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Assisted Living Options For People With Disabilities

CASS Housing helps adults with developmental disabilities

Seniors and people with disabilities often need supportive living options. When the time comes to start considering your options for assisted living, its easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of housing options. Not only are there different categories of assisted living to choose from, there are also a plethora of homes from which to choose. The right choice depends on a number of factors, including support needs, expense, and personal preference.

Once a home is chosen, theres still a significant barrier to overcome: figuring out how to pay for it. There are a number of different options, but its important to choose the option that will allow for comfortable living now, while also ensuring your resources arent used up too quickly.

This guide helps those searching for assisted living homes overcome the two main barriers: choosing a home and figuring out how to pay for it. In this guide, you will learn about the different types of assisted living homes, how to choose the right home for you, how to pay for that home, and state-specific resources to assist you in your search.

Care Coordinated With Medical Professionals

Assisted Living for Disabled adults cares at Optimum Personal Care. We understand that no two people with disabilities have the same challenges or needs. Some disabilities come in the form of physical limitations, while others are mental or emotional in nature. We furnish assisted living facilities for disabled adults with physicians and medical professionals to develop a care plan that serves the specific needs of your loved one.

We take a personal interest in helping each resident manage day-to-day requirements of their disability and, at the same time, help them preserve as much independence as possible.

Group Homes For Young Adults With Disabilities And Special Health Care Needs

A group home is one of the housing choices for young adults with disabilities and special health care needs. If you are interested in a group home for your child, this page has things to consider. A group home is not a fit for everyone. It can take a lot of work to find a good one.

It is a good idea to start thinking about your child’s future early, when they are still young. We have heard from parents and other experts that it is also a good idea to apply for benefits for your child, such as Medicaid and SSI disability benefits, as soon as you can. See our Transition to Adulthood section and our transition planning page for more help.

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Assisted And Independent Living For Young Adults With Disabilities

Here are some questions for your young adult to think about during this huge transition. You can also use these questions to begin a conversation.

  • Do I want to live entirely alone, and can I do that?
  • What kinds of support do I need to be able to live alone?
  • Do I want to live in a place that is very social with roommates and shared meals?
  • Would I like to live some place with supervised activities and more than 50 roommates living in groups in individual cottages?
  • Do I want to live in a situation where different parents buy or rent a group of apartments and their adult children live together?
  • Do I want to live with another family and be treated like a member of their family? Or do I just want to have a room there and be on my own?
  • Do I want to live with someone who does not have a disability or special health care needs or with someone who does?
  • Do I have a friend that I would like to live with?

Once you have discussed some of the choices, you can begin searching for a place.

Financial Aid For Group Home Residents

Housing opportunities for young adults on the autism spectrum at the Hub

There are a few different services out there that offer some financial aid for people who need placement in assisted living facilities. Some are only offered to lower-income families, while others are available to anyone looking for help.

  • Medicaid: Medicaid is a state program that covers medical bills and prescription payments for individuals with low-level income. It also provides financial help for long term disability placement for individuals diagnosed with a long term mental or physical illness. Although all states have their own sets of laws, most of them provide the same help and coverage.
  • SSI : SSI is a monthly payment given to adults who lost their income or cannot work themselves due to an injury or illness. This can be given to adults who were injured later in life and can no longer work or to someone who has always had a disability and cannot provide for themselves. The amount given can be anywhere up to $2,000.00 a month.
  • HUD: Also known as Section 8 Housing, this program is designed to allow low-income families or eligible families based on government guidelines to live in any Section 8 Housing-approved home or apartment for a monthly payment a provided voucher.
  • DAC and SSD: an hour

    Part-Time Aides

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    Determine The Type Of Group Home

    Define the type of group home you want to open. An assisted living facility might offer elderly residents meals and cleaning services whereas residential care homes do this plus assist with daily activities such as bathing and dressing. Group homes for developmentally disabled residents require trained staff to deal with potential outbursts or the challenges of living with a disability. Consider your area of expertise and interest before opening a group home.

    Foster Care Homes For Adults With Disabilities

    These families and their homes are approved and paid for by the state to offer housing and expenses for adults with disabilities who cannot live independently. This is most commonly a temporary residence for disabled people to become more acclimated to living independently and providing for themselves.

    Foster families are required to have education and experience in caring for those who are disabled in any way and/or are unable to care for themselves properly.

    These foster care homes are ideal for people who are uncomfortable living alone but do not have anywhere else to goand a traditional group home or facility is not an option.

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    How To Open A Group Home


    Group homes serve unrelated individuals who receive some level of personal or medical care in the facility. Whether services include medical, psychiatric or personal care assistance, group homes allow people to live with a level of autonomy while still having resources available if and when needed. Opening a group home requires adhering to all licensing requirements and passing the inspection and application process.

    Visit And Experience Respite Care Sugar Land Tx

    Life inside a community residence for the disabled

    We encourage you to visit our Senior Activity Center and experience Optimum Personal Care for yourself. If you are looking for a licensed assisted living community or Respite care in Sugar Land, Missouri City, or Southwest Houston, contact Optimum Personal Care today, schedule an onsite tour, and let us show you what makes our community so different.

    Schedule a Visit

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    Assisted Living For Disabled Adults Care: Sense Of Community

    Residents of similar abilities are grouped together to aid in camaraderie and foster a sense of community. Ultimately, we want each resident to feel safe, secure, and well taken care of without compromising their privacy, respect, or dignity.

    We offer a graduated level of care that allows seniors to age in place at our community. We adapt the services your loved one receives as their needs change. And since our pricing is all-inclusive, you pay one set price regardless of the level of care provided. Prices do not rise as additional care is required.

    In A Residential Facility

    Sometimes it’s not possible to live by yourself or with your family. In those cases, assisted living or a nursing home might be right for you. These facilities are professionally staffed businesses that provide different levels of care, depending on what you need.

    Assisted Living Facility

    If you choose to live in assisted living facility, you will usually have your own room or apartment. You can bring your things with you to make it feel like home. You will usually eat with others. Services might include:

    • Help bathing or getting dressed.
    • Someone to make sure you get your medicine.
    • Employees checking on you to make sure you are doing OK.
    How do People Pay for This?

    Two programs may pay for assisted living Community Based Alternatives and Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities. Not all facilities offer CBA and DBMD services.

    People who don’t qualify for one of those programs will need to use their own money or possibly long-term care insurance to pay for assisted living. You can learn more about long-term care insurance at

    Who Monitors Assisted Living?

    HHS licenses assisted-living facilities and inspects them once a year. The agency also looks into complaints made about facilities.

    Many times residents have access to a volunteer long-term care ombudsman who can help resolve issues. Ask the facility staff who your ombudsman is.

    Learn More

    Nursing Home

    Learn More

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    Where Do I Find A Group Home

    If you have a child with IDD, start with your local IDD authority . Find out more on the HHS IDD long-term care web page.

    If your child has the Medicaid Home and Community Services waiver, HHS has a way to search for HCS group homes with openings. Group homes and ICFs are licensed and inspected by Texas HHS.

    There are also private group homes. You can search online or connect with other parents for ideas.

    What Do Group Homes Cost

    Residential Assisted Living for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

    Group homes might be free to your child and family. Or they might cost a lot.

    Three things to know about group home costs:

    • If your child has the HCS waiver, they can live in a group home. HCS is the only waiver program that has and pays for group homes.
    • Waiver wait lists are long. It is important to get on one now to plan for your child’s future. If you are not sure what services your child will need, still get on a waiver interest list now to have more choices later.
    • Group homes cost a lot if you pay on your own. The estimated cost is $2000 or more per month.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Live In A Group Home

    Each group homes cost will differ by location, type of residence, and the degree of help needed. With that said, the annual cost will range somewhere between $60,000 to $120,000, with an average cost of $77,750 a year for a full-time help facility, with skilled nursing homes costing more towards the higher end, and assisted living or personal care being a much less expensive option.

    Although that may seem a bit steep, it is essential to understand exactly what a group home has to offer your child. Each facility is set up for a specific-needs group. For example:

    • There are group homes designed for individuals with disabilities who need assistance with daily self-care like washing and eating.
    • There are group home residences with aides that come in a few times a day to help with things like cooking, cleaning, and medication distributions, but the residents will take care of themselves the rest of the time.

    The following section covers the various types of group homes and what you can expect to pay to have your adult child live there:

    Write A Business Plan

    The application process requires you to demonstrate a clear plan for how you will serve the residents, keep them healthy and safe, and enrich their lives. Your business plan states who you are and why you are the person to run this company. It defines the market and explains how you will attract new residents. Develop budgets that include income and expenses projected for five to seven years into the future.

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    Disabled Adults Care: Homes Meet All Ada Requirements

    Each of the personal care homes in the Optimum Personal Care community is elder friendly and meets all ADA requirements.

    We encourage you to visit our community and experience Optimum Personal Care for yourself. If you are looking for a licensed assisted living for disabled adults or personal care home in Sugar Land, Missouri City or Southwest Houston, contact Optimum Personal Care today, schedule an onsite tour, and let us show you what makes our community so different.

    Lifelong Service And Support

    Denton living facility for people with disabilities tests 140 residents for COVID-19

    Families in our community desire for their loved ones to live successful, independent, meaningful lives. This is where CHAI comes in. We provide accommodation in one of our group homes for adults with intellectual disabilities. We can also provide quality, hands-on services if they choose to remain at home. Community Homes for Adults, Inc. has made it its mission to acquire the financial and human capital needed to support and ensure success for those adults in our community with intellectual disabilities. We wrap our services and resources around them so our society focuses on their abilities and strengths.

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    Resources For Finding Affordable Group Homes

    Finding helpful resources and communities is a great way to help you financially prepare to place an adult child into a group home. Many non-profit organizations or online help groups will give you advice and tips on how to cut down on the cost of group homes or assisted living facilities.

    Finding non-profit organizations is as simple as online research. The internet is a great resource to narrow down your searches in local and nationwide programs designed to help you in specific areas and personal needs.

    Aside from helping you find programs to help fund group home costs, these organizations and communities are a great way to connect with other families in the same situation you are in, offering support and personal views, opinions, and experiences to help you along your own journey. Having a support system in place can make transitioning your adult child into a group home that much easier.

    Planning Your House Hunting

    • You can get ready to find the right housing by doing some homework on your childs finances and the funding changes that will happen at age 18 on our Funding and Services page. Be sure to factor in any money from state and federal sources, especially the waiver programs that give financial help for housing.
    • Take advantage of transition help offered by your childs teacher while your child is still in school.
    • Connecting with other parents who have children a few years older than your child can help you see what tips they have to offer and what lessons theyve learned on existing challenges.
    • Talk to your childs case manager, if they have one. The case manager can keep you current on any benefits you might not be aware of. If your child does not have a case manager, you can ask your childs health insurance provider or call Medicaid about case management services.
    • Call Texas HHSC, and they will usually call back within 24 hours and give you information on group homes and what kind of services or supports your young adult can use to be more independent.

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    What Is A Group Home

    A group home is a place where a small group of people live together. Residents are usually on the same daily schedule. There are different types of group homes for children, adults and older adults with different needs.

    Staff at the group home can help with your child’s needs, including:

    • Building relationships
    • And other parts of daily life

    If your child has an intellectual or developmental disability , Texas Health and Human Services has a web page with more information on long-term care, like group homes and intermediate care facilities .

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