How To Unlock Disabled Ipad Without Itunes For Free


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What Is Passfab Iphone Unlocker

Unlock Disabled iPad Easily 2021 Fixed | without iTunes

PassFab iPhone Unlocker is a program that will allow users to fix a disabled iPad or iPhone when they cannot use the passcode set for their Apple device.

Maybe you have more than one iPad or iPhone, or youve just purchased a used iPad, and the previous owner didnt wipe it properly, or maybe the screen has broken. Whatever the case, PassFab iPhone Unlocker will allow you to unlock your device without the need to enter a passcode.

Additionally, if you need to bypass Screen Time or Remote Management, then PassFab iPhone Unlocker will allow you to do so as well. The software works with Windows and Mac, and it supports the latest iOS versions and devices.

How To Backup Up A Disabled Ipad Before Resetting It

You will ask how to back up my disabled iPad before unlocking it? Youll learn a hard lesson here you wont save your data with a disabled iPad. However, you can restore your iPad from the previous backups after unlocking it. Apple has designed the function here to protect your data to prevent the brute force of your passcodes. Also, this has brought trouble for users who lock their own iPads.

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Why Is Your Ipad Disabled

When you enter the incorrect passcode six times continuously, your iPad will be locked for one minute. If you try again, it will lock itself for 5 minutes. And the 8th wrong attempt will disable itself for 15 minutes. Then the 10th for one hour.

At this moment, if you enter the wrong passcode once again, your iPad will become disabled forever with a message prompts on the screen, “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes”.

What’s worse, if you have allowed it to erase your device content after ten failed attempts, you will also lose data from your iPad, which can be problematic. Luckily, you can restore the iPad without iTunes by following the instructions below.

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Bonus: How To Protect Your Iphone From Being Unlocked By Others

It is very easy to unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes, so it is a good idea to put extra measures to make sure nobody is able to unlock your disabled/locked iPhone when the device is lost or stolen. Here are some of the security measures you can add to your iPhone:

  • Disable Siri from your lock screen, then nobody will be able to access Siri from your lock screen. All you need to do is, go to Settings, click on “Touch ID & passcode”, then scroll down to “Allow access when locked” and disable the Siri option.
  • At times you might forget to turn on the Find My iPhone feature on your phone. To turn it on, go to your phone’s Settings, click on iCloud, then turn on Find My iPhone feature. Also turn on “Send last location” feature next to Find My iPhone.
  • You can also secure your iPhone by adding an alphanumeric password. To do this, go to your phone’s Settings, click on “Touch ID and Passcode”, then click “Change passcode” and select “Custom alphanumeric code”. Enter a strong alphanumeric passcode that will enhance the security on your phone.

Unlock Disabled Ipad Via Find My Iphone App

How to Unlock A Disabled iPhone Without iTunes

Another effective method is to use the Find My iPhone application. The process for unlocking your disabled iPad through this method is very similar to the previous one. The most notable difference is that you will need to have an iPhone available with the Find My iPhone app installed. This application requires a device with iOS 8 or later.

The process for completing this task through the Find My iPhone app is the following:

On your iPhone, launch the Find My iPhone app.

Log into it using your Apple ID and your password logged on the disabled iPad.

Once you log in, go to Devices section and you will see a list of all your connected devices.

Locate your disabled iPad, and then, tap the Erase iPad button.

After this step, you will see a new window where you have to confirm your option by tapping the Erase button. Your iPad will restart as a normal device and you can proceed to restore its data from the latest backup.

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Fix Ipad Disabled Error Via Itunes

Apart from acting as a great music player and file managing platform for your Apple device, iTunes also offers great help in unlocking your disabled iPad.

To recover your iPad through iTunes, it must be entered into recovery mode and then connected to a PC or Mac.

Recovery mode is a fail-safe procedure that allows you to fix several serious problems with the iPad with the help of a computer.

Putting your device into recovery mode requires neither your Apple ID nor password and can help in updating, restoring, or completely erasing a device.


  • You must have a PC or a Mac available with you.
    • For PC users, it is mandatory to use Windows 8 or higher versions and download the latest iTunes version.
    • For Mac users having macOS Catalina or the latest version, open Finder Window.
    • For Mac users with macOS Mojave or older, install the current version of iTunes.


  • Start by turning off your iPad.
    • If it is without the Home button, then hold the top button and one of the volume buttons until the power off slider appears.
    • In the case of the iPad with a Home button, press and hold the top button to switch it off.
  • Once your device is powered off, press and hold the power button or home button of the respective devices while you connect your iPad immediately to your Mac or PC without letting go of it. You have to hold that button until you find the recovery mode screen on the device.
  • Recovery Mode

    Restore iPad via iTune

  • Then Click Restore and Update.
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    As we want to learn how to unlock your disabled iPhone 13/12/11/X etc, it is equally essential to consider the main factor that can make your iPhone or iPad disabled. They become disabled or unavailable when you enter the wrong password several times in a row. You will get a message that says “iPhone unavailable“, “Security lockout” or iPhone is disabled and cannot use the device until you have unlocked it.

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    Tips To Prevent Ipad From Being Unlocked By Thieves

    So by using the above solutions, your iPad can be unlocked easily. However, what if your iPad has been lost or stolen by accident, how can you avoid your device being unlocked by others? Here are useful tips for you.

    1. Turn Off Siri: The thieve can use Siri method to unlock your iPad if you have disabled Siri from lock screen. To turn off Siri, you just have to go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, toggle off Siri in the section of “Allow access when locked”.

    2. Set A Strong Screen Password: Make sure that the password can not be easily guessed. Remember to use a more complicated password, but can be easy for you to remember. You can go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Change Passcode. Choose “Custom Alphanumeric Code”, and set a b passcode to improve security.

    3. Enable Find My iPhone: If Find My iPhone has been turned on, the activation lock will show up when unlocking iPad screen passcode. This will protect your iPad private information. You can go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone to enable Find My iPhone. Meanwhile, remember to enable “Send Last Location”.

    Option : How To Unlock Disabled Ipad With Itunes

    iPad is Disabled, Connect to iTunes? Unlock it without iTunes! 2021

    You will need your iPad, a computer, and a cable to connect them to unlock your iPad using this process.

    Connect your iPad to your computer using the lightning cable.

    Step 1. Put your iPad in recovery mode

    • iPad with Home button: Press and hold both the Home and the Top buttons at the same time. Keep holding them until the recovery mode screen appears.
    • iPad models that dont have a Home button: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Press and hold the Top button until your device begins to restart. Continue holding the Top button until your device goes into the recovery mode screen.

    Step 2: Factory reset iPad

    If you have a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15 or newer use Finder.

  • Open a Finder window on your Mac
  • If you have previously synced your iPad with the Mac you wont be asked for the passcode. Otherwise, you will be asked for the passcode so the Mac can be trusted. In these circumstances, you wont be able to use this method and you should try one of the others.
  • In the locations section on the left pane of the Finder click your iPad
  • When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore.
  • The Finder will download the latest software for your iPad. If it takes more than 15 minutes, your iPad will exit recovery mode and youll need to repeat the steps to go back into it again.
  • Choose the latest backup to restore to your device.
  • Your passcode will be removed and your data will be restored from the backup.
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    Unlock Your Disabled Ipad Via Mobitrix Lockaway Without Itunes

    Employing a third-party tool such as Mobitrix LockAway can make the entire process faster and simpler.

    Having an experience of over 10 years in the iPhone/iPad cracking scene, Mobitrix Lockaway only requires you to follow some simple steps, and chances are your iPad will be ready to use within 20 minutes.

    The best part about Mobitrix LockAway is that itâs not limited to a particular iPad or firmware version like other options on this list. It can be an all-in-one solution for most of your iOS disabled device problems. Additionally, all of this can be done without iTunes or iCloud.

    Here are some of the situations where Mobitrix LockAway can be an excellent choice to solve your problem:

    • You no longer remember your iPad passcode.
    • Several failed attempts led to the âiPad is disabled try again in X minute/ connect to iTunesâ problem.
    • Your Face ID wonât work due to a hardware failure.


  • You must have a Mac device available regardless of the system version.
  • Steps:

  • Launch the jailbreak tool checkra1n and click on the start button to jailbreak the locked iPhone or iPad.
  • Launch Checkra1n

  • As the jailbreak program is being installed on your device through checkra1n, make sure to keep the device connected until the entire process is completed. Also, donât operate or start the device for the time being.
  • After the program has been installed, you can connect your iPad to your Mac device.
  • Enter âiproxy 22 44â

    Delete âdeliphonepass.shâ file

    To Unlock Disabled Iphone Without Itunes Follow These Steps:

    Step 1: Download, install and caunch the iPhone Unlocker tool on your computer, then choose “Unlock Screen Passcode” in the main interface to begin.

    Step 2: Connect your disabled iPhone using a USB cable and wait for the system to automatically recognize the device. Once your device is detected, an interface will appear for you to activate the DFU or Recovery mode.

    Step 3: Once your disabled iPhone has been recognized, the program will display the device information and provide available firmware versions. Choose your preferred one and click “Download”.

    Step 4: When the firmware has been downloaded and extracted, click on “Start Unlock” and the program will automatically unlock the device. The process will take just a few minutes and the device will reboot when it is done.

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    Unlock Disabled Ipad With Itunes

    The first method that I discovered was to connect the iPad to iTunes and reset it. Hereâs how you can do it:

  • If you are a Windows user, open iTunes. And if you are a Mac user, open Finder.
  • Boot the iPad in Recovery Mode using the buttons. The method differs for iPads with Touch ID and those with Face ID. Hereâs how you can do that:
    • If the iPad has Face ID:

      a. Press and hold the power and volume down button until the power off slider appears and slide it to shut the phone down.

      b. Keep holding the power button and connect the iPad to a computer with a USB cable. Keep the button pressed until you see the recovery screen.

    • For iPads with Touch ID or Home Button:

      a. Shut down the device normally.

      b. Connect the device to a computer while holding the power button. Keep holding the button until you see the recovery-mode screen.

      Boot the iPad in recovery mode

  • Locate the device on the computer.
  • For iTunes, connect to the iPad icon in the top left corner of the interface.
  • For Finder, go to the sidebar on the Finder UI and click on the iPad’s icon to select it.
  • From the options that appear, select Restore. It will download the software and install it on the iPad.
  • NOTE: The iPad will automatically exit the recovery mode if the download process takes more than 15 minutes. You will have to boot it up in recovery mode again.

    Here are the pros and cons of using this method:

    How To Reset A Disabled Ipad Mini Without Itunes Via Find My Ipad

    2 SOLUTIONS: Bypass iPhone 8/8 Plus Passcode without iTunes

    Find My iPad is a default feature in iPad to locate, reset, and lock your iPad when lost or stolen. Besides, it also unlocks your locked or disabled iPad by erasing it remotely. Assume you have enabled the feature on your disabled iPad previously. You can follow these steps to restore factory settings on the iPad without iTunes.

    How to unlock the iPad without connecting to iTunes?

    1. Open from a computer or another device’s browser and sign in with the same Apple ID associated with your disabled iPad.

    2. Choose your disabled iPad under All Devices and click the Erase iPad option.

    3. Follow the on-screen guide to restore your iPad to factory settings. Then it will also remove the lock screen.

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    Remember To Back Up Your Ipad If Possible

    You should always backup all your mobile devices from time to time as unlocking a disabled iPad will erase all the existing personal files and data on the device. When you plug in your disabled device to a computer you have previously synced to, ensure that you sync the device again before you try to unlock your disabled iPad. If the disabled iPad has never been synced to iTunes on the computer. There is no way to back up the data when it’s disabled.

    • To backup iPhone, launch iTunes on the computer you’ve synced before.
    • Connect your iPad to the computer > Hit “Backup Now”.
    • This will immediately move to backup your files and data to the connected computer.
    • Now, you can back up your device even after it has been disabled.

    How To Unlock Disabled Ipad Without Computer And Itunes

    In iOS 15.2, Apple Inc. applies a new feature to both iPhone and iPad that allows users to erase their iPhone/iPad without the screen passcode. If you are an iOS 15.2 user, take this method a try.

    Step 1: Wake your iPad and keep entering the wrong passcode.

    Step 2: When the Erase iPad option appears at the bottom of the screen, click it to the next step.

    Step 3: Type your Apple ID passcode to unlock your iPhone. And all your iPhone data will be erased within this process.

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    How To Reset Disabled Iphone Without Itunes Via Ios System Repairer

    How to restore iPhone without iTunes? AnyFix iOS System Recovery is a good solution. It is a one-stop solution to fix various iOS/iPadOS/tvOS/iTunes issues, including resetting your iPhone/iPad/iPod when you got a disabled/locked device, or you need to restore your device to the factory setting before selling your old iPhone. Check how can you factory reset iPhone without passcode or iTunes:

    * 100% Clean & Safe

    Now lets start the steps to solve how to reset disabled iPhone without iTunes via AnyFix.

    Step 1. on your computer and connect your device to it. Launch AnyFix and choose Reset Device here.

    Select Reset Device Tool

    Step 2. Select Hard Reset mode to reset your locked or disabled iPhone or iPad. This mode is suitable for people who forgot the screen passcode.

    Hard Reset Your Locked or Disabled iPhone iPad

    Resetting will erase all data and settings. Think twice before you reset your iPhone.

    Step 3. Just follow the onscreen instructions to put your device to Recovery Mode and then download the firmware based on your device.

    Put Your Device into Recovery Mode and Download Firmware

    Step 4. After that, AnyFix will automatically reset your device to factory resetting. And in the end, you will get a Reset Completed page and a totally new device.

    Reset Completed

    Unlock Disabled Ipad Without Itunes With Icloud

    How to Reset Disabled iPad without iTunes 2021

    To use this method, check if your iPad meets the requirements.

    Make sure you have your Apple ID and password.

    Youve turned on Find My iPad.

    Your iPad is connected to Wi-Fi.

    Step 1: Open with any of your browsers:

    Step 2: Click All Devices. And select the iPad you want to erase. If it is already your device name, click the top middle name to switch devices.

    Step 3: Click Erase iPad.

    Step 4: Enter your Apple ID and password. If youre not using a trusted browser, answer your security questions or enter the verification code sent to your other devices. If youre using your own computer and want to skip the verification step in the future, click Trust. If you choose Dont Trust, the process will be interrupted.

    Step 5: Confirm erase and proceed.

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    Video Tutorial On How To Unlock A Disabled Ipad Without Itunes

    Step 1:Run the app and Head to the Unlock Screen Passcode section.

    Make sure your iPad has enough power. On the next page, you can see that the app warning message you that the app will unlock and erase data on your iPad and update it to the last iOS version.

    Step 2: Put the disabled iPad in recovery mode and connect it to the computer.

  • Put your disabled iPad in recovery mode. Follow the onscreen directions to put your iPad in recovery mode.
  • Connect your iPad to the computer with a USB cable. And click start.
  • For iPad with a Home Button

    Press and hold the Top button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider to turn off your iPad. Then connect your iPad to your computer while holding the Home button. Keep holding the Home button until you see the recovery mode screen.

    For iPad that has Face ID

    Press and hold the Top button and either volume button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider to turn off your iPad. Then connect your iPad to your computer while holding the Top button. Keep holding the Top button until you see the recovery mode screen.

    Make sure your USB connection is good. Using a stable cable is very important.

    Step 3: Start to download the firmware package.

    Make sure your computer has a good ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. It depends on the internet speed when you finish downloading the software packages. Usually, it only takes a few minutes.

    Step 4: Unlock and confirm to unlock it.

    Hooray. You can reset your iPad up and use it freely.

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