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How Can I Find Out More About Ssdi

How to Apply for a Disabled Placard in South Carolina
  • Visit online choose disability
  • Visit to learn about Social Security benefits you might be eligible for including SSDI
  • Go to your nearest Social Security office

You can find out how much you would get from SSDI by looking at your Social Security statement. The statement shows your work history and an estimate of what your benefits would be at this time. To get a Social Security statement:

  • Request a statement online through Social Securitys website at Click on My Social Security on the left side of the page.

Note that SSDI is different from SSI .

SSI is for people who didnt pay enough into Social Security during their working years, or who havent worked recently enough to qualify for SSDI. However, some people who were employed for short times or whose income was very low may qualify for both SSDI and SSI because their SSDI payment is so low. In that case, the SSI payment is reduced by the amount of SSDI the person gets. See more information on Supplemental Security Income .

How Long Does The Ssd Approval Process Take

Currently in South Carolina, getting through Disability Determination takes around 4-6 months, and many eligible people become discouraged and give up when their initial claims are rejected. However, its important to realize that a huge percentage of disability claims are denied on the first round. If you or a loved one is eligible for disability, dont let the process intimidate you or prevent you from seeking assistance that you need.

The Disability Application Process

Whether you apply online, by phone, or in person, the disability benefits application process follows these general steps:

  • You gather the information and documents you need to apply. We recommend you print and review the . It will help you gather the information and documents you need to complete the application.
  • You complete and submit your application.
  • We review your application to make sure you meet our for disability benefits.
  • We confirm you worked enough years to qualify.
  • We evaluate any current work activities.
  • We process your application and forward your case to the Disability Determination Services office in your state.
  • This state agency makes the disability determination decision.

To learn more about who decides if you have a disability, read our publication .

Once You’ve Applied

Processing time for disability applications vary depending on the nature of the disability, necessary medical evidence or examinations, and applicable quality reviews.

Once we receive your application, well review it and contact you if we have questions. We might request additional documents from you before we can proceed.

Look For Our Response

When the state agency makes a determination on your case, youll receive a letter in the mail with our decision. It generally takes three to six months for an initial decision. If you included information about other family members when you applied, well let you know if they may be able to receive benefits on your record.

Check The Status

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If You Get A Negative Disability Decision

  • When you fill out your Marketplace application, answer âyesâ when asked if you have a disability. Weâll forward your application to your state Medicaid agency. If you qualify, theyâll help you enroll.
  • If you donât qualify for Medicaid, you may qualify for savings on a Marketplace health plan.

Applying For Social Security Disability And Ssi Benefits

Printable Disability Application

You can apply online for Social Security Disability benefits, you can file in person at your local Social Security office, or by calling 772-1213.

To find your local Social Security office, click here and enter your home zip code. Locate a Social Security Office.

Before you begin your application, you should collect certain information regarding your medical treatment, work history and other facts. To view a checklist of the information that you will need, Disability Checklist.

When you are ready to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits, Apply for Disability. You will not have to complete the entire application in one sitting. You will have the option of saving your application and returning to it later.

You can also complete most of your application for SSI Disability benefits online, but to finish the application process you will have to visit a Social Security office. You canApply for SSI to begin the SSI application process for yourself or for a child.

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If Your Application Is Denied

After we review your application and the information you provided, we may decide you do not meet the qualifications for disability benefits.

If you disagree with our decision, you have the right to ask us to look at your application again. The notice you receive from us that says you don’t qualify will explain how to appeal our decision and the time period in which you must make the request.

If we decide you don’t qualify:

  • Because you are not disabled under our rules, you can appeal our decision online.

    The online disability report will ask you for updated information about your medical condition and any treatment, tests, or doctor visits since we made our decision.

Social Security Disability Insurance For People With Cancer

Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal disability insurance benefit earned by people who have worked and paid into Social Security. Its only available to people who have disabilities that keep them from working. If you have cancer, you may be able to have your SSDI application processed more quickly

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Ive Submitted My Disability Application What Next

After you have filled out the application form and submitted it with the proper documentation, your local Social Security office will review your non-disability eligibility. This means your work history and payments into Social Security if you are applying for Social Security Disability, or your income and resources if you are applying for Supplementary Security Income. At this stage, the office will also confirm the relationship between you and your spouse/children if they have also applied for benefits.

Have Questions About The Social Security Disability Application Process We Can Help

South Carolina may be the next state to abolish minimum wage for disabled workers

The application process for receiving disability compensation is complicated and often confusing. Social Security Disability benefits are not awarded easily or quickly, so the sooner you begin the process, the better your chances are for receiving an award. You can improve your chances for having your claim approved by gathering all the required information you will need ahead of time.

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Pay Attention To Financial Qualifications

While the basic rule for Social Security disability is defined as a condition that has lasted or is expected to last for at least 12 months, that should not necessarily determine when you apply for benefits.

“If an individual is not working and earning income, then they’re allowed to apply now,” Geist said. “There’s not a set period of time where they have to wait to apply.”

However, there are certain financial restrictions that claimants will have to meet to be approved.

For starters, you must have paid so-called FICA taxes into the system. Generally, you have to contribute for at least 10 years in order to be eligible.

Additionally, your condition must meet Social Security’s definition of a disability. It must be so severe that you can no longer work. It must also be expected to last for at least a year or result in death.

In addition, your income must fall below certain a certain threshold known as substantial gainful activity. In 2021, that limit is $1,310 per month for non-blind individuals.

Those who have not paid FICA taxes may instead qualify for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI. However, those benefits are means tested and come with strict asset limits of $2,000 per individual, or $3,000 per married couple.

While some disabled workers may be tempted to take advantage of expanded pandemic unemployment insurance benefits that are still available in some states, that could hurt your chances of getting approved for disability benefits, Geist said.

What Employment Information Will I Need To Provide

The SSA requires information about your work history including:

  • How much you earned for the past and current year
  • Contact information for your employer/s for the past and current year
  • Your Social Security statement
  • A list of up to five jobs you have held in the past 15 years, prior to your conditions onset. You will need to include the dates of your employment at each job.
  • Information about workers compensation or any other benefits you have filed for or intend to file for from any agency, whether the benefits or permanent or temporary, paid monthly or in lump sum.

The SSA may require additional documentation such as Military discharge papers for those who served and were discharged before 1968, and W-2 and/or self-employment tax returns for the previous year.

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What If The Judge Denies My Social Security Disability Claim

Your best chance of getting approved for disability benefits comes at your Social Security hearing . However, if you receive an unfavorable decision , you can request that the SSA’s Appeals Council review your case.

If that fails, the last step in the SSD appeals process is to file a lawsuit in federal district court in South Carolina.

Which Disability Program Is Right For Me

Printable Disability Application

The right disability program for you depends on your situation. Consider the following:

  • SSDI is for people who have worked jobs that pay Social Security taxes. Your eligibility is based on work credits and how many you have. Your age will determine how many work credits you need to be eligible.
  • SSI is for people with limited financial resources. Your job history does not matter when applying for SSI.

Both programs are for people living with disabilities who cannot workor can work, but in a very limited capacity. When you partner with a Social Security Disability lawyer, they can review your situation and explain what program could meet your needs.

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‘apply As Early As Possible’

The first thing to realize about applying for Social Security disability benefits is that it is often a lengthy process, Geist said.

Once an initial application is filed with the Social Security Administration, it can take three months to five months to get a decision. If that initial application is denied, it can take four months to six months for the application to be reconsidered on a first appeal, Geist said.

From there, if the application has to be reviewed at a hearing, it can take up to 12 months just to get scheduled before a judge, Geist said.

“Apply as early as possible, because it is a long process,” Geist said.

A 2020 Government Accountability Office report found that about 1.3% of applicants filed for bankruptcy while waiting on their appeals, and 1.2% died before receiving a final decision.

“Many particularly those without legal representation end up wrongfully denied on multiple occasions before finally being approved with a lawyer’s help,” said Rebecca Vallas, senior fellow that the Century Foundation. “Untold numbers spend what savings they have to try to stay afloat while waiting for an appeal to be heard and countless more lose their homes in the process.”

There are about 8.2 million disabled workers collecting benefits, according to the Social Security Administration. Their average monthly benefit is $1,277.

How A Lawyer Can Help With Your Social Security Disability Claim

You can apply for disability in South Carolina on your own. However, you may want a lawyer to help you with the legal process. They can:

  • Review your application for completion and accuracy
  • Examine the reason for your applications denial
  • Explain what evidence could create a compelling application
  • Answer your questions and concerns
  • Represent you at any hearings or meetings

You and your lawyer share a common goal: getting disability benefits. You dont want to wait any longer to get the benefits you need and deserve. Working with a lawyer can keep the claims process moving and eventually yield benefits for your disability.

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Some Publications That Will Give You More Information On Disability Benefits

The Disability Starter Kit will help you get ready for your disability interview or online application. Kits are available for adults and for children under age 18.

The starter kits provide information about the specific documents and the information that we will request from you.

The kits also provide general information about the disability programs and our decision-making process.

Here are some additional resources with information on disability benefits:

You Can Apply For Ssd Benefits Online

South Carolina may be the next state to abolish minimum wage for disabled workers

As noted, you can file your application online with the SSA. To be considered, you must include the following information:

  • Your social security number, your birthday, and where you were born
  • The names and birthdays of certain family members
  • Medical information about your disability
  • Information about your previous employment and earnings

Once the SSA gets your application, itll take anywhere from three to five months to make a decision. The SSA denies 67 percent of the applications that it gets. So, chances are, youll have to appeal a denial. This is just one thing a Social Security Disability lawyer from our team can do to secure the benefits you need.

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Appeal Hearings In South Carolina

When an applicant is denied benefits at the Request for Reconsideration level of the appeals process, he or she can then file a request for an appeals hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge . Currently there are 35 ALJs within South Carolina who attend hearings throughout the 3 hearing offices in the state. Residents of South Carolina have a slightly higher chance of approval than the national average. The data below is from South Carolina’s hearing offices.

What Do I Need To Know About Advance Designation

You should be aware of another type of representation called .

Advance Designation allows capable adult and emancipated minors who are applying for or receiving Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income, or Special Veterans Benefits the option to choose up to three people in advance who could serve as their representative payee, if the need arises.

In the event that you can no longer manage your benefits, you and your family will have peace of mind knowing that someone you trust may be appointed to manage your benefits for you. If you need a representative payee to assist with the management of your benefits, we will first consider your advance designees. We must still fully evaluate them and determine their suitability at that time.

You can submit and update your advance designation request when you apply for benefits or after you are already receiving benefits. You may do so through your personal account, contacting us by telephone at 1-800-772-1213 , or at .

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Meeting The Medical Criteria For Social Security Disability With Heart Failure

When applying for Social Security Disability benefits, the SSA will compare your condition to a listing of conditions known as the Blue Book. Each condition that could potentially qualify an individual for disability benefits is listed in this Blue Book, along with the criteria that must be met to qualify with each specific condition.

Chronic heart failure is addressed in Section 4.02 of the Blue Book. According to the Blue Book, in order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits due to heart failure, you must be able to prove that:

  • You have been diagnosed with chronic heart failure while undergoing prescribed treatment and
  • There is medically documented evidence of systolic failure with left ventricular end diastolic dimensions greater than 6.0 cm or ejection fraction of 30 percent or less during a period of stability or diastolic failure with left ventricular posterior wall plus septal thickness totaling 2.5 cm or greater on imaging with an enlarged left atrium greater than or equal to 4.5 cm with normal or elevated ejection fraction during a period of stability and
  • Persistent symptoms of heart failure are present that seriously limit the ability to independently initiate, sustain, or complete activities of daily living or there are three or more separate documented episodes of acute congestive heart failure within a 12-month period or you suffer an inability to perform on an exercise tolerance test at a workload equivalent to 5METs or less.

Vocational Rehabilitation Disability Determination

Special Recruitment Drive for Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes ...

This group evaluates your application to determine your disability status your claim will be reviewed by a medical doctor or psychologist and a disability evaluation specialist. They may also order what is called a consultative examination from another doctor. A consultative examination is ordered when you havent provided some necessary piece of information that the Disability Determination Division wants to see.

These examinations may or may not help your claim, depending upon the doctor and numerous factors. Your best bet is to provide all the information they need up front, but sometimes its difficult to anticipate what additional evidence they will request. Refusing the consultative examination will automatically deny your claim although an attorney familiar with disability claims can help.

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How To Apply For Disability In South Carolina

The application process in South Carolina is just like applying in most other states in the United States. This is because Social Security Disability benefits are federal benefits provided by the government agency known as the Social Security Administration . However, there can be minor differences between states when it comes to chances of approval, state supplementation, etc. This page contains information and resources about Social Security Disability in South Carolina.

To find your local Social Security field office, Disability Determinations Services office, or an Office of Disability Adjudication and Review in South Carolina, click here.

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