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How Does Das Work With Disney Genie

Disney DAS Pass | Disability Access Service | Qualifications and Step-by-Step Registration Process

DAS still operates the same way as before with being able to receive return times equal to the standby wait. You do not need to purchase Genie+ or individual selections to utilize DAS. Any ride with a standby wait time is eligible for DAS return times. With attractions using virtual queues, all members must have joined the virtual queue first. Once your boarding group is called, cast members will direct you on using DAS.

Note that nearly all attractions are available for advance selections except for those attractions using the individual Lightning Lane. Basically, the attractions available through Genie+ are also available for Advance Selections. The remaining two attractions per park still use DAS, but for day-of selection only. Here are the rides that are only available to book the day of your visit and are not available ahead of time:

  • Magic Kingdom: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain
  • EPCOT: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Frozen Ever After
  • Hollywood Studios:Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway
  • Animal Kingdom: Avatar Flight of Passage, Expedition Everest

All attractions still offer return times with DAS. Unlike Disney Genie+, which currently only allows a ride to be selected once per day, there is no limit to return times for the same attraction.

Can I Use The Disney Das Pass For Character Meet And Greets Or Reserved Seating For Fireworks

YES! But only if the character meet and greet or the seating for the fireworks has a FastPass line. Not all character meet and greets apply. There are limited areas for viewing fireworks for Fastpass users. Speak with a cast member if you are looking for a spot with fewer people and following their directions!

I hope this helped! If you are visiting Disney, know that the DASS pass can help save your trip and ensure that you have a wonderful time. If you have any questions about the Disney Disability program, you can leave a comment!

How To Get A Disney Disability Access Service Pass

The DAS pass can be obtained by visiting any Guest Relations location at Walt Disney World.

Guests will need to present a valid photo ID and proof of disability, such as a doctors note.

Once the pass is obtained, it can be used immediately.

There is no charge for the DAS pass.

What are the benefits of the Disney Disability Access Service Pass?

The DAS pass offers guests with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy attractions with little to no wait time.

The pass is valid for guests with disabilities and up to five companions.

There is no charge for the DAS pass.

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Get Excited About Your Vacation

Plan your trip by purchasing your tickets for the park and entertainment ahead of time.

You may also explore fun-filled Disney Park videos and stories to get your kiddo excited while prepping for your visit!

To learn more about the My Disney Experience app, here is a wonderful step-by-step tutorial video by Enchanted Vacations.

How Do I Use Das At Disney World

Disney World Disability Pass · Major Gates

A new feature allows registered DAS guests and their party members to make return time selections right in the My Disney Experience app. Once tapped into the park, a DAS button will appear in the app. You can access it by clicking on the bottom three lines and scrolling down the menu. Anyone in the party can make the selections for everyone, but the guest with DAS must be present when the return time is redeemed. Guests can still visit the attraction, Guest Relations or a Guest Experience Team umbrella to receive return times.

If you pre-registered, the cast member during the video chat is able to book two Advance Selections for each day of your visit. Advance Selections have a set one-hour arrival window. If not used, they will expire. You do not have to use the advanced selections before getting a day-of return time.

Return Times are day-of selections and are available once you are tapped into the park. When chosen, they reflect the current standby wait. If Peter Pan’s Flight is a 50-minute wait, your return time for that attraction would be in 50 minutes. Once the return time starts, it can be used at any time until park close. You can only hold one return time at a time. Once you have tapped in at both touchpoints in the queue, you are able to book your next experience.

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How To Get The Dasdisney World

You can register in advance for the DAS pass Disney World between 2 and 30 days before your first day in the park, by calling trying to do the video call with the DAS office . Here is the registration link for the DAS at Disney World. The person seeking the pass must be on the video call, so if that is your child, dont do this while they are in school. Getting to the front of the queue is hit or miss. RC tried on several occasions and waited hours each time . Finally on the third try, she got to the front of the queue. I read about others who waited only a few minutes .

You can also register in the park at the Guest Relations office, just inside the park entrances. All accounts I heard was that it took 5 minutes. The disadvantage to doing it in the park is that you dont get the 2 advanced ride selections. You cannot register at Disney Springs. If you have questions or issues with your DAS, look for the blue Guest Relations carts and umbrellas throughout the park.

What To Say To Get A Disney Das Pass

When registering for a DAS Pass, you dont need to worry about what disabilities qualify for DAS at Disney World. There isnt a list of approved disabilities. Any condition that is not mobility-related that makes waiting in a standby queue difficult will qualify. When you register , a Cast Member will ask you a few questions to determine whether a DAS Pass would be helpful in your situation. Parents or guardians can answer these questions when requesting a DAS Pass for a minor child.

When answering the questions, youll need to explain why the person you are requesting DAS for cannot wait in the traditional standby line. Be aware that DAS passes are not intended for those with restricted mobility. If you focus on how your condition affects your mobility, youre less likely to be approved for a DAS Pass. You should also explain why a DAS Pass would help you and your family experience the attractions. You wont need to provide a medical diagnosis or even go into detail about your condition. You will just need to explain why your condition makes waiting in line difficult.

Some examples of phrases you may want to use to help explain your condition to the Cast Member include:

  • ______ is why waiting in line is hard.
  • I experience _______ when I wait / my child waits in line for long periods of time.
  • It would be helpful to wait outside the line because ______.
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    Indiana Jones And Jungle Cruise

    While Indiana Jones has a Lightning Lane, that line can get very long. So I am assuming that is why it utilizes a system similar to Jungle Cruise.

    For these two rides, when it is your return time, you will head to the covered area to the right of Jungle Cruise. This is where the old Indiana Jones Fastpass machines were.

    Here a Cast Member will scan in your party, and then hand you a paper and instruct you where to go with it. Often it is through the exit, but once I was told to go through the Indie exit, and then the next Cast Member directed us to the Lightning Lane so your mileage may vary.

    Das For Mobility Challenges

    NEW Disney World DAS (Disability Access Service) Pass GUIDE & REVIEW

    Disabled visitors who have mobility challenges, use a stroller, scooter, or another type of mobility device can get a red wheelchair tag. That allows them to park in areas where strollers and scooters arent typically allowed.

    They can even take the mobility devices onto a ride if necessary and safe. The same tag is available at Disneyland Resort. Be aware that a mobility issue alone will not get a DAS card, and please refer to the Disney World guide for more information.

    When my son is overwhelmed, and needs a sensory break, I can take our stroller into restaurants and other areas where strollers arent normally allowed. I dont use that often, but it is a very helpful option when we do need it.

    In addition, the red tag allows access to the reserved handicapped seating for the Magic Kingdom fireworks at the end of the night. But come early there is limited space available.

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    How To Use The Disney World Disability Pass

    Once you obtain your DAS pass, it is good for 60 days from your first day of arrival. How many DAS passes you have depends on how you received the pass. If you went with the virtual appointment, then the Cast Member would have helped you book two one-hour DAS passes per day of your trip. If you received the DAS pass at Guest Relations when you arrived, you do not have the ability to pre-book DAS passes.

    No matter which way you are using the DAS system, you do get unlimited DAS passes, but you can only book a ride if you have an available pass. If you pre-booked your DAS passes, you would have to use up both of your pre-reserved DAS passes before you can book any new ones. If you physically received your DAS pass, then once you use your first pass, you can book another one.

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    To book a Disney World disability pass, you need to visit a Cast Member at an information booth , or you can go to the Cast Member at the Genie line. Once there, let them know which ride you would like to book a DAS pass. They will scan your MagicBand or Park Ticket and let you know your return time. If you cannot remember your return window, refer to the My Disney Experience App.

    One important thing to note is not every experience is available on the DAS system. For a specific list of what individual attractions may be available, make sure to visit Disney’s DAS ride listing for more information.

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    I Have : : : : : Do I Qualify For The Das

    The Disability Access Service is not diagnosis-based. The Cast Members cannot/will not ask what the diagnosis is that stops you from waiting in a queue. Instead, they will ask you what accommodations you need in the parks, and may ask what happens if those accommodations are not met.

    It is important you be able to articulate what the guest utilizing the service needs. For example A friend has a medical condition that she cannot wait in the sun/heat for more than 15 minutes otherwise she risks having a seizure. Or my kids have a certain time limit they are able to wait before they have episodes from their cognitive disorders.

    Being able to explain why you need the accommodations is key. Also be able to explain what may occur if you do not have the accommodation, and what you feel the solution will be.

    THE DAS IS NOT A SKIP THE LINE PASS It is a way to be accommodated by allowing you to wait in line somewhere else.

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    How Das Advanced Reservations Work At Disney World

    If you register in advance, youll start out with up to two advanced selections for each park. Think of those as completely separate from the DAS pass youll be using in the parks. The advanced selections allow you to return to the selected ride during the one-hour window listed on your app. You must return in that one hour, or they may not honor the reservation. Also, if the ride is closed during that time , you may not get another selection to replace it. Slinky Dog Dash was broken during our 8-9 pm window and we were out of luck. Test Track was closed during our 8-9 pm window at Epcot. We asked Guest Relations to give us additional selections for the next day and they said no. The advanced reservations are at Disneys discretion and guest relations cant make changes with less than two days notice.

    What Qualifies For A Das Card At Disney

    Disneyland Disability Access Service Card

    The Disability Access Service Card is for guests with disabilities who have difficulty standing in line or waiting for an extended period of time. This includes guests who use wheelchairs, scooters, or have mobility issues. The card does not include those who require assistance from a wheelchair or scooter due to age. If you are not sure if you qualify, please visit Guest Relations located outside the park entrances and they will be happy to help.

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    When Can I Request Another Das Return Time

    You can only hold one DAS return time at a time. As soon as you have scanned in for your return time, however, you can request a new return time. Even if you are still in line for the ride.

    I suggest doing this to help minimize your waits, and the need to entertain or distract a child who may have a hard time understanding why they cant just go on the next ride.

    Get Your Das Pass The Day Before Your Park Visit

    Unfortunately, there is no option to set up the DAS pass before your trip. You can only do it on-site, at Guest Services.

    Dont let that be a stressor, though. The cast members who give out the passes are well trained.

    I highly recommend getting your Disability Pass when you first arrive in Orlando or Anaheim. That streamlines the whole process and doesnt interrupt the fun once youre inside the park.

    Make sure to bring along the person who has the disability Disney will need to take a photo to attach to the ticket. Also bring the tickets, and/or magicbands for everyone in your party. That will ensure everyone can ride together at the same return time. The maximum number allowed in a party is typically six, but we had eight family members. Disney accommodated us without a problem.

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    Requesting A Das Return Time Without The Disneyland App

    If you do not wish to use the app to request a return time, you will need to visit a guest services kiosk and ask for a return time. This will take a lot more time, and require running from place to place in the park.

    The guest utilizing the service DOES NOT have to be at the kiosk, just someone with access to their ticket.

    Plan Ahead: Disability Access Pass Disney World

    Disney World Disability Pass : What Is It And How Does It Work?

    Children or adults with disabilities or diseases or treatments which make standing in line at Guest Services challenging or exhausting will appreciate this during busy periods.

    Because children often travel during school breaks.

    Of course you could always combine these 2 options with the new Disney Genie Plus, you can use a combination of DAS with Genie Plus.

    Another new feature, however, will be extremely helpful to many people.

    As soon as the new features start on the app, you wont have to physically walk over with the person who has the DAS pass to get a return time.

    You still need to arrive at the attraction at your return time, but at least you are only going once and not twice if you cant walk long distances, cant tolerate the heat, cant handle crowds.

    You still need to get to the attraction for your return time, but at least you are only going once and not twice.

    Guests who use scooters or wheelchairs and those with mobility issues dont need a DAS access pass, and passes are not distributed solely to guests with mobility issues.

    For this circumstance, the guest could either wait in the stand-by line or get a return time from a cast member at the attraction, but they wouldnt need a DAS in order to obtain a return time.

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    For Both Registration Options

    Be prepared to explain what happens if the guest utilizing the service must wait in long lines, or basically, why you need another location to wait. Also be prepared to answer questions such as what is the longest you can wait in line?

    They will also need to take a picture of the guest utilizing the service. This is separate from the picture taken when you enter the park for the first time with the ticket.

    What Is The Disability Access Pass

    The first thing you need to know about being disabled at Disney is the Disability Access Service. The DAS allows those who cannot wait in the normal queue the chance to receive a return time based on the current wait time.

    In order to get a DAS pass, the person needing one must go to Guest Services in the Park and have the pass activated along with their photo taken. Then you would also have the rest of the party linked to the DAS so that once a return time is obtained everyone in the party can go together.

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    How Do I Get Das

    New to fall 2021, guests can now pre-register for DAS in advance of their trip! Pre-registration can be as early as 30 days in advance, but no less than two days before arrival. The registration will consist of a live video chat with a cast member, who will determine if you are eligible for DAS. Note that DAS is still determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Once approved, the cast member will book two Advance Selections for each day of your visit. If you want two selections for each day, the entire length of your trip must be within 30 days. Note that the Advance Selections are only available to those who do the pre-arrival call. The individual who is requesting DAS must be present for the call. The video call is screen reader-friendly and available with text chat for those with visual or hearing disabilities. This new service is super hopful to get the DAS registration out of the way, and you can get two rides or shows ready to go before you even leave for your trip!

    If you did not pre-register, you may do so at Guest Services at any of the four theme parks:

    Magic Kingdom: A Guest Services location is outside of the park turnstiles on the right-hand side. Already inside Magic Kingdom? Head under the railroad tracks, then veer to the left. Guest Services is in City Hall, the first building youll see.

    Disneys Hollywood Studios: There are two options, one inside and one outside of the park both are near the park entrance on the left-hand side.

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