Careers Working With Individuals With Disabilities


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We Believe In The Abilities Of All Of Our Professionals

NHS Careers: Nursing Careers: working with people with learning disabilities

We believe in the abilities of all of our professionals and, we’re committed to hiring qualified individuals at all levels of our organization. Our goal at the IRS, as an employer of individuals with disabilities, is to be a model within the Federal Government and for companies in the private sector.

The IRS is not just about accounting. You can work with us in a variety of ways in a field office, independently, reviewing tax audits and more. You can enjoy a flexible work schedule in many IRS jobs. No matter what position you hold here, whether full-time, part-time or seasonal, you work on behalf of the nation, helping to fund its economy.

Working at IRS also provides solid job security, a defined 40-hour work week and opportunities for you to make an immediate impact. Youll also receive exceptional federal benefits, from competitive pay and comprehensive healthcare to a retirement fund and flexible spending accounts. Plus, you can take advantage of education opportunities that can help keep your career moving forward.

Industrial Truck And Tractor Operator

Industrial truck and tractor operators move levers and operate controls in order to transport, lift, or stack materials around a warehouse, construction site, or similar location. Individuals with a speech or language impairment may find work as an industrial truck and tractor operator suitable, as success on the job does not require extensive verbal communications.

This job is suitable for someone who is quick on their feet and able to tackle situations where safety is of the utmost importance. A high school diploma or an equivalent is required for this position.

+ Jobs For People With Anxiety Disorders

  • Animal caretaker

What they do: Animal caretakers tend to the everyday needs of animals. If you live with a social anxiety disorder, interacting with animals can be appealing. It’s a great way to make a profit while reducing contact with people.

Where they work: Zoos, pet shops, animal shelters, etc.

Working hours: 40 hours a week.

Annual Salary: $8.39 per hour, $22,527 a year

Degree: High school

  • Pharmacy Technician

What they do: The responsibilities of the pharmacy technician include counting pills, measuring medicines, and providing instructions to customers.

Where they work: Pharmacies

Working hours: 40 hours a week.

Annual Salary: $32,700.

Degree: High school diploma and on-the-job training.

  • Massage therapist

What they do: Massage therapists perform therapeutic massages of soft tissues and joints. While they are viewed as people who reduce the stress of others, massage therapists themselves can feel less anxiety by massaging others.

Where they work: Spas, hospitals, fitness centers.

Working hours: 15 to 30 hours a week.

Annual Salary: $39,900

Degree: Certificate or associates degree in massage therapy.

What they do: Being a plumber is a physically demanding job. Plumbers install or repair pipelines, and carry waste away from buildings, factories.

Where they work: Homes, office building, factories.

Working hours: 40 hours a week.

Annual Salary: $53,910

What they do: Electrical engineers design, develop and maintain electrical control systems and components.

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Order Filler Wholesale And Retail Sales

Order fillers compute prices of items, complete order receipts, and keep records of outgoing orders that are made by customers either by phone or mail. Someone with a speech or language impairment may find work as an order filler, as their disability would not hinder them from doing the duties imperative to their position.

The job is suitable for someone who is a good listener and able to take orders. A position as an order filler requires a high school diploma or equivalent.

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Top Jobs for Disabled Individuals

Careers and work for disabled people

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Disability Rights UK Factsheet F24

  • Other useful contacts
  • 1. Careers advice

    If youre in any doubt about the sort of work youre looking for or need more information about the routes into certain careers, you should speak to a careers adviser.

    Never assume disabled people cant enter a particular career. Nursing, teaching, sport, business, law, media, IT, veterinary science you name it there are disabled people working in every imaginable field.

    Many successful people have, at some stage, been told their career ideas were unsuitable. Its important to persevere, take advantage of any available support and try to get the skills and knowledge you need for whatever job appeals to you.

    The Equality Act 2010 means that employers have to remove barriers in the workplace for disabled people and financial support is available to help them do this. Always start exploring your options based on what you want to do. Then you can think about any advice and support you might need.

    Wherever you live you should be able to access careers guidance as an adult. For contact details of the various services across the UK see section 10 Other useful contacts.

    In England, schools have a duty to provide access to independent and impartial careers advice to pupils from Year 8 to Year 13.

    Careers advice is also available from Skills Development Scotland and Careers Wales.

    Further and higher education careers services

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    Welcome To Careers Support Solutions

    CAREERS is a not-for-profit organization whose fundamental goal is to help individuals with disabilities in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties, NY achieve the satisfaction of sustained, gainful employment at no cost to them, their families or employers.

    Since 1987, CAREERS has been successfully helping people with learning, developmental, psychiatric, and/or physical disabilities find and keep jobs. To meet the needs of the community, our newest program helps seniors with and without disabilities to find suitable employment.

    Our experienced and qualified staff work one-on-one with people to meet their needs and place them in jobs based upon their abilities and interests. We provide on-the-job training and long-term support for as long as each person needs often for many years.

    To learn more about our programs, watch our video here!

    Great Jobs For People With Speech Impairments

    The following jobs are strong choices for people with speech impairments, and have an emphasis on an individual’s ability to work under constantly changing priorities. Positions such as order fillers or orderlies in particular require individuals to be detail-oriented and able to respond quickly in fast-paced environments. Success in these positions does not rely solely on verbal skills.

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    About Developmental Disabilities Services

    The level of functioning of people with developmental disabilities can vary widely. Some live independent lives without much external support, while others require intensive care to help with the activities of daily living, like bathing and feeding. When people with developmental disabilities have severe impairments, they may live in assisted living residences that provide round-the-clock support and services.

    Those with less severe disabilities may live independently or with family, receiving supportive services like money management or apartment maintenance. Different professionals in this field provide these and other services to assist people with developmental disabilities and help them live more productive and fulfilling lives.

    + Jobs For People With Mental Illness

    Helping people with disabilities find jobs

    Cosmetology Jobs

    If you are passionate about the beauty world, these jobs are for you.

    What they do: Hairstylists are beauty service specialists who are trained in the fashion and styling of hair. This job is perfect for creative people with a good eye for design.

    Where they work: Hair or beauty salon

    Working hours: They are flexible if youre self-employed. Usually 40 hours a week.

    Annual Salary: $20,188

    Degree: Associate’s degree in cosmetology

    • Nail technician

    What they do: Nail technicians provide nail services for their clients.

    Where they work: Nail salon

    Working hours: 28-32 hours per week.

    Annual Salary: $24,330

    Healthcare Jobs

    • Dental Hygienist

    What they do:Dental Hygienists deal with patients oral hygiene. They do patient screening, clean teeth and provide advice regarding dental health.

    Where they work: Private dental offices, hospitals, nursing homes, community health settings, state facilities.

    Working hours: Around 32 hours a week.

    Annual Salary: $73,440

    Degree: Associate’s degree in dental hygiene

    • Physical Therapy Assistant

    What they do: Physical Therapy Assistants work under the supervision of a physical therapist. They usually chart patients and observe them during the treatment.

    Where they work: Offices of the physical therapist. They can work in hospitals, home care, nursing facilities, or for the government.

    Working hours: Around hours a week, weekends off.

    Annual Salary: $52,160

    Degree: Associate’s degree in Physical Therapy

    Other Jobs

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    Jobs That Involve Working With The Disabled

    Here are 15 examples of jobs that involve interacting with disabled people, along with descriptions of their duties, educational prerequisites, and expected salaries. Click on each salary link below to access Indeeds most recent salary data:

    Primary responsibilities: A home health aide assists with meal preparation, medication administration, errand running, and companionship for patients while working as part of a care team. Home health aides can assist clients who are physically or mentally challenged in completing tasks that they would otherwise be unable to do. You should enroll in a specialized training program to become a home health aide. No formal education is required.

    The main responsibilities of a disability support worker are to improve the daily lives of disabled people. They maintain a patients home, prepare meals, run errands, transport patients to appointments, and serve as a source of direction and support for their patients. To be hired, disability support workers must possess a GED or high school diploma. To care for patients with disabilities, they might also need to complete specialized training.

    The main responsibilities of a learning disability nurse, also known as a special needs nurse, are to provide care and support for people with disabilities like cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, and Down syndrome. Learning disability nurses must possess at least a bachelors degree in nursing and be NCLEX-certified.

    Strategies For Working With People Who Have Disabilities

    There are many ways that disabilities can affect the ability to perform effectively on the job. Levels of disability and ability are unique to an individual. Most accommodations are simple, creative alternatives for traditional ways of doing things. This section includes examples and suggestions for career development staff and employers. Following these simple suggestions will help people with disabilities to fully participate in work-based learning experiences. They are by no means comprehensive. You and the interns with whom you work will have opportunities to generate uniquely effective ideas.

    Examples of accommodations for people with low vision include large print text, handouts, signs, and equipment labels. Many photocopy machines can enlarge text. Some people with low vision may also benefit from having career development publications, job instructions, or other printed materials recorded on audiotape. It may take weeks or months to procure materials in audiotape format. Consequently, it is essential that career counselors and employers select and prepare their materials well before they are needed.

    Other examples of accommodations for people with low vision include providing seating where the lighting best meets their individual needs making brochures, job announcements, and other information available in electronic format and equipping computers with large monitors and screen enlargement software.

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    Students With Disabilities: What To Look For In A Job

    Though some signs of potentially rewarding careers can be hard to identify, students with disabilities who are concerned about their job prospects can learn a lot about a company by doing a bit of digging when they see a job posting or are in the process of applying for a job. Here are some ability-friendly callouts to look for, and where to look for them as you explore employment opportunities.

    What to Look For

    Landscaping And Groundskeeping Worker

    A Connecticut Cafe Provides Jobs For Adults With Disabilities : NPR

    Landscaping and groundskeeping workers maintain grounds of properties using hand or power tools and other related equipment. They operate powered equipment, including electric lawn mowers, chainsaws, and tractors. A speech or language impairment has little influence over the quality of work necessary for this position.

    This job is suitable for someone who is able to do physical work for hours at a time and pays close attention to detail. The minimum educational requirement for this position is a high school diploma or equivalent.

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    Careers In The Autism Field

    With Autism Spectrum Disorders being increasingly recognized and diagnosed, now is a good time to pursue a career working with individuals with ASD. But where to start? For those determined to work with children on the autism spectrum, weve rounded up 10 of the most rewarding careers. Weve included the basic tasks of each rewarding career, and laid out exactly what is required to land that first interview. Finally, we consulted the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook for information regarding job outlook and median pay.

    Ticket To Work Program

    • The ticket to work program is voluntary. Through this program, individuals who receive Social Security disability benefits can increase self-sufficiency through a variety of support options.
    • The Ticket to Work Program is a good fit for individuals who want to improve the earning potential and are committed to preparing for long-term success in the workplace.
    • The website is for Employment Networks and State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies participating in the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work and Self Sufficiency Program.
    • Visit Social Security’s Work Site for programmatic information about the Ticket to Work program.
    • Visit Social Securitys Work Site webpage for programmatic updates. Visit to sign up for free information.

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    Severe And Chronic Pains

    Sever and chronic pains may not necessarily be a disability but may limit your ability to perform certain tasks. They may also eventually result in a disability. Chronic pain refers to pain that is consistent in a particular area of the body and lasts for longer than a period of 12 weeks. Chronic pain may occur as a result of an injury, an illness or the source may not be known. Examples of Chronic Pain diseases may be lower Back Pain, Hip Bursitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Headache, Knee pain, Neck Pain , Arthritis, cancer, Chronic fatigue syndrome. Although an individual with sever or chronic pain is not disabled there are careers that tend to be limiting, these are careers that can be looked at and recommended if an individual suffers from severe and chronic pain:

    Careers In The Field Of Developmental Disabilities

    Job training for students with disabilities


    Developmental disabilities are conditions that cause impairments in learning, language, physical or behavioral areas. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated one in six children have one or more developmental delays or disabilities. Depending on your level of education and experience, you can choose from a variety of rewarding and meaningful careers working with developmental disabilities, such as nursing, social work, psychology and direct care.

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    Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist

    Like an applied behavior analyst, an autism spectrum disorder specialist works with children and adults on the autism spectrum on things like everyday tasks, social behaviors, and academic goals. They often work in educational settings such as schools, where they might also hold such positions as classroom aids or therapists.

    What is Required:While a bachelors degree in special education or a related topic is enough for some employers, others require a a masters degree or higher. To practice as an autism spectrum disorder specialist, one must become board certified by passing the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

    Median Income: $49,000

    Are You Protected By The Ada

    ADA protects you if you are:

    • An employee with a disability. ADAs definition of a disability is a physical or mental impairment that restricts any specific major life activity. Major life activity includes basic everyday tasks and bodily functions .
    • An employee with a history of disability. No employer can discriminate against a worker based on a past impairment.
    • An employee who the employer considers as disabled. Whether or not the employee is disabled, ADA still protects them from discrimination.

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    + Jobs For People With Learning Disabilities

    • Mental Health Counselor

    What they do: The main skill you need to have for this job is high emotional intelligence. Mental Health Counselors offer guidance to people, couples, families who are dealing with issues. Their main goal is to improve the mental health of the patient.

    Where they work: Private practices, treatment centers, prisons, schools, hospitals.

    Working hours: 40 hours a week

    Annual Salary: $45,630

    Degree: Undergraduate in Psychology, Sociology, Counseling or a related field

    What they do:Waiters are men and women who take orders and serve in restaurants, bars. To be a good waiter you need to have verbal communication, customer service skills.

    Where they work: Restaurants, bars

    Working hours: Irregular hours, no more than 40 a week

    Annual Salary: $34,468

    Degree: No formal requirements. Employers prefer a High School diploma, on-the-job training.

    What they do: Truck drivers transport goods or materials on a location, within a deadline. The main skill required is driving knowledge.

    Where they work: Trucks

    Working hours: 70-hour minimum a week

    Annual Salary: $43,680

    Degree: A high school diploma and truck driver training courses.

    What they do: Housekeepers clean houses, buy or cook meals, do the laundry. To be a housekeeper you need to have experience in house and child care, cooking, cleaning.

    Where they work: Different houses.

    Working hours: Average of 40 hours a week

    Annual Salary: $22,619

    Degree: No degree required.

    Annual Salary: $29,640

    • Flight attendants

    Great Jobs For People With Anxiety Disorders

    An important piece of the disability employment puzzle

    The following five positions are well suited for people with anxiety disorders. These jobs allow individuals to work along flexible timelines in low-pressure environments. Animal breeders , furniture finishers , and watch repairers are often self-employed, which allows for further flexibility when it comes to managing deadlines and social interactions.

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