Va Dental Benefits For 100 Disabled


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Does The Va Cover Dental 9 Ways For Veterans To Qualify For Dental Benefits

VA Benefits with 100% Service-Connected Disability | VA Disability | theSITREP

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Thousands of veterans each year wonder, Does the VA cover dental? Thats because dental coverage is a valuable benefit for veterans and their families, and its important to know whats covered under the VA healthcare system.

There are nine ways veterans like you can qualify for the VAs dental program. Even if you dont qualify under one of these criteria, you may still be eligible for excellent private dental insurance available through the VA at a reduced cost.

This article explains dental benefits for veterans, including who is eligible for dental coverage under the VA, what procedures are covered, and how to get dental care through the VA. We also discuss alternative options if you dont qualify.

Va Burial Benefits And Plot Allowances

Surviving spouses and dependents may qualify for allowances to help pay for a veterans burial and funeral costs. You may be able to get Veterans burial allowances if youre paying for the burial and funeral costs and you wont be reimbursed by any other organization, like another government agency or the Veterans employer. If the Veteran died of a service connected disability ON or AFTER September 11, 2001, the maximum VA burial benefit allowance is $2,000 or $1,500 for a Veteran who died of a service connected disability BEFORE September 11, 2001.

How The Va Rates Oral Conditions

To receive a 100% rating for a dental condition, veterans must have lost at least a portion of their mandible or maxilla and be unable to use a prosthesis. Veterans can lose portions of their jaw during combat, in a collision, or as a result of surgery. For example, veterans who receive radiation therapy as treatment for a service-connected cancer can develop mandible osteoradionecrosisa rare side effect that causes parts of the jaw bone to die. This condition often requires surgical intervention to remove dead skeletal tissue.

Dental disabilities are rated under diagnostic codes 9900 to 9918 in the Schedule of Ratings. Here are the ratings for lost sections of the jaw bone and when the jaw bone doesnt heals in alignment :

Description/Diagnostic Code
40% Loss of one-half or more20% Loss of less than one-half30% Loss of one-half or more10% Loss of less than one-half
Malunion of the jaw Displacement, causing severe open biteDisplacement, causing moderate open bite 20%10%

Veterans can also receive a 100% rating for a malignant oral mass, called a neoplasm. Six months after treatment, the veteran will attend a mandatory examination and be given a new rating. The VA will decide if there has been permanent damage to the veterans oral anatomy that further qualifies for VA disability.

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Am I Eligible For Va Voc Rehab

This service is for veterans who have both a service-connected disability AND an employment handicap.

There are two thresholds you could meet: either you have a 20% disability rating and an unemployment handicap, or you have a 10% rating and have been determined to have a serious employment handicap.

Click HERE to learn more about Chapter 31 Voc Rehab program.

Specially Adapted Housing Program Benefits: 100% Rating Not Required

100 Disabled Veteran Dental Benefits For Family

The Specially Adapted Housing program offers grants to veterans with certain severe service-connected disabilities . The grants assist with building, remodeling, or purchasing an adapted home. This can provide independent living that might not otherwise be possible. The current maximum grant amount is $90,364. Again, it must be used for the purpose of constructing or modifying a home to meet adaptive needs. To be eligible for SAH grants, veterans must be entitled to disability compensation due to:

  • Loss or loss of use of both legs
  • Blindness in both eyes, plus loss or loss of use of one leg
  • Loss or loss of use of one leg, and:
  • Residuals of organic disease or injury or
  • Loss or loss of use of one arm, affecting balance and ability to move without aid
  • Loss or loss of use of both arms at or above the elbows
  • Severe burn injury
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    Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

    As of 2018 to 2025-Veterans with P& T disability rating are eligible for student loan relief.Eligibility:

    • You will need your FSA ID and Login information
    • If you need help obtaining ID, contact the help team
    • Once completed, submit to your Federal Loan Servicer
    • You should receive a decision in about 1 Month.
    • Watch your email for information from you Federal Loan Servicer

    NOTE: The forgiven debt will not be treated as income.

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    Property Tax Exemption For 100 Percent Disabled Veterans

    One of the top 100 percent VA disability benefits available is PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTIONS! While many states offer property tax exemptions for disabled veterans, did you know there are 18 states with full property tax exemptions for 100 percent disabled veterans? While not all 50 states offer the same tax breaks for disabled veterans, and the criteria to qualify for a waiver differs from state to state, its in your best interest to check with your state county tax assessors office to see if you qualify. You may be eligible to save thousands of dollars each year with this incredible state benefit due to reduced or no property taxes owed on your primary residence.

    Va Disability Ratings For Teeth

    What Veterans Need to Know About 100 Percent Disability Compensation Benefits

    Loss of teeth by themselves is not ratable. The VA does not consider this truly disabling because they are easily replaceable by false teeth. Teeth also cannot be rated if they are lost from naturally occurring diseases related to aging. They must be lost as a result of injury, accident, or disease.

    Regardless of how many teeth are missing, if they can be replaced by a prosthesis or false teeth then they are rated at 0%. If they cannot be replaced then they are rated as:

    • 40 Percent. All teeth missing.
    • 30 Percent. All the upper teeth or all the lower teeth are missing.
    • 20 Percent. All the upper and lower posterior teeth or all the upper and lower anterior teeth are missing.
    • 10 Percent. If only all the upper anterior or all the lower anterior teeth are missing. If all the upper and lower teeth on one side are missing,

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    Free Health Care And Medications

    Veterans with a 100 percent VA disability rating meet the requirements for Priority Group 1. This group includes benefits such as hospitalizations, some inpatient services, vision care, prosthetics and hearing aids. It also offers certain types of preventive care not otherwise available, as well as mental health care.

    In todays society, the topic of long-term care causes angst for many veteran families. While many of the nursing home and assisted living benefits for Rhode Island veterans are state administered, the VA does offer home health care, geriatrics and extended care programs.

    Additional Va Disability Compensation For Dependents

    Disabled veterans with a current VA disability rating of 30% or higher are eligible for an increase in monthly VA disability compensation to help support your family. Disabled veterans can apply online for free and add/remove dependents at any time on the website inside their VA disability claim online application. The application typically takes 30 days or less to add or remove dependents. Sometimes the VA will call or write to verify your dependent status.

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    How To Increase Your Rating To 100% Va Disability

    Many factors affect the VA benefits that a veteran receives, so its essential to seek help with your VA disability claim. You can get help at or an experienced law firm like Hill and Ponton can help you navigate your disability rating and to secure as many benefits as possible. Our team offers a free consultation.

    Educational Assistance For Dependents

    Giving Back to Military Veterans on Veterans Day

    Significant aid is available for college and graduate degree programs, certificate courses, career counseling, apprenticeships and on-the-job-training programs. Even correspondence or remedial courses may be approved.

    A spouse or child using the benefit could receive an estimated $1,400-a-month stipend while attending an approved education facility as a full-time student.

    The amount and duration of benefits your dependents receive depends on a number of factors. Learn more at:

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    Free Tax Preparation For Disabled Veterans

    The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program offers FREE tax help to disabled veterans who generally make $56,000 per year or less. IRS-certified volunteers provide FREE basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals. Intuit Turbo Tax offers its online IRS Free File Program if youre a disabled veteran with an Adjusted Gross Income of $36,000 or less OR you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit . Click HERE to learn more about this free tax filing software for disabled veterans.

    What Dental Benefits Are Available For Veterans

    The type and amount of dental care depends on a veterans eligibility. However, care can range from regular cleanings to reconstruction surgery. Some of the services they provide include:

    • Regularly schedule cleanings and x-rays
    • Restorative procedures such a fillings, crowns, and bridges
    • Oral surgery and tooth extractions
    • Oral and facial surgery resulting from trauma or serious illness

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    Do Spouses Of Disabled Veterans Get Healthcare Benefits

    If your spouse has a 100% disability rating, one benefit you can get is healthcare. VA, through TRICARE, provides healthcare benefits to dependents of disabled vets, including their spouses. Depending on your eligibility, you can enjoy various health programs such as:

    • Prescription medications
    • Special needs programs

    If you do not qualify for TRICARE, you may get medical benefits through the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs . This program will cover some healthcare expenses such as treatment and medications.

    For a free legal consultation, call

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    Va Aid And Attendance Program

    VA Dental: Your Explanation of Benefits, Explained!

    The VA Aid and Attendance program is a VA Pension Benefit that helps cover the costs of daily living for housebound veterans and/or those in nursing homes. Aid and Attendance benefits are a form of Special Monthly Compensation added to the amount of a monthly VA Pension for qualified Veterans and survivors. If the Veteran requires help with daily activities or he/she is housebound, click HERE now to learn more.

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    Permanent And Total Va Disability Ratings

    Importantly, some of the benefits that are available for disabled veterans who are totally disabled , are conditioned on the veteran having permanent and total status. VA deems a disability permanent when it is reasonably certain, based on medical evidence, that the level of impairment will continue for the rest of the veterans life. VA should automatically consider whether a veterans condition qualifies for permanent status when adjudicating their claim.

    If VA has awarded P& T status for TDIU or the veterans condition it will most likely be indicated in the decision letter. On some Rating Decisions, there is a P& T box that will be checked if the veterans 100% disability is permanent. On others, there may be language like Eligibility to Dependents Chapter 35 DEA / CHAMPVA are established or no future exams are scheduled both of which indicate permanence. The exact language may vary with different VA Regional Offices.

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    Us Department Of Defense / Uniformed Services Sponsor Identification And Privilege Card

    Resource link:Card Benefits: Military ID Cards provide access to many services and benefits such as Tricare, legal assistance, education benefits, use of Morale and Welfare Activities , commissaries, exchanges and of course discounts at many restaurants and stores. Also grants access to bases nationwide.Eligibility: Veteran their dependents.How to obtain ID: Do a web-search for base nearest to you with a DEERS office.Link to locating DEERS office nearest you: the DEERS office ahead of time. Often hours are limited for Veterans ID cards.

    • Example: Battle Creek Air National Guard Base only allows Veteran Military IDs to be produced on Wednesdays only.

    Documents needed: Each DEERS office seems to have slightly different requirements, but this is a general list of what to expect.Veteran: Form of ID, Summary of Benefits Letter.Dependents: Bring Marriage license plus 2 forms of ID

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    There Is No Time Like The Present To Enroll

    Maintaining dental health is important to your overall health. With VADIP enrollment is evergreen so you can enroll at any time. MetLifes VADIP is a dental plan for Veterans, created to make dental care more accessible to more Veterans in the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

    More coverage

    When it comes to dental insurance, its good to be able to use it when you urgently need it. Thats why we have no waiting periods on major procedures .1

    We offer orthodontia coverage under the high plan for dependent children up to age 19 only.

    High plan option: up to $3,500 annual Plan Maximum.

    More dentists

    With over 500,000 participating dentist locations, we have one of the nations largest dental provider networks. This is good news for you as it means more dentists to choose from.

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    Special Monthly Compensation Benefits For 100 Percent Disabled Veterans

    Charitable Contributions  Corporate

    VA Special Monthly Compensation, also known as VA SMC benefits, is additional tax-free compensation that can be paid to disabled veterans, their spouses, surviving spouses, and parents. For disabled veterans, VA Special Monthly Compensation is a higher rate of compensation paid due to special circumstances, such as the need of aid and attendance by another person or by specific disability. For example, the loss or use of a creative organ SMC-K, which is Erectile Dysfunction for men and Female Sexual Arousal Disorder for women. Pro Tip: Yes, you can apply for SMC online at!

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    Life Insurance Policy 800

    You may be eligible for a low-cost life insurance policy if you meet all the requirements listed below.Eligibility: All of these must be true. You:

    • Were released from active duty on or after April 25, 1951, and did not receive a dishonorable discharge, and
    • Were rated for a service-connected disability , and
    • Are in good health except for any service-connected conditions, and
    • Apply within 2 years from the date we grant your new service-connected disability

    Note: An increase of a rating you had beforeor a rating of Individual Unemployability, meaning you cannot workdoes not qualify you for S-DVI.You can receive:

    Do 100 Percent Disabled Veterans Qualify For Va Dental Benefits

    VA dental care services depend on several factors, such as your VA disability rating, service-connected dental disabilities, current home/living situation, etc.

    Based upon these factors, the VA places veterans into a Benefits Class and youll get the specific VA dental benefits assigned to that class.

    Generally, a disabled veteran must have a 100% scheduler VA disability rating, 100 percent P& T rating, or a 100 percent unemployable rating to qualify for free VA dental care.

    *Note: If youre being paid at the 100% rate based on a temporary rating , you do not qualify for VA dental benefits.

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    What Are Other Options If I Dont Qualify

    While there are a lot of ways to qualify for VA dental benefits, the truth is that not all veterans will qualify. Its unfortunate, but luckily there other options available for veterans. Below are a couple of options that can help veterans afford dental treatment and get the right healthcare they need.

    National Va Dental Insurance Program:

    100% Disabled Veterans | All National Benefits

    One very good option is the insurance offered through the National VA Dental Insurance Program. This is insurance, so its not free, but it comes at a reduced cost compared to other plans.

    This program is specifically offered to veterans, so they understand the issues youre facing and are looking to help make things easier on you. Check to see if it is available in your area as it is a great way to cut down on the cost of dental treatments.

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    Special Restorative Training And Special Vocational Training

    The VA may approve Special Restorative Training, if needed, to help the dependents of Chapter 35 benefit recipients to overcome or lessen the effects of a physical or mental disability so you can work toward your educational or training goal. Alternatively, the VA may approve Special Vocational Training to help dependents overcome a physical or mental disability.

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