Va Disability Pay Schedule 2022


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VA Disability Pay Dates for 2022

Social Security has two trust funds Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance . The OASI and DI Trust Funds have reached the brink of depletion of asset reserves in the past. However, in 1977 and 1983, Congress made substantial changes to the program that resulted in the $2.908 trillion asset reserves that existed as of December 31, 2020.

The Trustees of the Social Security trust funds currently project that the two trust funds combined will be able to pay all benefits in full and on time until 2034. Even if legislative changes are not made before 2034, well still be able to pay 78 percent of total benefits due in 2034. Social Security has always changed to meet the needs of the people we serve and will continue to help support you and your family. Whether you are about to retire, become a full time grandparent, or start a new chapter, Social Security can help you secure today and tomorrow. Social Security salutes all Veterans for their service and sacrifice.

Will Disabled Military Veterans Get A Va Pay Increase In 2022

Yes, disabled military veterans will get a 5.9% VA disability compensation increase starting January 2022.

> > Click HERE to see the complete list of VA disability rates 2022, which includes VA dependent rates .

The new 2022 military disability pay rates will be effective December 1, 2021.

Disabled military veterans with a VA rating of 10% or higher could see a 5.9% COLA increase on their January 1, 2021, VA compensation payment.

For example, if you were previously getting $1,000 per month tax-free, a 5.9% VA pay increase is $59, so a veterans 2022 VA disability pay would go up to $1,059 per month.


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Va Disability Pay Dates For 2022

If you arereceiving VA disability compensation, you can expect your disabilitycompensation payment dates as follows:


Note: If your direct deposit is going into an account with USAA or the Navy Federal Credit Union, you may receive credit for your direct deposit a day or two early in any particular month. Contact these financial institutions for details.

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With A Dependent Spouse Or Parent But No Children

Find the dependent status in the left column that best describes you. Then look for your disability rating in the top row. Your basic monthly rate is where your dependent status and disability rating meet.

If your spouse receives Aid and Attendance benefits, be sure to also look at the Added amounts table, and add it to your amount from the Basic monthly rates table.

Basic monthly rates for 30% to 60% disability rating

Dependent status 30% disability rating 40% disability rating 50% disability rating 60% disability rating
Dependent status 30% disability rating 467.39 40% disability rating 673.28 50% disability rating 958.44 60% disability rating 1,214.03
With spouse 30% disability rating 522.39 40% disability rating 747.28 50% disability rating 1,050.44 60% disability rating 1,325.03
With spouse and 1 parent 30% disability rating 566.39 40% disability rating 806.28 50% disability rating 1,124.44 60% disability rating 1,414.03
With spouse and 2 parents 30% disability rating 610.39 40% disability rating 865.28 50% disability rating 1,198.44 60% disability rating 1,503.03
With 1 parent 30% disability rating 511.39 40% disability rating 732.28 50% disability rating 1,032.44 60% disability rating 1,303.03
With 2 parents 30% disability rating 555.39 40% disability rating 791.28 50% disability rating 1,106.44 60% disability rating 1,392.03

Va Disability Pay Chart: 2022 Rates

Va Disability Pay Calendar 2022

VA disability benefits are analyzed annually by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. As a result of rising inflation and rising costs, the VA may determine that rates need to be adjusted based on economic trends.

There was a 5.9% increase in VA payments in 2022, the biggest increase in more than 40 years. A high rate of inflation brought on by the pandemic caused the Cost of Living Adjustment to increase by 5.9%. The Social Security Administration calculates the COLA annually.

Calculate your VA disability benefits and expected monthly payments using the charts on this page. In the following, we have cross-referenced all numbers with those released by the VA on December 1, 2021, and we have updated them accordingly.

Check out our blog post if you’re interested in increasing your VA disability rating.

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Getting Help With Filing And Tracking Va Disability Claims

You do not have to apply for VA medical benefits or compensation alone. Agencies called Veterans Service Organizations are authorized to act on your behalf to file with the government.

Getting the right help is especially important if you fear your medical claims may be denied or are trying to appeal a denied claim.

Such organizations include AMVETS, the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars , DAV and more. The VA website has a list of accredited Veteran Service Organizations you can use to find help with your claim.

Your state government may also be able to help you. Check with your states veteran department to see what services it offers.

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Official 2022 Cola Increase Is 59%

The new 2022 VA disability rates are effective December 1, 2021.

Disabled veterans with a VA disability rating of 10% or higher will see a 5.9% COLA increase on their January 1, 2021 VA compensation payment.

For example, if you were previously getting $1,000 per month tax-free, a 5.9% VA pay increase is $59, so a veterans VA disability compensation pay in 2022 would go up to $1,059 per month.

Did you know 80% of Veterans are being shortchanged nearly $1,000/month tax-free on your 2022 VA disability pay?

We Are With Those Who Need A Helping Hand

2022 VA Disability Pay Chart and Compensation Rates

The Supplemental Security Income program is a program that provides income support to people with disabilities, people age 65 or older, or blind, who have low income and resources. U.S. Treasury general funds, not the Social Security trust funds, pay for SSI.

If you or someone you know may be eligible for SSI, visit to learn more and apply.

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Will Disabled Veterans Get A Va Pay Increase In 2022

Yes, disabled veterans with a 10% VA rating or higher will see a 5.9% COLA increase on their monthly VA compensation payment beginning January 2022.

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Determining Your Va Disability Compensation Rate

In general, veterans disability ratings determine their VA compensation rate. If a veteran has multiple service-connected conditions, their combined disability rating determines their monthly compensation rate.

Combined disability ratings are calculated by adding together the disability ratings of each individual service-connected condition using VA math. Since VA math can be confusing and challenging, CCK developed a VA disability calculator to help veterans more easily calculate their combined ratings.

Veterans with a combined rating of 30 percent or higher and qualifying dependents may also be eligible for additional compensation. Qualifying dependents include:

  • Children under the age of 18
  • Children between the age of 18 and 23 who are in school

Monthly compensation amounts based on dependent status can be found using our 2022 VA Disability Pay Chart.

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Special Monthly Compensation Rate Payment Variations

Effective December 1, 2021

Levels K and Q are special rates called SMC rate payment variations. We may add Level K to your basic SMC rate.

SMC-K and SMC-Q rates

How this payment variation works
SMC letter designation 118.33 How this payment variation works If you qualify for SMC-K, we add this rate to your basic disability compensation rate for any disability rating from 0% to 100%. We also add this rate to all SMC basic rates except SMC-O, SMC-Q, and SMC-R. You may receive 1 to 3 SMC-K awards in addition to basic and SMC rates.
SMC letter designation 67.00 How this payment variation works This is a protected rate that we havent awarded since August 19, 1968. If we awarded you an SMC-Q designation, we pay this rate in place of your basic disability compensation rate.

How To Use The Tables To Find Your Monthly Payment

Social Security Payment Calendar 2020

Find your basic rate

Go to the compensation rates for your disability rating. On the Basic monthly rates table, find the amount for your disability rating and dependent status. This is your basic monthly rate.

Example :If youre a Veteran with a 30% disability rating, and you have a dependent spouse , your basic monthly rate would be $522.39 each month.

Find your added amounts, if any apply

If your spouse receives Aid and Attendance benefits or you have more than one child, you may qualify for additional monthly payment amounts as listed in the Added amounts table.

First, determine your basic rate.

Example :If youre a Veteran with a 70% disability rating, and you have a spouse, plus 3 dependent children under the age of 18, you would start with the basic rate of $1,754.95 .

Next, look at the Added amounts table. Find the amount for children under age 18 .

Since your basic rate already provides payment for 1 child, you would add the rate of $64.00 for each additional child .

If your spouse receives Aid and Attendance, you would also add $119 .

In our example of a Veteran with 70% disability rating, your total monthly payment amount would be:

$1,754.95 basic rate + $64 +$64 +$119 Total $2,001.95

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Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions About My Disability Rating

There are many organizations that specialize in helping veterans with their benefits and claims.

The first place to start is with the VA. VA representatives have access to your records and are the best source for up-to-date information.

However, the VA isnt always the best place to get assistance with your claim, especially if you are filing an appeal after the VA denied your claim. In that case, I recommend contacting a veteran benefits counselor at your county VA office, or an organization such as the DAV, AMVETS, VFW, American Legion, or a similar Veteran Service Organization.

You can also use the Physical Evaluation Board Forum to anonymously ask questions about VA disabilities, ratings and the military medical board process.

If that doesnt work, consider hiring a lawyer that specializes in VA disability claims. I dont have any specific recommendations for lawyers, so please do your research before hiring a law office to represent you. At the minimum, you will want to ensure they specialize in military law, VA disability claims, social security disability claims, or similar types of law. As with all legal agreements, also make sure you understand the compensation structure.

Thank you for understanding, and thank you for your service!

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Va Disability Rates With Dependents

30% 60% With Children
Veteran with one child only $504.45
With one child and spouse $563.76
With one child, spouse and one parent $608.24
With one child, spouse, and two parents $652.71
With 1 child and 1 parent $548.93
With 1 child and 2 parents $593.41
Each additional child under age 18 $28.00
Each additional child over 18 in a qualifying school program $89.00
Spouse receiving Aid and Attendance $51.00
Veteran with one child only $1,616.79
With one child and spouse $1,754.46
With 1 child, spouse and 1 parent $1,858.24
With 1 child, spouse, and 2 parents $1,962.02
With 1 child and 1 parent $1,720.57
With 1 child and 2 parents $1,824.35
Each additional child under age 18 $65.00
Add. child over 18 in a qualifying school program $209.00
Spouse receiving Aid and Attendance $120.00

Additional Compensation Benefits For Service

2022 VA Disability Pay Chart Revealed (MASSIVE 6.1% 2022 COLA Increase!)

Additional compensation may also be available to veterans and their dependents with a combined rating of 30 percent or higher. The following dependents qualify:

  • The spouse of a veteran
  • Parents of veterans who are dependent on their children
  • Young children under 18 years of age
  • Those 18 to 23 years old who are students

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Example Va Disability Pay Calculation

Another example is if the disabled Veteran has a spouse who is determined to require Aid and Attendance. Here we add the figure shown as additional for A& A spouse to the amount shown for the proper dependency code.

For example, a disabled Veteran with a 70% rating and an Aid and Attendance spouse and two minor children would receive $1,830.71 .

Va Disability Ratings Are Subject To Review And Not Always Permanent

The Department of Veterans Affairs may revisit your rating to see if your condition has improved or worsened over time.

You may receive a letter from the VA instructing you to participate in a re-examination, or you can ask the VA to review your claim again if your condition worsens.

Do not skip any re-examination appointments.

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The Va Disability Rating System Explained

The VA uses a disability rating system to assign a percentage to the severity of your disability, using a scale that measures from 0-100% and rises incrementally by 10%. This rating then determines your benefit amount. The VA determines your rating through an internal review of your health and medical history, going over a combination of service treatment records, VA medical records, and private medical records that are directly related to your disability. Your rating will be based on a single diagnostic code per condition, even should that condition meet more than one diagnostic code.

If you have more than one disability, you can use the combined-rating system to find your benefit amount.

What Is A Service Connected Disability

Va Disability Compensation Table 2017

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Disability Compensation is:

a benefit paid to a veteran because of injuries or diseases that happened while on active duty, or were made worse by active military service. It is also paid to certain veterans disabled from VA health care. The benefits are tax-free.

Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you have a service-connected disability, you may be eligible to receive a monthly compensation payment. You may also be eligible to receive additional compensation if you have a service-connected rating of 30% or higher and have dependents, if you have missing limbs or if your spouse is living with a severe disability.

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Dependency And Indemnity Compensation

VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation is a tax-free monthly benefit for some surviving family members of veterans. It is paid to the eligible survivors of a military member who died while on active duty, a veteran whose death was the result of a service-connected injury or disease or a veteran whose death wasn’t related to their service but who was rated as permanently and totally disabled by the VA. Learn more about DIC payments.

Va Disability Compensation Explained

VA disability compensation is a tax-free monetary benefit paid to veterans with service-connected conditions .

To qualify for disability compensation, a veteran must first establish service connection for their disabling condition. Generally, service connection requires evidence of the following three elements:

  • A current diagnosis of a condition by a medical professional
  • An in-service event, injury, or illness and
  • A medical nexus, or link, between the current condition and the in-service event.

Once service connection is granted, VA will assign a disability rating based on the severity of the veterans condition. Essentially, the more severe the condition, the higher the disability rating. VA disability ratings range from 0 to 100 percent, in increments of 10.

View the 2021 VA disability payment schedule or 2020 VA disability payment schedule in our blog.

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