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Speak With A Professional

Helping people with disabilities find jobs

While there are plenty of programs for disabled Americans that offer financial assistance, benefits and resources, sometimes theyre not enough or difficult to access. If you cant get benefits that youre eligible for, you may want to speak with a disability lawyer, Social Security lawyer or other disability advocate. A disability lawyer or other disability advocate will assess your situation for free, and only charge you if they take on your case.

If you need financial assistance, a nonprofit credit counselor can help you create a budget and review your finances. Many people who have trouble making ends meet max out their credit cards, and a nonprofit credit counselor, at no cost, can help sort out the best debt-relief options for your situation. You may qualify for a nonprofit debt management program that consolidates your bills and lowers your interest rates, providing another financial resource that may help if youre living with a disability.

American Council Of The Blind

Mail: 1155 15th Street, NW Suite 1004 Washington, DC 20005

An information referral and advocacy agency with 51 state and regional affiliates and 21 national special interest and professional affiliates. Goals include legislative advocacy, improvement of educational and rehabilitation facilities, empowerment and public education.

Federation For Children With Special Needs

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you need to know about the Federation for Children With Special Needs. They place tremendous value on the positive power of parents to shape their childrens lives. They aim to empower, inform, and educate parents with the information and resources they need to navigate education and public policy that affects their children.

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Agrability: Cultivating Independence For People With Disabilities In Agriculture

In December 2010, Carey Portells life shattered when a drunk driver collided head-on with her vehicle on Route 66, a few miles from her St. James, Missouri, home. She suffered a fractured pelvis, crushed right ankle and dislocated left foot.

The following information originally appeared in AgrAbility: 30 Years of Impact.

After undergoing two surgeries, Portell remembers waking up to hear her eight-year-old son saying, Thank you for staying alive, Mom. When I looked down, my legs were in external fixators, said Portell. I knew it was bad, but I had no clue how long or how hard my recovery would be. Limited to wheelchair use for almost two years, it was four years before she walked again without support. She had 10 subsequent operations, fusing the joints in her ankles and bones in her pelvis.

In 2014, Portell attended a University of Missouri conference for women in agriculture where she met Missouri AgrAbility Director Karen Funkenbusch. Funkenbusch contacted the state Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and encouraged Portell to apply to become a client. With help from Missouri AgrAbility and VR, she received funding to buy a Polaris Ranger UTV with an automatic feeder attached.

Easterseals: Lifespan Support For Individuals With Disabilities

Organization helping people with disabilities!

Easterseals was founded in 1919 by Edgar Allen to overcome the lack of medical care available to people with disabilities. An issue that he personally experienced after his son was involved in a fatal streetcar accident. Today, Easterseals serves the needs of adults with disabilities through job training and various other support services.

Their impact and transparency ratings:Charity Navigator gives Easterseals a score 85 out of 100 for finance and accountability. Easterseals holds the GuideStar Silver seal of transparency.

All abilities. Limitless Possibilities.


What they do: Easterseals provides essential services and on-the-ground support to individuals of all ages living with disabilities. Adult services include medical rehabilitation, vocational training and support, veteran services, and day programs. Easterseals also works to shape public perception of disability through education, policy, and advocacy initiatives.

What theyve achieved: Each year, Easterseals helps more than 1.5 million people with disabilities.Since 2003,their annual fundraiser, Walk With Me, has generated nearly $41 million across 615 events and 230,000 participants. Easterseals was also a leading advocate for the Americans with Disabilities Act back in 1990, actively lobbying in Washington and throughout the US to get this act passed.

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Join Our Fight For Equal Rights For All

The Arc fights every day to protect civil rights and access to vital programs, such as Medicaid, for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities . But we cant do it alone! We need the help of people with IDD, their families, and allies of the cause.

Sign up today to receive updates on our movement, take action, and make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

Find Out If Youre Eligible For An Able Account

  • To be the designated beneficiary of the account, you must be blind or have a medical disability that occurred before the age of 26.
  • You may open only one ABLE account.
  • You dont have to open an account in the state where you live. ABLE accounts are not currently available in every state. However, you can open one in any state with an active ABLE program. Find out which state has the best program for you.

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Texas Parent To Parent

TxP2P connects parents of children with disabilities, chronic illness, and/or special health care needs so they can support one another. They provide a variety of support groups, education and training opportunities across the state where peers can discuss the new responsibilities and emotions that families face in caring for a child with special health care needs.

Apply For A Service Animal

Nonprofit organization helps people with disabilities get work

If you are thinking about getting a service animal, first contact your medical provider. Find out if your disability is covered under the ADA and whether you need a service animal. Your doctor can help provide medical documentation and find a training program. You can also explore a list of service animal programs online. Before deciding on a program, make sure you research each organization carefully.

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National Disability Rights Network

The National Disability Rights Network is the nonprofit membership organization for the federally mandated Protection and Advocacy Systems and the Client Assistance Programs for individuals with disabilities. P& As and CAPs work to improve the lives of people with disabilities by guarding against abuse advocating for basic rights and ensuring accountability in health care, education, employment, housing, transportation, and within the juvenile and criminal justice systems. Collectively, the network is the largest provider of legally based advocacy services to people with disabilities in the United States.

Attending college is a daunting process for millions of college students. Connecting and reviewing resources can decrease the ambiguity of navigating a college campus. Review the resources below.

Great Disability Organizations That Are Not Certified Non

27. Disabled Parents Rights is another one. Disabled Parents Rights is a small organization dedicated to combating discrimination that impacts parenting for parents with disabilities. We provide direct representation, advocacy, and technical assistance to disabled parents, as well as their advocates and attorneys. As a deaf mother , this hits home.

28. The Disability Visibility Project Alice Wong is doing fantastic work with the #CripTheVote project and in gathering people across the disability spectrum under her fold. That project isnt certified but its very worthy, and something worth contributing to. Heres where you can donate.

There are also some very deserving disability-specific and parent-led organizations out there. Heres a short list of a few that I have connections to:

29. Lettercase: Ive loved them forever You know why? Because I was once literally sitting at a table with a doctor telling me that ) should abort my unborn child because she was going to be coming with Down syndrome. When I asked him for more information about lives lived with Down syndrome a brochure? meet someone? See what Down syndrome is like? The doctor said, we dont do that.

Lettercase is trying to change that all-too-common scenario by putting accurate and up-to-date information in the hands of medical practitioners. Its fabulous and very worthy of your money. Donate here.

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The Disability Organizations Doing The Best Work These Days

This is a list of the best disability organizations that is, organizations doing great work with disability. It is updated from an original 2018 list.

This is a handy list to have for Giving Tuesday, or if you want to connect with a great organization for an internship, do research on what leaders in the disability community are doing, or just to find out about some exciting organizations.

There are a lot of disability organizations out there that do strong work.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but its a good starting point, if you want to find non-profits to financially support, to research or work for.

I am dividing the list by those disability organizations that are certified non-profits, and those that are not.This is only for donation purposes you will get a tax write-off for any money that you donate to a certified non-profit.

Here are some more organizations that I think are fantastic, and that are 501 3s:

In This Post You Will Find:

Learn What Service Animals Do

Organization helping people with disabilities!

Common tasks include:

  • Guiding a person who is blind
  • Alerting someone who is deaf
  • Aiding and protecting a person who is having a seizure
  • Alerting a person with diabetes or high or low blood sugar
  • Assisting someone in a wheelchair
  • Calming a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder during an anxiety attack

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The Arc: Respect Dignity And Inclusion

The Arc was founded in 1950 by a collective of parents who sought alternatives to institutionalization for their children with disabilities. Today, the charity remains dedicated to advocacy and inclusion for people with disabilities throughout their lifetimes.

Their impact and transparency ratings:Charity Navigator gives The Arc a 100% rating for finance and accountability. GuideStar gives the charity a gold rating for transparency. The Arc is also an accredited charity with the Better Business Bureaus Wise Giving Alliance.

We fight every day so no person with a disability gets left behind.

The Arc

What they do: As a disability rights organization, The Arc advocates for full inclusion for people with disabilities by working closely with policymakers at state and national levels. The charity also provides direct support to adults with disabilities through initiatives such as criminal justice, post-secondary education, employment, and future planning.

Ways to contribute: You can support The Arc by making a monetary donation, creating your own fundraiser, donating physical items, or giving stock. You can also participate in advocacy efforts by voicing your support to Congress.

Unemployment Rate And The Disabled

The employment rate for people with disabilities who are able to work has risen steadily since the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics began keeping track in 2008. By 2022, 37.6% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 65 with a disability were employed. .

Even so, it is still more difficult for those with disabilities to get a job than those without.

The BLS reports:

  • The unemployment rate for those between 16 and 64 in the labor force with a disability was 7.9% in September 2022 the unemployment rate for those without a disability was 3.6%.
  • Some 3.6% of the total U.S. workforce of 148,048,000 between ages 16-64 has a disability.
  • Persons with a disability are more likely to be employed part-time because of business climate or self-employed than those with no disability.
  • Persons with a disability are more likely to work in service occupations, production, transportation and materials moving, and less likely to work in management, professional, and related occupations.

The BLS defines a disability as:

  • Deaf or serious difficulty hearing blind or serious difficulty seeing even with glasses

As well as serious difficulty:

  • Concentrating, remembering, making decisions because of a physical, mental, or emotional condition
  • Walking or climbing stairs
  • Dressing or bathing
  • Doing errands alone such as visiting a doctors office or shopping because of a physical, mental, or emotional condition

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United Cerebral Palsy: Independence And Productivity For All

United Cerebral Palsy was founded in 1949 by Leonard and Isabelle Goldenson to improve the quality of life for children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, and to provide their families with a network of support. Today, United Cerebral Palsy assists hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities to live as independently and productively as possible.

Their impact and transparency ratings:Charity Navigator gives United Cerebral Palsy a 100% rating for Finance and Accountability. GuideStar gives the charity a gold rating for transparency.

Life without limits for people with disabilities.

United Cerebral Palsy

What they do: United Cerebral Palsy utilizes their network of affiliates throughout the US to provide services and support to people with disabilities in their own communities. These services include employment, health and wellness, and housing. The charity also promotes inclusivity through public advocacy and disability etiquette education.

What theyve achieved: United Cerebral Palsy advances research, public policy advocacy, and direct services for people with disabilities with their $750 million annual budget. The charitys network includes 58 local affiliates throughout the US and Canada, helping about 155,000 people with disabilities annually. For example, in 2020, their Bellows Fund provided $654,988 to individuals with disabilities to aid in procuring assistive technology equipment.

Disability Organizations That Are Are Certified Non

We See You: Organization helps people with disabilities find work

1. DREDF which is always at the top of my list, as it goes across the disability spectrum, helping to protect all of us with disabilities.

2. Portlight: These are the good people who are behind disaster relief efforts. Your direct donation makes a direct difference.

3. ADAPT: Make no mistake about it: the disabled activists from ADAPT and their partner groups are the ones who saved Medicaid last year. The work they do is powerful, life-changing and absolutely necessary.

4. a. DeafHope: Domestic Violence shelters are not often accessible to d/Deaf women: they are based through the telephone. DeafHope helps d/Deaf survivors of domestic abuse get help.

b. Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates: Super awesome. Check it out.

5. Yo! Disabled and Proud: Love, love, love them and their work, empowering youth with disabilities. They have a rad store too .

6. Disability Rights Advocates: These guys are wonderful. They are the ones who sued Target over access and won.

7. HEARD Helping to Educate and Advance the Rights of the Deaf Their mission to help facilitate communication between the d/Deaf/hard of hearing community and the justice system. They are also committed to d/Deaf prisoners, correcting wrongful convictions and ending deaf prisoner abuse.

8. ASAN Autistic Self-Advocacy Network an American organization by and for Autistic adults advocating for systems change and ensuring that the voices of Autistics are heard .

15. WID: World Institute on Disability

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Consortium For Citizens With Disabilities

This coalition of national organizations works together to advocate for federal public policy that ensures the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of society. The CCD has been responsible for recommending public policy changes in areas like healthcare accessibility and fiscal rights for individuals with disabilities.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance is emergency health insurance for those who cant work because of a disability and have not paid into the Social Security system. A doctors written statement may help an application. There are several forms to fill out, and it may be helpful to hire a disability lawyer to receive the benefits .

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Experts Are Available To Help You In Your Job Search

It would be living in denial or even plain unfair if one says that the struggles of job hunt is the same for everyone. Letâs face it, the difficulties of finding a job is not the same for people with disabilities. While there are quite a few challenges, the biggest one is the stigma associated with differently abled people. Employers or people assume theyâre incapable of performing tasks, leave alone the efficiency, which means theyâre apprehensive to even give them a chance. This apprehension stems from lack of awareness about the tools available, incorrect perception and unwillingness to make the workplace more inclusive. But it is important to note that there are always exceptions. There are companies and organizations that are open to hiring people for their skillset and look beyond their disabilities. This means that you have to keep applying and not give up!

Job search can be daunting. How about getting some career advice or assistance from experts? We have listed 6 organizations or companies which we believe will be of great help to you in your job search. They are as follows:

i. CTalents : Ctalents supports young professionals who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or visually impaired in finding paid work, in the Netherlands. They act as a link between employers and job seekers with a sensory challenge.

List Of Government And Disability Organizations

Organization helping people with disabilities!

Published: 2011-04-19 – Updated: 2022-04-18Author: Disabled World | Contact: Disabled World Peer-Reviewed Publication: N/AAdditional References:Foundations and Nonprofits Publications

Synopsis:List of Government, NGO’s and disability organizations that provide help, support, and assistance for persons with disabilities. The Disabled World list of disability organizations also includes charities and advocacy groups providing services to people with disability. Easter Seals is an international organization providing advocacy, education, outreach, and services for people living with ASD’s as well as other disabilities.

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