#

In fact, mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones are rapidly helping people with disabilities to find their way around the world much better – and helping to live better lives in the process. One visit to the Ellen DeGeneres show and a check from Shutterfly for $25,000 later, Alexs idea is on its way to completion.

The young entrepreneur went to work, developing the Ability App – a free accessibility application akin to Yelp which helps people with disabilities navigate public spaces by providing information about wheelchair ramps, disabled parking, braille menus and more.

What if there were an app or website that could communicate to persons with disabilities which stores in the area had automatic doors? And from that simple consideration, an adaptable solution was born.

When 12-year-old Alexander Knoll saw a man in a wheelchair struggle to get through a heavy door in his hometown of Post Falls, Idaho, he was struck with an ingenious idea.

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Telus Relay Service Calls

TELUS Relay Service enables customers who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or who experience difficulty with speech, and use a Teletypewriter , to communicate with voice phone users through a TELUS relay agent. The TELUS agent receives your message content by TTY text. They then read out the typed conversation to the person you are calling, and then types their responses back to you.

Voice Carry Over calls

If you can speak clearly and use a TTY to see what the other person is saying, you can request VCO when you place your TRS call. The TELUS relay agent will type what the person says to you, while you can speak for yourself.

Hearing Carry Over calls

If you can hear but use a TTY to type what you want to say, you can request HCO when you place your TRS call. The TELUS relay agent reads out what you type to the person you call, and you can hear what they say to you.

TELUS Relay Service enables customers who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or who experience difficulty with speech, and use a Teletypewriter , to communicate with voice phone users through a TELUS relay agent. The TELUS agent receives your message content by TTY text. They then read out the typed conversation to the person you are calling, and then types their responses back to you.

Voice Carry Over calls

Hearing Carry Over calls

Benefits to customers:

Free Cell Phone Service Options

KISA phone is the ultimate simple phone!

The kind of phone you get depends upon the mobile provider that serves your area. Typically you’ll receive a basic smartphone that can be used for calling, texting, and some limited apps and browsing functions.

As for your monthly service, that will vary according to your provider. Carriers consist of smaller providers like Assurance Wireless and Safelink Wireless.

The average plan at the time of this writing may include:

  • 350 talk minutes
  • Unlimited text messages
  • 1 GB of high-speed data

You can also typically pay extra to add more data or call time if you wish. You can learn more about free phone service for people with disabilities and other low-income people in our guide to free cell phone service.

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An Extensive Range Of Mobility Aids

The Ability Superstore head office family know all about our extensive range of mobility aid products, from a walking frame and walking sticks to wheelchairs, mobility scooters, bathing aids, wheelchair accessories and everything in-between. We will help with professional guidance to suggest the right mobility aid for you or your loved one from choice through to delivery.

Mobility Aids User Guides & Helpful Advice

Specialist Mobility Limited trading as Ability Superstore. Company Registration No: 7289763. Registered in England and Wales.

Postal address: The Mill, Gertrude Street, Nelson BB9 8RS.

Please note that all content on this website is provided as an informational resource only. It is not a substitute for correct and accurate diagnosis or recommendation or treatment by a medical professional. Please ensure that you obtain proper guidance from your GP or other medical professional. The information provide on this website does not create any patient-medical expert relationship, and must not be used in any way as a substitute for such.

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Which Cell Phone Provider Is Best In Ontario

My lord I hate Telus

Canucker26 said:They got me on that sign a new 3 year contract stuff and get a new phone, but I brought back the phone and they never told me I could get another so now I am stuck on a 3 year contract with a company that to me doesn’t gives a rat’s ass about their costumers!!!!

Facing difficulties as a newbie


I need help too, please!

Warning Before You Switch On The Features

Completely hands-free control with Voice Access for Android

Switching on accessibility features can change how your screen looks and how the phone works. You can switch these off by going back into the ‘general’ section in settings.

If accessibility apps work on some websites and not others, this is likely the fault of an inaccessible website. Consider making a complaint to the website owner.

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Smartphone Use And Activities By People With Disabilities

People with disabilities dont use smartphones.

Today smartphones can offer reliable and low-cost assistance solutions for people with disabilities. Apps, GPS, smartphone accessibility settings most of these features have now become essential to overcome everyday obstacles but also to take advantage of these technological gems in the same way as the rest of the population.

It is often mistakenly believed that people with disabilities cannot use a smartphone. However, whether they have sensory, cognitive or motor disabilities, they do have access to mobile technology, but with some variation for specific activities.

Take a look for yourself!

The study was conducted between 2015 and 2016 by the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Wireless Technologies Shepherd Center.

A total of 7,500 people with a typology of disability responded to the survey, which is distributed as follows:

Difficulty walking, standing, or climbing stairs: 42%

Hard of hearing: 31%

84% of respondents say they use a smartphone on a daily basis

Reaching 91% when we include the use of tablets

People with disabilities use their smartphones GPS 30% more than the rest of the population

Which represents 72%

70% of them use apps.

The study was carried out between 2015 and 2016 in the United States by the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Wireless Technologies Shepherd Center: read the full survey.

Further information:

Disabled People Can Now Use Android Phones With Face Gestures

Using a raised eyebrow or smile, people with speech or physical disabilities can now operate their Android-powered smartphones hands-free, Google said Thursday.

Two new tools put machine learning and front-facing cameras on smartphones to work detecting face and eye movements.

Users can scan their phone screen and select a task by smiling, raising eyebrows, opening their mouth, or looking to the left, right or up.

“To make Android more accessible for everyone, we’re launching new tools that make it easier to control your phone and communicate using facial gestures,” Google said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 61 million adults in the United States live with disabilities, which has pushed Google and rivals Apple and Microsoft to make products and services more accessible to them.

“Every day, people use voice commands, like ‘Hey Google’, or their hands to navigate their phones,” the tech giant said in a blog post.

“However, that’s not always possible for people with severe motor and speech disabilities.”

The changes are the result of two new features, one is called “Camera Switches,” which lets people use their faces instead of swipes and taps to interact with smartphones.

The other is Project Activate, a new Android application which allows people to use those gestures to trigger an action, like having a phone play a recorded phrase, send a text, or make a call.


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Handable Cell Phone And Tablet Holder

Published: 2015-10-25 – Updated: 2020-12-10Author: Mobile Innovations, Inc. | Contact: handable.comPeer-Reviewed Publication: N/AAdditional References:Assistive Technology Publications

Synopsis:Handable is a cellphone accessory that makes it easier for people with hand or wrist problems to hold cellphones and tablet devices. Handable is fully compatible with all mobile phones and tablets, and it will even mount on a protective case. Handable is available in a variety of attractive colors, including a patriotic U.S. flag design.

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