Jobs For People With Physical Disabilities


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Easy Work From Home Jobs For Disabled People

Jobs for people with disabilities

People with disabilities once had trouble finding employment. Not all companies hired people with challenges. If they could find work, it often didnt come near their capabilities!

Things have changed, fortunately. There are different types of at-home jobs disabled people might be able to do.

The internet, globalization and technological advancesincluding tablets, laptops, and smartphones have made it appealing to work from home and have created tons of feasible jobs for disabled people.

So if you were to choose an easy work-from-home job, what would it be?

Corporate Engagement And Hr Compliance Manager Diverseabilities Employee Business Network Lead At Quest Diagnostics

“They go above and beyond the typical job posting site. For example, our partners at Getting Hired recently facilitated a webinar speaker to help us commemorate the 30th anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act this great event was attended by people leaders and front-line workers alike, all interested in improving our culture for individuals with disabilities, just as Getting Hired is committed to this goal.

Job Opportunities For People With Mental Health Issues

Mental health conditions like anxiety, sadness, and schizophrenia can make it difficult to carry out daily tasks. Take a look at these positions in mental health for people with disabilities:

1. Counsellor

If youve personally dealt with mental health issues and benefited from counseling, you probably have a distinctive viewpoint on the subject. That might aid you comprehend your clients experiences and how to best assist them.

2. Physiotherapist Assistant

Helping injured people heal and rehabilitate can be incredibly uplifting and satisfying. With this job, you can positively impact peoples lives without having to work irregular hours or be on call all the time like many other medical professionals.

3. Tutor

You can spread your knowledge while having only one social interaction when you work as a tutor. Tutoring may be a beneficial way to stimulate your mind without placing undue strain on you.

4. Building Steward

For those who like to work with their hands and would rather not interact with many people, maintaining a building in working order can include repairing broken pipes, making small repairs to heating and cooling systems, and generally keeping it in working order.

5. Floral Artist

For people who are anxious, working with vibrant flowers and eye-catching foliage can be calming and soothing. Making cheery bouquets can help you feel happier.

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Program Manager Of Diversity Talent Acquisition At Cvs Health

“Our organization has greatly benefitted from trainings and facilitated discussions on bias and awareness, connection to talent through virtual career fairs, and overall consultation. Our commitment to creating an inclusive culture continues to flourish with the help from our friends at Getting Hired.

Best Jobs For Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities

The Best Careers for People with Physical Disabilities

Hundreds of causes exist for intellectual disabilities that result in conceptual, social, or practical-living impairments. As a result, people within this category display a vast array of possible talents. So not all these career ideas are appropriate for everyone. But they do represent some of the best jobs for mentally disabled people with conditions like Down syndrome or brain injuries . Consider these examples of jobs for mentally disabled adults:

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Selective Placement Program/schedule A

Individuals with disabilities may apply through the competitive hiring process, or in some circumstances, under the non-competitive hiring authority for individuals with disabilities .

For consideration under the non-competitive hiring authority , send a resume, description of your career interests, your geographic preferences, and proof of disability to the Selective Placement Coordinator in your region.

Disabled veterans may also be considered under special hiring programs. Please contact our team.

The ABCs of Schedule A For Applicants with Disabilities

In the non-competitive hiring process, agencies may use a special authority to hire individuals with targeted disabilities without requiring them to compete for the job.

Individuals that may fall under this special hiring authority include individuals with intellectual disabilities, severe physical disabilities, or psychiatric disabilities.

For additional information, please reference this guide to non-competitive hiring authority .

The Best Careers For People With Physical Disabilities is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Healthcare Medical Office And Social Services

Medical office:

You don’t usually need to be very mobile to work in a medical office or hospital department. And many health industry employers value having employees who understand what some of their patients might be going through. Plus, areas like medical billing and coding often provide telecommuting opportunities, making it a great source of jobs for disabled people at home.

14. Medical office assistants:

18. Sales representatives for drug companies:

  • Median annual wage: $65,420


Why not help others find great jobs for people with disabilities? With the wisdom drawn from your own experiences, you can do a world of good as an occupational guidance counselor to disabled students and adults.

19. Vocational counseling:

  • Job growth: 11%

People Disability Jobs In Ontario

DISCUSSION: Job opportunities for people with disabilities


  • Full-timeWeekend availability +2
  • The Algoma Treatment and Remand Centre with the Ministry of the Solicitor General requires a cleaner to provide cleaning maintenance services in the general
  • *We offer a $20.43 per hour starting wage and a $1000 sign-on bonus!*.
  • *We offer full-time permanent positions with a comprehensive total rewards package!*.
  • Status: Full Time and Part Time.
  • Schedule: As per business needs .
  • The Milton Cook Chill is a HACCP Certified Food
  • Ministry of Public and Business Service DeliveryKingston, ONTemporary +1On call
  • 5 temporary irregular on-call positions working 0-36.25 hours per week for up to 12 months with possibility of extension.
  • Part-timeWeekend availability
  • Our Cashiers connect with customers through delightful conversations and efficient transactions to create a memorable in-store shopping experience.
  • CasualOvertime +3
  • Employment and Social Development Canada – Benefits Delivery Services Branch Canada Pension Plan/Old Age Security and Citizen Services Branch.
  • County of Lennox and AddingtonGreater Napanee, ON
  • Personal Support Worker Posting # 2022-128*.
  • Hours of Work: Days, Evenings, Nights and Weekends*.
  • Proficiency in computer software applications such
  • Fast moving consumer goods .
  • Develop equipment maintenance schedules and recommend the replacement of machines.
  • Monitoring and operating Alarm, CCTV, & Access Control systems.
  • Perform crowd control duties as required.
  • Temporary +18 hour shift +1
  • Part-timeWeekend availability
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    Mobility & Physical Disabilities

    A mobility or physical disability is one of the most common types of disability. They refer to any type of disability that impacts a persons movement, coordination, or dexterity. These types of disabilities can exist from birth, follow an accident, or occur after an illness. Mobile or physical disabilities include:

    • Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorder
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Whats Needed?

    Someone with an invisible disability may need a wide range of treatments that can last any period of time and require various levels of intensity. Someone with PTSD may require years of therapy, although the amount of therapy may taper off over time. After a few months of counseling, an individual with an anxiety disorder could self-manage their anxiety to a point where they no longer need to see a clinical psychologist. But compare this with someone with Type 1 diabetes, who will take insulin and make regular visits to an endocrinologist for the rest of his or her life.

    Popular Career:

    Registered Nurse

    Great Jobs For People With Anxiety Disorders

    The following five positions are well suited for people with anxiety disorders. These jobs allow individuals to work along flexible timelines in low-pressure environments. Animal breeders , furniture finishers , and watch repairers are often self-employed, which allows for further flexibility when it comes to managing deadlines and social interactions.

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    Best Jobs For People Living With Disability

    As society progressively moves away from past prejudices, more and more positions in the workforce for people with a disability are appearing. No matter the disability, individuals can use their skills to achieve great things in the workforce. Everyone is capable of working and workplaces, meaning theres a wide variety of available jobs for people living with a disability.


    Financial institutions are considered to be one of the highest employers of job hunters with disabilities, with large accounting firms like PriceWaterhouseCoopers being one of the top employers of people with disabilities.


    Accountants are responsible for keeping and examining financial records. Handling financial matters can be a great way to engage the mind while also playing to an individuals math and finance skills. This job compliments those with physical disabilities due to the nature of the work, which typically requires being behind a desk for most of the day. To become an accountant, individuals will need a Bachelors degree in this field.


    Technology-based careers are suited to individuals who have a keen interest in computers and the working of programs, and are ideal for individuals with intellectual disabilities that have this knowledge and prefer to work alone.

    Computer support





    Music Production

    Performing arts

    Job support with Ability Options

    About Us

    Careers For The Visually Impaired

    Coast Capital Savings Funding Will Support Employment Program For ...

    A 2017 study published by JAMA Ophthalmology showed that more than seven million Americans lived with some visual acuity loss, with more than one million people experiencing blindness. But assistive technologies continue to get more sophisticated. Braille computer displays and voice-command technology are just two examples.

    For more detailed information, check out this article on jobs for blind people. And here is a small sampling of the many good options for those who deal with vision loss to consider:

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    How Do I Find A Job When I Have A Disability

    When beginning your job hunt as a person with a disability, its crucial to understand your rights and to focus your search in the correct direction for your skill sets.

    The Americans With Disabilities Act prohibits prospective employers from discriminating against candidates with disabilities recognized and protected by this law. Essentially, any disabled applicant must be offered the same consideration as other applicants . If you learn- and can prove- that an employer is unfairly blocking your candidacy because of your disability, youre within your rights to take legal action against them.

    If you find yourself stuck during your job search, there are resources specifically designed to help individuals with disabilities seek and apply for work. The U.S. Department of Labor sponsors numerous agencies and initiatives focused on this goal. Also, career search engines like abilityJobs seek to pair applicants with disabilities with well-suited careers, making them a great place to start your search.

    Global Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing Strategist At Amgen

    “Our partnership with Getting Hired has been a huge driver in helping to build our diverse and inclusive work force. Their user-friendly tools and technology have enabled candidates to easily view our jobs and apply for open roles via any screen reader, assistive technology, or mobile device. Our account manager provides us with real time, impactful data that helps us analyze application process and flow so that we may provide a better overall candidate experience. Their virtual career fairs have been an impactful way for us to connect with individuals with disabilities and veterans throughout the country.

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    How Can Having A Disability Affect Ones Career/job Search

    Having a disability can affect your career in two main ways. At times, it may mean that certain roles arent a great fit. You might need to focus on options where your disability wont impact your ability to succeed or where youll feel most comfortable. It could also mean concentrating on work-from-home jobs or positions that offer you a ton of flexibility.

    However, having a disability can impact your career in other ways. While discrimination against individuals with disabilities is illegal, it happens. A hiring managers perception or your disability might affect your job search, even if it shouldnt.

    Plus, what is and isnt a reasonable accommodation can be hazy. What may be easy for one company to offer may be an undue hardship to another. This can incidentally create some obstacles during your job search.

    However, that doesnt mean people with disabilities cant land amazing positions. If you arent sure whats available, heres a look at 27 jobs for disabled people that you may want to explore.

    Trade Jobs For People With Disabilities: What Are The Most Viable Options

    Be A STAR towards people with physical disabilities

    Trade Schools / Vocational / Trade Jobs for People With Disabilities: What Are the Most Viable Options?

    Whether its something youve lived with all your lives or an unfortunate consequence of an unforeseen incident, disability can leave many questioning many life aspects including career.

    Regardless of whether your disability is physical or not, youre not alone in wondering how you can lead a successful professional life.

    This wonderment is especially important to discuss as many people with disabilities hold themselves back, fearing difficulties later.

    Many students with disabilities dont participate in extra-curricular activities because of a lack of social inclusion.

    Theres also the concern of educational institutions focusing solely on academic and physical accessibility.

    Research shows only 34 percent of students with disabilities complete a four-year program.

    As a result, they are less likely to get jobs since individuals with higher levels of education are preferred for most roles.

    However, as the future progresses and the world becomes more inclusive, trade jobs have become lucrative options for those with disabilities.

    Since trade jobs require specialized skills developed through training rather than a bachelors degree, they make a great fit for students with disabilities interested in diving straight into the professional arena.

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    Can You Be On Ssdi And Still Work

    One last thing that we should consider before we explore those job opportunities is the question of disability benefits. Some people with disabilities are loath to return to work for fear that they may lose access to needed Social Security Disability Insurance payments. Thereâs good news, though: even if you are currently receiving benefits for your disability, provisions in the law allow you to still engage in meaningful work and still receive your full benefits.

    This is an important factor to consider if your disability involves any type of impairment that might prevent you from working full-time. For example, many people with autoimmune disorders that cause chronic fatigue qualify for disability but might still be able to work part-time. The SSDI rules allow some limited amount of work in those circumstances. There are caps on what you can earn in any given month, though, so be sure to contact your Social Security case manager to explore your options.

    In addition, Social Security manages work incentive programs that can provide training and other services to help you attempt to transition back to gainful employment if you identify a job that can accommodate your disability. If the program successfully enables you to return to full-time employment, your benefits will stop. Of course, if your condition subsequently worsens to the point where you can no longer work, those benefits will resume.

    Best Jobs For The Visually Impaired

    Visual impairments can present a unique set of challenges to employment, but that doesnât mean that there are no jobs for those with restricted vision. Todayâs jobs require more than sight, and often require other more vital talents â like logic, brain power, and the ability to manage interpersonal relations. In addition, there are tools available to help the visually impaired interact with the technology that is so vital in many of the worldâs most common jobs. These ten job options can serve as a starting point for any visually disabled person to find their career path.

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    Jobs For People With Learning Disabilities

    This broad area encompasses issues with reading, writing, listening, and math skills disorders like dyslexia and ADHD are also included in this category. However, these difficulties dont have to prevent you from establishing a fulfilling profession. Listed below are a few potential careers for those with learning disabilities:

    1. CHEMIST

    Many individuals with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, are exceptional at picturing big-picture ideas. These people can quickly see how molecules interact, which makes them quite adept at chemistry.

    2. An Automobile Mechanic

    Many persons who struggle with learning difficulties are better able to comprehend how intricate systems work, which makes them ideal candidates for jobs as automobile technicians. In this sector, holistic thinkers who can visualize a cars internal workings will likely succeed.

    Do you have a talent for taking photos? People who prefer to think in images rather than words may find storytelling through a camera lens to their liking. This is why some persons with learning difficulties may find that a career in photography is a good fit.

    4. Veterinary Assistant

    Working with animals inspires the best in many individuals for whatever reason. Without dealing with many people, taking care of a living thing can be a terrific way to build a fulfilling profession. Before transitioning into the more complex positions of veterinary technicians, several people start their careers as veterinary assistants.

    Jobs For People With Physical Disabilities: Finding Accessible Work And Career Options

    Portrait Of A Man With Down Syndrome Working In An Office High

    According to Forbes, as of September 2014, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities was 12.3%, compared to 5.9% for the general population. However, outdated 1973 legislation designed to protect people with disabilities from job discrimination was recently updated to include additional regulations. The new laws added to this legislation require government agencies, companies with federal contracts, and companies participating in business relationships with other companies that obtain money from the federal government to hire a workforce consisting of at least 7% disabled employees. If an employer fails to comply with this new legislation, it must increase its efforts to advertise open positions to people with disabilities.

    legislation require government agencies, companies with federal contracts, and companies participating in business relationships with other companies that obtain money from the federal government to hire a workforce consisting of at least 7% disabled employees. If an employer fails to comply with this new legislation, it must increase its efforts to advertise open positions to people with disabilities.

    • State and local governments.

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