Universal Studios Disability Pass 2022


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Universal Studios Disability Pass

Universal Orlando Disability Pass

I was wondering if anyone knew if universal do a pass like disney do for those who struggle to queue. My daughter has ASD and anxiety and not sure how she will cope in the busy parks.


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We just came back from universal.

My son has asd and adhd. He only went on 1 ride as the lights, sounds, vibrations etc were just to much for him.

The pass is only any good if you go on rides and even then it only helps with the queueing portion.

Just to let you know the parks are insanely busy at the moment even outside of the queues. They also have lots of noises going one from numerous attractions so there can be a bit of sensory overload.

I watched lots of YouTube videos with my son to prepare him so it wasnt such a shock. I think its helped so May be worth a try.

Post #8 is correct.

Disability passes arent meant for you to skip the line they are meant to allow someone to not physically have to wait. Any lines over 30 minutes and you will be issued a return time. So you still have to wait just not physically in a line. They also limit the number of people allowed to I believe six .

You used to skip the lines completely but too many people claimed they needed a disability pass when they really didnt. It lead to massive abuse of the system.

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Why Use Aap Here Are The Benefits Of Using The Aap

The biggest benefit of being able to use AAP was not having to stand in the hours-long queues for several attractions that currently do not have an Express line. We wouldnt have been able to experience these three attractions without the AAP:

Ollivanders in Hogsmeade: we approached the line within the first half hour of early park admission. While the number of guests already in the queue appeared small, the TM informed us it was already an hour and fifteen minute wait due to the low capacity of the show and wand shop. So I brought out our AAP and we were immediately walked to the front of the line and brought in to the next show. Im not sure if this is normal as this was the only attraction with a long line where we werent given a return time. It was also the only time I felt uncomfortable using the pass as the entire queue could see us skipping in front of them. To answer one question you might have, yes, the AAP can be used during Early Park Admission.

Pteranodon Flyers is probably the lowest capacity ride in the entire resort, thus it consistently had 90 minute waits throughout the duration of our trip. We were given a return time but since there is no Express lane we were escorted by a TM up the exit ramp and boarded from there after waiting a few minutes.

How To Buy Freedom Passes

Freedom Passes can only be purchased at your Base Ticket Office or as part of a Military Discounted Package through your Travel Agent.

When you purchase tickets/passes as part of a package they are protected because if you change or cancel your reservations, the whole package is refunded.

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What Are The 2023 Universal Disability Pass Requirements

So, what are the requirements for the Universal Studios special needs pass? Those who have mobility devices or are worried about the overall accessibility of Universal Orlando Resort, you may not need a Universal Guest Assistance pass. Universal Orlando Resort is mostly accessible to guests needing assistance in a wheelchair or EVC, therefore, if your only concern is mobility, you might not qualify. Each Universal Guest Assistance pass is given out case-by-case, and you will have to advocate for yourself and your abilities within the theme park accommodations.

So, there is not a set list of requirements you have to meet to qualify for the Disability Pass for Universal Studios, because every case is different!

Universal Guest Assistance Pass For Virtual Lines

Universal Express Pass 2022

Universal Orlando Resort has been known to utilize the Virtual Queue system on days when crowds are higher and wait times are expected to be long. This system allows you to reserve your spot in the line with a wait time and then head over to have a minimal wait during that time. On days that the Virtual Queue system is being used for attractions, you will actually not use your Disability Pass at Universal Studios for those specific attractions Instead, you use the Virtual Line system to reserve your spot in the line, which will give you a return time to get onto the ride. Once at the attraction, you will show the Team Member your Virtual Queue return time and your AAP so you can gain access to the alternative entrance.

It is important to note that the Virtual Queue system varies by day, by attraction, so always check on the Universal Orlando app for Virtual Queues on the day of your visit.

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Attractions Rides And Shows Accessibility

For shows and events, designated wheelchair locations are marked for guests using wheeled mobile devices. These shows include:

  • DreamWorks Theater Featuring Kung Fu Panda
  • Special Effects Show
  • Universal’s Animal Actors Show
  • Walking Dead Show

Although the Studio Tours trams can accommodate manual wheelchairs, guests in ECVs must either transfer to a manual wheelchair or directly onto the tram itself. Again, NONE of the actual rides can accommodate the wheelchairs. Guests wanting to board the following attractions must transfer directly onto the ride:

  • Flight of the Hippogriff
  • Harry Potter the Forbidden Journey
  • Revenge of the Mummy

Final Thoughts On Universals Attraction Assistance Pass

I debated writing this article due to the personal subject matter, but decided that if this article helps even one family to enjoy a trip they otherwise thought impossible or too overwhelming, then this article has served its purpose. I hope by sharing our experience it gives realistic expectations to those who plan on using the AAP. It goes without saying, you should only use the AAP program if you or your loved one truly needs it. When programs like the AAP or DAS become frequently abused, it hurts those who truly need it. We would gladly exchange some of my childs life-long challenges and wait in a few long lines, however that is not an option for us. Using the AAP greatly improved the quality of our vacation and were thankful to Universal for maintaining this program for families like mine.

For more accessibility information visit Universals website:

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Get Ready For The Hot Seat

Rather than just handing out a AAP to anyone who asks, you will be asked several questions about your childs condition. If the disability is not visibly identifiable, this process may feel like youre being interrogated by the Men in Black. But you can rest assured, this process is in place to make sure you receive the appropriate type of assistance and to keep the program from being abused. Possible questions may be: How long is your loved one able to wait in line? Will your experience in the parks be impacted by the access, or lack of access, to the AAP?

Keep in mind, you should never be asked to identify a condition due to privacy laws. The questions are not intended to prove the existence of a disability, just to make sure your family has access to the appropriate level of assistance for a magical adventure in the parks. There is a second type of accessibility pass, the Guest Assistance Pass , which is offered on a very limited basis to those who qualify and acts similarly to a Universal Express Pass. Whether an AAP or GAP is issued, youll be provided with the pass which will then need to be shown at each ride, usually several times.

How Does The Attraction Assistance Pass Work At Universal Orlando

Universal Studios Florida ATTRACTION GUIDE – All Rides Shows – 2022 – Universal Orlando Resort

In a post-coronavirus world, Universal has worked to make waiting in line as minimal as possible in order to help facilitate social distancing. A big part of this is the utilization of Virtual Lines, a return-time reservation system, for every guest possible including those with disabilities.

This means that, if an attraction participates in the Virtual Line system, you will use it rather than your Attraction Assistance Pass. All other rides, meanwhile, will still take advantage of the pass.

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Universal Orlando: Complete Guide To Attraction Assistance For Special

Universal offers the Universal Orlando Resort Guide for Rider Safety and Accessibility for all guests to become familiar with attraction restrictions and requirements that are necessary for riding, as well as certain ride elements that not everyone may be able to enjoy . This guide not only covers those with disabilities but also provides information on height restrictions, restraint systems, and other topics that may be of use to visitors.

Note: the disability pass program described below is specifically intended for guests or their families who are visiting Universal with intellectual and select physical and learning disabilities. If that is not you, please return to our OI Center for over 300 other pages of vacation-planning information.

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Universal Studios Attraction Assistance Pass For Autism And How It Works

Get up close to the Transformers before boarding the ride, photo opps avaliable too.

Lights, Camera, Action! We finally made it to Universal Studios Hollywood! This was my daughters first time visiting and also our maiden voyage using the Attraction Assistance Pass . My daughter who is nine, has what would be referred to as high functioningAutism. We frequently use the other amusement parks disability systems, but this one I totally went in not knowing how we would fair. If you are wondering if your child with autism could benefit from their accommodations, I have a break down and some tips on getting you through the park while enjoying all the movie making magic to be had along the way.

First things first, visit Guest Relations located within the entrance of the park on the right. Express your concerns or limitations and if it is deemed their accommodations are a good fit for you, you will be issued one of 2 passes depended on your mobility. Both passes are good only for the day and will need to be reissued if returning another day. TIP: Keep your old one and this will make getting a new one much simpler on your next visit.

Universals Animal Actors: Show lenght 20 Min.

Bringing it home with the Frog Choir within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Auditory processing issues/Sensory issues: Here is where it can be an issue if your child has a real problem with either of there areas.

Studio Tour 50 Minutes Long and runs continuously throughout the day.

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How To Get The Guest Assistance Pass At Universal Orlando

Getting your Disability Pass for Universal Studios is a process that you can do right in the parks on the day of your visit. Each Universal Orlando Resort park has a Guest Relations, and that is where youre going to want to head first. Once at Guest Relations, you will be paired with a team member to discuss you or your family members accessibility needs such as sensitivity to loud noises or other circumstances that might not be suitable to wait in the standard queue. From there, the Team Member will make the decision if you qualify for the Universal Guest Assistance Pass.

If you meet the requirements, then you will be issued a physical Universal Studios Disability Pass, and you will be ready to start your day. Your pass will have a unique barcode with the guests name, date of use and amount of people in the party

Complete Guide To Universal Disability Pass 2023

Universal Express Pass 2022

Complete Guide to Universal Disability Pass 2023

Complete Guide to Universal Disability Pass 2023

This article is your complete guide to the Universal Studios Disability Pass, or also known as the Guest Assistance Universal Pass. Theme parks bring joy to millions of people a year, but can be very stressful and overwhelming to guests who live with a disability and are thinking of traveling to Orlando. Fortunately, theme parks have been modifying their attractions and offerings to be able to accommodate guests who require special assistance with their visit. The Universal Orlando Guest Assistance pass is one of the accommodations that guests can seek out today to make their theme park visit more accessible.

In this article we are going to tell you everything there is to know about Guest Assistance Pass at Universal Orlando, so keep reading!

We hope you find this post helpful. Our goal at The Park Prodigy has always been to help you save time and money on your next Universal Orlando vacation. This includes access to the cheapest Universal Orlando tickets, as well as FREE park plans to save up to three hours in the parks!

SPECIAL NOTE: If youre looking for the best time to visit Universal Orlando check out our Universal Crowd calendar!

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Do You Need A Doctors Note To Get The Universal Orlando Disability Pass

No, you do not need a doctors note or any proof of that matter of your disability to obtain a Disability Pass at Universal Studios Orlando. Which does not mean that everyone qualifies, because you will still need to provide adequate reasoning for needing one. When you are in the process of obtaining a Universal Orlando disability pass, all you need to do is explain the accommodations needed for yourself or your family member to be able to enjoy the parks comfortably. They will then determine if you qualify for Universal Studios disability pass and you can go from there.

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Universal Orlandos Medical Assistance Services

    While other theme park and entertainment companies offer âpassesâ for those with certain medical conditions , all companies are moving in a direction where assistance is offered rather than a âfreeâ pass. Weâre going to cover Universal Orlandoâs medical assistance policy here. Accessibility. Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure all have attractions that â¦

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For All Other Attractions

For all those rides that dont deploy Virtual Lines, the process looks a little like this:

  • Present your AAP to the greeter at the attraction that you would like to experience.
  • If the posted wait time is less than 30 minutes, you will be directed towards an alternative queue, which may be the Express Pass line, the rides exit, or, possibly, a different route.
  • If the posted wait time is 30 minutes or more, the employee will write in a specific time to return to that attraction on the reverse side of the pass.
  • Once it is your time to return, present your AAP to the team member at the ride, and you will be directed to the alternative-queue entrance.
  • After you have experienced the attraction, you may use your Attraction Assistance Pass to obtain a return time at another ride.

Note: you may only have one active AAP return-time reservation at a time. This means that, if you receive a reservation at one attraction, then choose to get a second reservation at another ride without having used your first, you forfeit the earlier reservation. You may, however, experience any attraction with a wait time of less than 30 minutes without losing your current reservation.

Do I Need A Doctors Note To Request A Disability Pass At Universal Orlando

The BEST things to do and eat in Universal Studios Japan 2022

No disability passes are issued on a case-by-case basis, and a doctors note or other proof of disability is not a requirement for these passes or for renting a wheelchair or ECV. You do not have to give Universal a diagnosis, but you will have to advocate for yourself and state the accommodations that would mitigate you or your family members experience in touring the parks. Even still, we continue to recommend that you carry something from your doctor about your disability or condition when traveling in the event of a medical emergency or loss of medications or supplies.

If you meet Universals requirements, you will be issued an Attraction Assistance Pass . This card contains a bar code for scanning at the rides and folds to fit into the pocket of a lanyard. If your special-needs child uses a stroller, make sure you request documentation in Guest Services to use the stroller as a wheelchair in the parks, which will allow you to take your stroller into the queues wherever they are accessible to wheelchairs.

Keep your Attraction Assistance Pass handy, because you will need to show it to the team member at the entrance of each attraction. Since these passes will have to be shown often, they were designed to fit in the convenient and easy-to-use standard plastic pockets of Universal lanyards that are worn by many guests.

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How Do I Contact Universal About My Specific Disability

In some circumstances, especially those involving complicated issues or if you just feel it would be difficult to discuss the situation while in an open lobby setting you might consider requesting the assistance of Guest Services in advance of your visit. Contact should be made within 30 days of your arrival date, either by phone or by sending an email to . Reaching out any time before the 30-day window risks any accommodations that are offered possibly not being available in the system when you arrive in the parks.

If you have purchased Express Passes or are staying at one of the Universal Orlando hotels that offer them as a perk in lieu of a disability pass, you will also need to request a Virtual Line reservation to nab a spot at Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, Pteranodon Flyers, or The Bourne Stuntacular .

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