My Instagram Account Was Disabled


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Lack Of Account Activity

How to Get your Disabled Instagram Account Back (2022)

On the flip side, Instagram can also disable your account if there is a lengthy period of no activity. While they do not place a specific time frame on this, if your account has been dormant for a significant amount of time, they may decide to disable it, assuming that its no longer in use. The good news is that they are more likely to reinstate your account on appeal if it was disabled for this reason.

How To Remove A Limited Temporary Block

This kind of block is similar to the temporary block and usually happens when there is a heavy activity of liking, commenting photos, or following people. Here you wont be completely blocked out as you can see other peoples uploads and even DM them. However, you just cant go around liking and commenting on other peoples posts or even follow some new people online.

To get rid of this block, just wait for a few days. In most cases, it is a 24-hour block, but depending on the activity, it can be of a longer time frame too. You can contact Instagram if you feel you are being blocked for no reason at all, but it is better to just wait a couple of days out. If the block persists for a long time, then appeal to Instagram about it and ask them to lift the ban. If you are not using any Auto liker or something like that, you should receive notification from Instagram soon, saying that your ban is lifted.

Instagram can be a platform to earn money, but violating its terms of usage is not the way to go about things. Just use Instagram in the way that it is meant to be used, and you will be free from any future account blocks from Instagram.

Why Was My Ig Account Disabled

Even if your account is reinstated, you may never find out exactly why it was deactivated. Reasons may include:

  • You have multiple intellectual property violations.
  • You repeatedly shared fraudulent or misleading content.
  • You bought likes or fake followers.
  • You used violent or offensive language.
  • You used a third-party tool to automatically follow users or leave likes and comments.
  • You were automatically banned by accident.

This guide does not apply to users who intentionally deleted their accounts. If you delete your account, you only have 30 days to get it back.

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How Long Does Instagram Disable Your Account

It depends on the situation and why your Instagram account got disabled. However, in most cases, Instagram account recovery takes just a few days. Sometimes, it can take a few weeks.

In all cases, do not get discouraged. Be patient and persistent. If disabling your Instagram account was a mistake, you will be able to recover it. However, if you have repeatedly violated Instagrams terms and guidelines, you might lose your account permanently.

The sooner you react to the disabled account incident, the quicker it will get resolved. That is why you should contact Instagram as soon as you discover that your account has been disabled. If you do not get an answer, do not give up. Try sending Instagram your complaint or inquiry over and over again.

Many incidents do not get resolved from the first appeal. However, once you receive a reply from Instagram, the issue usually gets fixed quickly. In general, most appeals get resolved within 72 hours. Meanwhile, do not forget to check your e-mail inbox and also junk mail. The Instagram team might contact you there to provide more details about the incidents. They can also send you a rejection for your request, which you can appeal.

Scraping Account Information And User Data

My Instagram Account was Disabled

Mostly Internet Marketers will be affected by this one as it is more technical. involves obtaining data and information from websites or APIs for use by other programs.

In this case, accounts found doing so excessively will have their accounts permanently disabled for violating Instagrams Terms of Use. Instagram API access is restricted to a select group of developers and companies in order to prevent account suspension.

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Error: Confirm Your Account To Request A Review

Some people get this error when filling out the appeal form for their disabled Instagram account.

Confirm your account to request a reviewGo to Instagram and confirm its you before requesting a review

Nowadays Im seeing this problem a lot and many people are asking me the same question that I had to verify my Instagram account but I dont how would that be possible if I cant even log in

Well, I understand your pain, and sorry to say that theres no solution to this error. This is like a technical bug.

How To Recover An Instagram Account

Instagram has a published list of their Community Guidelines so you can check if your account m,ay have fallen foul to any of these.

If you dont see a disabled message, you may be experiencing a login issue. If your account was deleted by you or someone with your password, theres no way to restore it, the guidance reads.

However, this information may prove inconsequential. Instagram is likely to reinstate all of the suspended accounts if they havent broken the guidelines.

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How To Recover Instagram Account If Youve Been Hacked

If the page is hacked, the bad people probably have already changed the main account data the number and email. Then, you receive a letter about that. IG account recovery described above wont work, approach the support team.

Contact the support and describe your problem. We wrote how to contact Instagram customer service here. In the section Cant Log in, choose I think my Instagram account has been hacked, there you can find detailed directions.

The support team will ask you to send a video to make sure its you. You may also be asked about the mail or phone you used when signed up.

If you have a commercial account, the confirmation will need more serious proof, like your company chapter. If you have a commercial account, but it is not switched to a Professional, retrieve it as a Personal.

If your account was not only hacked, but also deactivated, use this form for IG account recovery.

The support may reply in a few days, or may be months, and also may not reply at all. It depends on the load the staff has and on your account. For example, whether the community guidelines violations have ever been noticed in it. You can repeat the requests after some days. They are processed by real people. So some workers may respond quicker.

Complete The Form And Submit It

Instagram Account Disabled how to get back | How to Recover Disabled Instagram Account (Reactivate)

After youve scrolled down the form, youll see an Attachment and a Declaration section.

In the Attachment section, you can upload the content that was taken down by mistake.

The accepted file formats are JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and PDF.

Next, you need to confirm that you wish to submit the form.

To do so, select My content was removed due to a violation of Instagrams Terms of Use, and I believe the content should not have been removed.

Then, enter your full name in the Electronic signature field.

Lastly, tap on Send to submit the form.

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Copyrighted Material And Copyright Infringement

For many of the accounts out there, this makes it the number one account. Reposting a post or story that was posted by another user can be enough if you only take their post or story and repost it. I agree with you that the same thing applies to using music in your videos for which a license is required.

Instagram is always monitoring what their users upload and post on their platform and who is blatantly copying what they are doing from others on the platform. This offense, which can be punished in a variety of ways, may result in an Action Block, temporary disabling of the account, or even a permanent deactivation or ban of the account.

There is no guarantee that your content will not be found by the Instagram algorithm. Instagram will be notified of any copyright infringement if the original author does not agree with your copy. It is likely that the account or content will be taken down once the user provides enough proof to support his claim.

What Happens When I Temporarily Disable My Instagram

It is important to understand that once your Instagram account is disabled, it will disappear from the publics view. Your account is still accessible and you can still access your posts by logging in to your account. The only way you can disable your account for good is to delete it. This will be the only way you can do it.

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What Have Instagram Users Been Saying

At the time of writing, many Instagram users continue to report about the issue and said that havent been able to return to their accounts.

One Twitter user wrote: Instagram, whats happening?? My account got suspended for no reason I did not violate any community guidelines, and when I try to verify the code its giving me a loading error.

Another user wrote: Same thing happened here, entered the security code and all. The number that was linked to my account is now linked to someone elses and when I tried to regain access it just sent a recovery mail to a completely different email address.

Is anybody else getting randomly suspended from Instagram? someone else asked. My account just got suspended all of sudden for no reason. It told me to enter my phone number for a code but I never got that code.

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Why Did Instagram Deactivate Your Account

Instagram Disabled Your Account For No Reason

To get your Instagram account back, you need to understand why it was disabled in the first place. Instagram can close your account for various reasons. However, when you try to log in, you will only get a warning message that your account has been disabled. Instagram will not mention any reasons or details that could help you understand.

In general, Instagram disables accounts for violating the Terms of Use or Terms of Service . That is why you need to make yourself familiar with Instagrams ToS and Community Guidelines. This will help you avoid getting your Instagram account deactivated in the future. Repeated violations can get your Instagram account permanently removed.

Things like posting illegal activities, hate speech, nudity, or graphic violence are reasons for getting your Instagram account disabled. You should not also post content that is protected by copyright. If it gets reported, you will face the risk of having your Instagram account disabled.

Taking a fake identity or using third-party software to increase your followers and likes is also prohibited. It will get your Instagram account banned. In short, any activity that Instagram AI-powered algorithm finds odd can get your account suspended.

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Recover Your Account By Submitting Appeal Forms

  • Fill out the first form by following this link. Fill in all the details such as your full name, email address, mobile number, and Instagram ID, as well as an explanation as to why you think your account has been disabled by mistake.
  • Fill out the second form by following this link. Select your account type whether it is used to represent a business or not. Keep in mind if you select yes, you will have to prove that you are a legitimate business by uploading relevant documents.

How To Appeal To Reactivate Disabled Instagram Account

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Love using Instagram? If yes, losing your Instagram might turn out to be a nightmare for you. You might feel disconnected from the world as you realize your Instagram account was disabled. Dont worry calm down for a moment and accept that your Instagram account is no longer accessible and you can submit an appeal form to reactivate the disabled Instagram account.

At this moment, you are looking for ways to enable the disabled Instagram account. There might be several reasons for Instagram to disable your account. The reasons could be the effect of violating their terms of use or a technical/human error at Instagrams end.

Dont stress yourself we at GeekDashboard will show you how to reactivate a disabled Instagram account. This guide will show you how to appeal to Instagram to reactivate your Instagram account.

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What To Do When An Account Is Disabled

The first thing to make sure is that the Instagram account is actually disabled. For example, being unable to log into an Instagram account doesn’t automatically mean the account was disabled. Instead, the user could simply be dealing with a login problem. The best way to see if this is the case is to use the forgot password option to try and regain access to the account. To be clear, if the account is disabled, the user will be presented with an actual warning message confirming the account has been disabled when attempting to log in.

In this case, the user will need to appeal the decision. Although this might be a time-consuming process, it is easy enough to do. In fact, once the user clicks on the Learn More button displayed in the warning message, they will be provided with direct instructions on the problem and what needs to be done. If the user feels that the account is deactivated by mistake, then they can actually use this form to appeal the decision. They will need to include their full name, email address, phone number, and Instagram handle, along with the reason why the account was incorrectly disabled. However, it is worth noting this latter option is only for accounts that have been deactivated by mistake, and not for accounts that are determined to be in breach of Instagrams guidelines.

How To Restore A Disabled Account On Instagram

Fix Instagram Your Account has been Disabled for violating our terms Problem Solved

by Luis Da Silva Costa | Nov 23, 2020 | News

Lately Instagram is disabling many individual or community accounts , for apparently no reason. Causes remain really unclear. We are aware that Facebook has been fighting for some years now against bots producing fake likes, ghosts followers and the effects of the viralization of fake news too. They have published several articles on the subject. They also announced last summer several measures on authenticity on their official Instagram page.

But be careful!! This article does not deal with stolen accounts by hackers!!! In that case you should check our previous article about .

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How To Recover A Disabled Instagram Account

Is your Instagram account disabled for no reason?

Or did you violate one or more of Instagrams community guidelines?

Either way, you need to recover your disabled Instagram account.

Otherwise, you may lose access to it permanently.

Instagram is known to disable accounts by mistake.

Even so, you need to go through the same process to get your Instagram account back as those who violated Instagrams guidelines.

In this guide, youll learn how to get back, restore, or recover a hacked/disabled Instagram account.

Youll also learn how long it takes to get a disabled account back, and why is Instagram disabling accounts.

How You Can Avoid Getting Your Instagram Account Disabled

In our Instagram Guides, we’ll look at Instagram, explain its features both new and old, and show you how to get the most out of the platform for your marketing strategy. Today: How you can avoid getting your Instagram account disabled.

When you start your Instagram account, you need to invest a lot of time, lifeblood, and money to build a noteworthy community.

It is all the worse when you open your Instagram and discover that the platform has disabled your account. But if you follow a few simple rules, you can easily avoid getting your account disabled.

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Enter Your Contact Information

Once youre on the form, you need to tap on I understand and wish to continue.

The form is for accounts that have been disabled due to intellectual property violations, sharing fraudulent content, or sharing misleading content.

Keep in mind that you may not receive a response if your account was disabled for any other reason.

The form contains multiple fields including Your name, Email address, Your Instagram username, and more.

Firstly, you need to provide your contact information.

Enter your name in the Your name field and your email address in the Email address field.

Please enter the same email address that youve used to create your Instagram account.

What To Do First To Regain Control Of Your Instagram Account

Instagram Account Disabled? Hereâs How I Reactiavated my Account in 37 ...

The first thing to do is check for an email from Instagram stating that the email tied to your account has been changed. This is the easiest way for hackers to take control of your account. However, if you can find the email, you can reverse the action immediately.

If you cant find the email, there is one more option to fix it before its too late. You can request a login link to be sent to your phone number instead of the hackers email address. At the login screen, tap Get help signing in or Forgot password? . You can then enter your phone number to have a temporary login link sent. Follow the instructions from there to regain access.

If this restores access to your account, immediately change your password and revoke access given to any third-party apps. You may also find that you are now following some new accounts. Dont worry about that until after your account has been secured. Youll have plenty of time to unfollow them after securing your account.

When all else fails, you can still report the hacked account to regain access. Do this by following the steps below, and again, dont be afraid to be persistent.

  • On the login screen, tap Get help signing in or Forgot Password? .
  • Enter your username, email address, or phone number, and tap Next.
  • Tap Need more help? and follow the on-screen instructions.

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