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Apply For Benefits Online

Who Is Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits

You should apply for disability benefits as soon as you develop a disability. Follow these easy steps to apply online for disability:

  • To start your application, go to our Apply for Benefits page, and read and agree to the Terms of Service. Click Next.
  • On that page, review the Getting Ready section to make sure you have the information you need to apply.
  • Select Start A New Application.
  • We will ask a few questions about who is filling out the application.
  • You will then sign in to your personal mySocial Security account, or you will be prompted to create one.
  • Complete the application.

You can use the online application to apply for disability benefits if you:

  • Are age 18 or older.
  • Are not currently receiving benefits on your own Social Security record.
  • Are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death.
  • Have not been denied for disability in the last 60 days.
  • Note: If your application was recently denied, our application is a starting point to request a review of the determination we made.

You may be able to file online for SSI at the same time that you file for SSDI benefits. Once you complete the online process described above, a Social Security representative will contact you if we need additional information.

How We Have Helped Our Clients Obtain Their Disability Benefits

At Farmer & Morris Law, PLLC, we are relentless when it comes to getting our clients what they need and deserve. Here are a few examples of what our Social Security Disability clients have to say about our work and dedication:

Andrea stuck with me to the end. I could always get through to her. Her staff was great and would always get right back with me. I wasnt just a file in a cabinet and I was treated as if I was the only client. Lavonda

Andrea Farmer was very professional and was very instrumental in helping me get my social security disability and helping me draw up my power of attorney and will. I would strongly recommend her for any legal issues I would have. Douglas

Andreas service was excellent. She jumped on it immediately and didnt hesitate. She updated me on everything, explained everything to me and went over it several times. She did a wonderful, wonderful job. If anyone ever needs an attorney, she is the best! Rated #1! Richard

Benefits For Children With Disabilities

A child under age 18 may have a disability, but we don’t need to consider the child’s disability when deciding if he or she qualifies for benefits as a dependent. The child’s benefits normally stop at age 18 unless they are a full-time student in an elementary or high school or have a qualifying disability.

Children who were receiving benefits as a minor child on a parents Social Security record may be eligible to continue receiving benefits on that parents record upon reaching age 18 if they have a qualifying disability.

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Family Eligibility And Children With Disabilities

Certain family members may be eligible to receive disability benefits on your record including a spouse, a divorced spouse, children, a disabled child and/or an adult child who was disabled before the age of 22. Each beneficiarys rate depends on the number of family members receiving benefits on your record as well as the amount you receive.

The maximum amount each family member is eligible to receive is 50 percent of the disability rate. The total payment to an entire family, however, is capped and is not based on other personal financial situation factors.

Likelihood Of Receiving Benefits

What Medical Conditions Qualify for Social Security Disability or SSI ...

Considering all levels of adjudication, about 4 in 10 SSDI applicants are awarded benefits. Slightly more than 50 percent of applicants who meet technical requirements of eligibility are determined to be medically eligible.

The number of cases and percentage allowed at each stage of adjudication for all types of disability cases in fiscal year 2020 are as follows:


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Social Security Disability Payments Are Modest

At the beginning of 2019, Social Security paid an average monthly disability benefit of about $1,234 to all disabled workers. That is barely enough to keep a beneficiary above the 2018 poverty level . For many beneficiaries, their monthly disability payment represents most of their income. Even these modest payments can make a huge difference in the lives of people who can no longer work. They allow people to meet their basic needs and the needs of their families.

What Happens If The Dac Gets Married

If the child receives benefits as a DAC, the benefits generally end if they get married. However, some marriages are considered protected.

The rules vary depending on the situation. Contact a Social Security representative at 1-800-772-1213 to find out if the benefits can continue.


To speed up the application process, complete an Adult Disability Report and have it available at the time of your appointment.

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Social Security Disability Work Incentives

Special rules make it possible for those receiving SSDI benefits to go back to work while continuing to be paid the monthly benefits. This is for those workers whose disability is not life threatening and have some capacity to work.

Three incentives are offered by SSDI for people attempting to go back to work: trial work period, extended period of eligibility, and expedited reinstatement.

Applying For Ssdi Benefits

Can You Qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicaid at the Same Time?

You can apply for SSDI in-person at your local Social Security office or via mail. You can also file on SSA Disability Benefits. Before applying, you should have:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Proof of all forms of income
  • Medical proof of your illness or disability
  • Military service information
  • Contact information of your doctor
  • Bank information for receiving benefits if you are approved

If your SSDI benefits application is denied, the Social Security Administration provides a four-stage appeals process for you to have your case reconsidered by a different authority.

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Extended Period Of Eligibility

Following your trial work period, you will enter a 36-month extended period of eligibility. It is in this period that you can work and still receive benefits only as long as your earnings are less than what Social Security considers substantial. Social Security deducts what they consider work expenses that are a direct result of your disability from your total monthly earnings. These work expenses can range from prescription drug copays, transportation to and from work, and specialized work equipment.

The Social Security Act Defines Disability Very Strictly

Eligibility rules for Social Security’s disability program differ from those of private plans or other government agencies. Social Security doesn’t provide temporary or partial disability benefits, like workers’ compensation or veterans’ benefits do.

To receive disability benefits, a person must meet the definition of disability under the Social Security Act . A person is disabled under the Act if they can’t work due to a severe medical condition that has lasted, or is expected to last, at least one year or result in death. The person’s medical condition must prevent them from doing work that they did in the past, and it must prevent them from adjusting to other work.

Because the Act defines disability so strictly, Social Security disability beneficiaries are among the most severely impaired in the country. In fact, Social Security disability beneficiaries are more than three times as likely to die in a year as other people the same age. Among those who start receiving disability benefits at the age of 55, 1-in-6 men and 1-in-8 women die within five years of the onset of their disabilities.

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Is Filing For Ssd Hard

No one wants to have to file for SSD, but sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. An injury or illness can make it impossible to work and provide for ourselves and our families. If you find yourself in this situation, dont despair. The process of filing for SSD benefits doesnt have to be difficult or complicated.

The Social Security Administration has a pretty straightforward process for applying for benefits. You can do it online, over the phone, or in person at your local SSA office. The most important thing is to make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork and documentation before you start the application process.

If youre not sure what kind of information you need, our law firm can work with you to get everything in order. We know the ins and outs of SSD law, and we can help you navigate the process from start to finish. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Contact A Social Security Disability Attorney

Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Would you like to know if you are eligible for SSDI benefits? Are you having trouble filing your application? Would you like assistance with it? In this case, you should contact an experienced lawyer specializing in Social Security Disability cases and disability claims. You can get your free consultation by calling the law firm of your choice or filling out their online form as soon as you are ready to schedule your appointment.

Applying for cash benefits from Social Security can seem overwhelming for some people. If you are interested in seeking SSDI benefits, check out our article on how you can get approved for disability the first time. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit DisabilityHelp.org today for more information!

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How Do I Prove That I Automatically Qualify For Disability Benefits

While there are certain benefits that may qualify you for disability benefits automatically, the Social Security Administration doesnt just rubber-stamp the approval. The SSA requires you to provide extensive medical records that show that your condition will qualify you. Even so, the insurance company could still make the argument that you are ineligible for benefits. The adjuster may look at selective medical records in an attempt to show that you should not be eligible for benefits. This could mean that you are initially denied, but need to prove your condition and need for benefits through an appeals process.

However, it is possible to get approved for disability if it is decided that your condition is limiting enough to keep you from working. This is where finding the right specialist that understands your full condition can be critical. A benefits attorney can help with this process.

In addition, even when you are approved, you may need to provide regular updates to the insurance company and Social Security Administration. Depending on your condition and what you were approved for, there is monitoring to see if you are able to improve to the point of being able to rejoin the workforce.

Challenges In Applying For Disability Benefits

According to the SSA, many disability benefits applications have been denied for various reasons, including technical problems or disqualification based on medical information.

The disability benefits application process can be challenging for many applicants. If you need help completing your Social Security Disability application, you can consult with a third party who can help review your application, saving you time and helping you avoid errors that could delay your application.

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Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance is a payroll tax-funded federal insurance program of the United States government. It is managed by the Social Security Administration and designed to provide monthly benefits to people who have a medically determinable disability that restricts their ability to be employed. SSDI does not provide partial or temporary benefits but rather pays only full benefits and only pays benefits in cases in which the disability is “expected to last at least one year or result in death.” Relative to disability programs in other countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development , the SSDI program in the United States has strict requirements regarding eligibility.

People frequently confuse Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income . Unlike SSDI where payment is based on contribution credits earned through previous work and therefore treated as an insurance benefit without reference to other income or assets, SSI is a means-tested program in the United States for disabled children, disabled adults, and the elderly who have income and resources below administratively mandated thresholds. A legitimately disabled person of any income level can receive SSDI.

How Can I Find Out If I Have A Disability That Will Qualify Me To Collect Ssdi Benefits

“Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits?”

Social Security bases many of their decisions about what qualifies as a disability based on information published in the Blue Book of Impairments. This Social Security Disability list of impairments details all qualifying medical conditions that meet the test for disability. While it is a comprehensive list, if you have a medical condition not listed in the Blue Book, you can still possibly qualify for SSDI benefits. As part of your disability application, you will need to submit copious information about your condition, including medical records, doctors statements and other related materials that will help to convince Social Security you meet Social Security Disability Insurance requirements.

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How A Disabling Medical Condition May Affect You And Your Family

You may face several direct and secondary challenges resulting from a medical condition, and these challenges may contribute to your eligibility for disability benefits. If you are disabled and cannot maintain steady employmentor any employment at allthen you may:

  • Be in a constant state of financial strain
  • Feel excessive stress stemming from your disability and the financial pressure it may impose
  • Be unable to do seemingly basic life tasks without help
  • Suffer mentally and emotionally because of your health condition
  • Feel unable to engage in many if not all activities that once brought you joy
  • Fall short in providing the income your family needs to survive and thrive

Information About Family Members

  • Social Security numbers and proof of age for each family member who may qualify for benefits and
  • Proof of marriage, if your spouse is applying for benefits, as well as dates of prior marriages, if applicable.

If you don’t have all the documents you need, don’t delay filing for benefits. We will help you get the information you need.

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Dont Give Up After A Rejection By The Ssa

Most people get denied on the first try. Since the system is so strict, many fall through the cracks. If the SSA denies your claim, but you know you qualify, talk to a Social Security lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you:

  • Evaluate why the SSA denied your benefits
  • Determine what needs to change on your claim
  • Make the necessary changes
  • File an appeal for benefits

Dont give up on your claim without speaking to a lawyer. A denial does not necessarily mean you dont qualify. Instead, you might just need a professionals eye on your application and guidance through the appeals process.

What Medical Conditions Qualify For Social Security Disability

What Qualifies For Social Security Disability Insurance

If you have a disability that prevents you from working, Social Security Disability Insurance may be available for you. If you want to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, you need the following proof:

  • You are unable to continue working because of your disability.
  • You are unable to work in a different field because of your disability.
  • It will take you one year or longer to recover from your disability, or you will die from it.

You may be able to establish eligibility for disability benefits more easily if you have a disability listed in Social Securitys Blue Book.

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Is Your Condition In The Ssa’s Blue Book

Once the examiner has confirmed that your disability is both preventing you from working and also qualifies as “severe”, they will next determine if your medical condition meets or is medically equal to one of the conditions found in the Social Security Administrations Listing of Impairments. Known as the “Blue Book”, this list includes the medical impairments/disabilities that can qualify for SSA benefits, and also details the conditions that your specific impairment must meet. There are currently 14 major categories of disabilities in the SSA’s Blue Book, and each category can contain dozens of specific conditions.

It’s important to realize that just because you have a disability that’s listed in the Blue Book does not mean that you’re automatically eligible for benefits. In addition to needing to meet the other requirements, your particular disability must meet the SSA’s standards for severity, duration, and debilitating effects in order to qualify. For example, Psoriasis is a condition listed in the Blue Book, but not all Psoriasis diagnoses will get benefits. Your Psoriasis must negatively affect your ability to perform your basic work duties .

How Has The Covid

Working people with disabilities experience disproportionate job loss, compared to workers without disabilities, during economic downturns,39 and SSI applications generally increase when the unemployment rate increases . This trend held during the Great Recession and subsequent economic recovery.40 One exception to the general trend is the period from 2003 to 2007, when SSI applications continued to rise despite falling unemployment.41 Possible explanations for this anomaly include factors such as the lagged effect of federal welfare reform leading TANF enrollees to switch to SSI and persistently high poverty rates.42 The same study also found that the likelihood of applying for SSI significantly increases during extended periods of high unemployment.43

Figure 7: Percent change in SSI Applications Filed by Adults Ages 18-64 and U.S. Unemployment Rates, 1991-2019

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