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Your Bipolar Disorder Disability Case

Applying for Disability Benefits with a Mental Illness

Because Bipolar Disorder is listed in the impairment listing manual of the Social Security Administration, a person with Bipolar Disorder who wishes to file for disability benefits can win by satisfying specific criteria. If you are planning to apply for SSDI/SSI disability benefits, you should bear in mind that all Social Disability claims will be granted or denied benefits based on medical records.

You should strive to keep a consistent treatment regimen before and during the Social Security Disability application process, and if your SSDI/SSI application is denied, you should be prepared to file a disability appeal. In many cases, a Social Security Disability lawyer or advocate can provide invaluable help by guiding you through the application and appeals processes.

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Hiring Cannon Disability Law As Your Legal Team

You can hire the legal team at Cannon Disability Law to help you win SSD and SSI benefits. In the past 30 years, we have won thousands of SSD and SSI cases. For our clients, we have won over $100 million in SSD and SSI benefits. Let us help you too.

If you contact us, then we can often tell you over the phone if we can take your case. When you call, we will be asking you questions. For example, we will ask about your mental symptoms. Also, we will be asking you the name and address of your treating doctors.

For instance, we will want to know the name and address of your psychologist or psychiatrist. Likewise, we may ask you for a list of your medications. And, we need to know the name of your counselor. You should be seeing a counselor for talk therapy to help you with your mental problems. If you dont have health insurance to help you pay for visits to the doctor, then you can apply for Medicaid. Medicaid is health insurance that pays for visits to the doctor and medications. Find out more information about Medicaid benefits here.

If you have already applied for benefits and been denied, dont worry. We can still help you. Our team are experts at filing appeals for our clients. Also, we win cases at the hearing level.

In the last 30 years, we have won over 20,000 SSD and SSI cases. We represent thousands of Utahns before the SSA. Put our legal experience to work for you. Contact Cannon Disability Law today. We can help you with your Utah mental disability case.

Obtaining Ssd & Ssi Benefit In Utah For Mental Health Impairments

In order to win benefits for mental health, then you need treatment. There are many free and low-cost treatment options in Utah. The best thing you can do for your case is to seek ongoing treatment.

Treatment includes medication, talk therapy, and possibly the care of a psychiatrist and psychologist. Ongoing treatment means you visit your counselor once a week or twice a month.

There are several types of mental health conditions which the SSA considers to be severe. In Utah, serious mental illness includes:

In order to win SSD benefits in Utah, you must prove your mental illness falls under one of SSAs rules. Each mental illness has certain elements you must prove. For example, under Major Depression, you must have symptoms that include insomnia, trouble concentrating, and memory problems. Also, you must show that you have crying spells and that you isolate yourself from others. Additionally, you may have had thoughts of suicide or even suicide attempts.

If you have these symptoms, then you must also show they prevent you from working. However, you cant just tell the SSA you have these symptoms. Instead, your medical records must show the symptoms and that you receive treatment for them.

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Medicaid Mental Health Benefits Explained

Medicaid is a public insurance plan that was established in 1965 along with Medicare. Its original purpose was to expand access to healthcare for people receiving public financial assistance.

Before Medicaid, people who couldnt afford to go to the doctor could usually only receive medical and mental health care at charitable organizations or state facilities.

Medicaid allowed many people with lower incomes to choose their providers for the first time.

Medicaid has expanded and contracted in different ways over time, but it has ultimately grown. Medicaid now covers more people than ever before, including people with disabilities, pregnant women, and people who work low-income jobs but dont have access to insurance through their employers.

Not only does Medicaid link millions of Americans with primary medical care, it has also become the single largest payer of mental health care in the United States.

Read on to learn whos eligible for Medicaid, how it works, and which mental health services it covers.

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You Have The Right To Appeal

Is Add And Adhd A Disability

In cases where short-term disability is denied, you have the right to file an appeal. After you receive the denial letter, you must file an appeal within 180 days.

When you submit your appeal, you should include plenty of information justifying your case. If you originally submitted incomplete medical records, make sure you resend complete and updated medical evidence.

You could also include a personal statement that details how your mental health issue is impacting your ability to work. You might ask friends or family members to send in letters of support, too.

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The 1994 1995 Nhis On Disability

The 1994, 1995 NHIS on Disability was designed to collect data on the prevalence and correlates of disability in the U.S. noninstitutionalized civilian population. The data were collected in two phases as part of the overall National Health Interview Survey for 1994 and 1995. Phase I of the NHIS-D data collection was conducted at the same time as the 1994 and 1995 Core NHIS interviews. In Phase I, any available adult respondent provided information for all members of the household. Data were collected on such topics as activity and work limitations, mental health, and use of services and benefits. Ninety-four percent of eligible households provided data for the NHIS Core, and 93 percent of the Core households completed the NHIS-D interview. The overall NHIS-D Phase I sample of 78,783 households provided the 120,216 persons aged 18 to 65 whose data were analyzed in this study.

Your Depression Disability Case

If you are disabled because of Depression that prevents you from working, you may well be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. Although you must meet stringent requirements in order to receive total disability based on a diagnosis of, working closely with medical professionals and a Social Security disability attorney or advocate to collect and present the appropriate documentation can ensure that your Depression disability claim will have the best possible chance of success. If you are denied disability, an attorney can help you file an appeal.

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Dont Give Up The Resources Are Out There Possibly On Your Smartphone

Experts concur that it make take some time and effort to find a mental health provider, but your search will likely pay off. In the interim, you might want to turn to your smartphone.

Tele-mental health in all forms has become a huge resource and there are great resources online offered by large health systems, says Harry Nelson, managing partner of Nelson Hardiman, head of the Behavioral Health Association of Providers and co-author of From ObamaCare To TrumpCare: Why You Should Care. The challenge there is that you need to be licensed in the state where the patient lives, but that said, weve seen a flourishing growth in treatment of all mental health by telemedicine and I expect it to grow exponentially. Reach out to your local hospital system to ask if they offer these services.

What Should I Do If My Appeal Is Denied

How To Win Disability Benefits For A Mental Disorder

If the claims administrator decides to uphold their decision to deny your claim, their uphold letter will contain information similar to that of the initial denial letter. Importantly, the uphold letter will explain whether you have any other administrative remedies available to you, such as a second-level appeal.

If you have the option to pursue a second-level appeal, you may wish to take advantage of it because it provides you another opportunity to submit additional evidence in support of your claim. For example, you may submit updated treatment records or ask your treating provider to write a letter rebutting the conclusions of the claims administrators hired doctor.

If you do not have the option to submit a second-level appeal, your next step is to file a lawsuit in federal court. If you have not already done so, it is imperative you speak with an attorney at this point.

Be Prepared to Seek Legal Help

If you are struggling to navigate the STDI/LTDI application or appeal process, contact a STDI/LTDI attorney at Hawks Quindel. Contingent representation may be available if you cannot otherwise afford an attorney.

Remember, if you or a loved one are struggling with a debilitating mental health condition or substance use disorder, there are resources available to you. Though it can be difficult to reach out, it is important to take that first step so you can connect with the support you deserve.

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The Demand For Mental Health Services Is High

Earlier this year, KFF reported that about 4 in 10 adults in the United States reported symptoms of depressive disorder or anxiety over the course of the pandemic.

Similarly, a July 2020 tracking poll from the foundation discovered that U.S. adults were experiencing a range of negative symptoms that indicated a downturn in mental health from 36 percent reporting trouble sleeping to 12 percent revealing they increased the consumption of alcohol and other substances.

In short, the pandemics drastic, traumatic shifts to the ways we work, socialize, and ensure the health and safety of ourselves and those around us dramatically affected our mental health.

While the demand is there for mental health services right now, nationwide shortages in providers offering that kind of care underscores a large problem, especially for underserved, economically disadvantaged populations.

In just one example, many of New Hampshires 10 community health centers have 25 to 40 clinical staff vacancies, unable to fill needed positions, according to the New Hampshire Bulletin.

When it comes to reaching the mental health needs of their residents, rural and frontier counties in the United States have an average of just 1.8 and 1.5 licensed behavioral health providers, respectively, per every 1,000 Medicaid enrollees.

This compares to an average of 6.4 providers in urban counties, reports Health Affairs.

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How To Get Mental Illness Disability

People can investigate SSI and SSDI on their own. Each website has information about the program, benefit eligibility screening tools, and links to sections explaining how to apply .

The Social Security Administration tries to make the process straightforward and easy. Still, though, navigating the disability programs system can be nightmarish for anyone and especially for those frustrated by thechallenges of mental illness.

Help is available for people trying to secure disability benefits for mental illness. The following resources are good starting points on the journey of wading through the process of completing long applications, providing extensive documentation, and restarting the process if the benefits application is denied.

  • Social workers and case managers are agents that advocate for their mentally ill clients in many ways, including helping them through the benefits application process.
  • Social Security offices in local communities exist so people can receive human assistance with the process.
  • is an organization of dedicated disability lawyers that efficiently and quickly help people secure disability benefits.

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Personality Disorders And Utah Mental Disability Benefits

In Utah, you can qualify for Social Security disability benefits with a personality disorder. You will need medical evidence showing your condition causes you to be unable to adapt to changes at work.

For example, your personality disorder may make it difficult for you to get along with other workers or your boss. Also, you may have a history of being fired from multiple jobs. Or, you may have trouble getting along in a school or home setting. Sometimes, a personality disorder makes it hard to get along with your neighbors or even your family.

To win SSD benefits, your personality disorder needs to cause at least one of these symptoms:

  • Autistic thinking
  • Odd thoughts or odd speech
  • Constant mood swings
  • Impulsive behavior that damages relationships

If you have these symptoms and they prevent you from working full time, then you may qualify for SSDI benefits. You can show deserve benefits if you have these mental health symptoms and they have lasted for over 12 months.

Also, your mental health condition must interfere with your activities of daily living. For example, it may cause problems with memory. You may forget to pay bills or put money in the bank. You may have trouble shopping, doing laundry, and cooking meals. Likewise, you may no longer enjoy the company of friends and family.

% Va Mental Health Ratings

Get Help

VAs rating criterion for a 100 percent mental health disability rating encompasses total occupational and social impairment, due to such symptoms as: gross impairment in thought processes or communication persistent delusions or hallucinations grossly inappropriate behavior persistent danger of hurting self or others intermittent inability to perform activities of daily living disorientation to time or place memory loss for names of close relatives, own occupation, or own name.

Generally speaking, this means that the veterans mental health condition is so severe that it affects all aspects of their functioning. At this point, they are unable to build and maintain interpersonal relationships and they are likely unable to work due to the severity of the condition.

As mentioned above, veterans who receive 100 percent disability ratings for mental health conditions struggle to perform activities of daily living, which includes medication management, dressing, bathing, cooking, and more.

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Our Pennsylvania Disability Attorneys Can Help If You Are Battling A Mental Health Issue

If you are trying to qualify for benefits in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates can help. Applying for disability benefits is intimidating and is often an uphill battle. This is especially the case if you or a loved one suffers from a mental illness or disorder. Our experienced attorneys and staff will advocate for your interests and work to present the best evidence possible. To speak with a Bucks County disability attorney, call our law offices at 755-3115 in New Jersey or 701-6519 in Pennsylvania, or contact us online today.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Receive Va Disability Benefits For Mental Illness

The VA permits you to apply for disability benefits on your own. However, you have a better chance of a favorable outcome when you have a qualified and experienced VA disability attorney working on your behalf.

The veterans claims advocates at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD focus exclusively on VA disability cases and understand the complexities and nuances of which there are many involved in the process. We can put our years of experience, our extensive knowledge, and our vast resources to work as we aggressively pursue the the benefits you earned and deserve.

The consultation is always free, so call our office today: .

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% Va Mental Health Rating

The rating criterion for a 50 percent mental health disability rating is as follows: Occupational and social impairment with reduced reliability and productivity due to such symptoms as: flattened affect, circumstantial, circumlocutory, or stereotyped speech panic attacks more than once a week difficulty in understanding complex commands impairment of short- and long-term memory impaired judgment impaired abstract thinking disturbances of motivation and mood difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships.

Here, a veterans mental health condition may interfere with their ability to work or go to school however, it does not stop them from engaging completely. Furthermore, their mental health condition affects their social relationships to a lesser degree than a veteran who might have a higher rating. Anxiety and panic attacks may still occur, but not as frequently as required for the 70 percent rating criterion.

What To Do If Your Stdi/ltdi Benefits Claim Is Denied

Mental Health Ratings Changing Soon VA Disability

How Do I Know if my Disability Claim is Denied?

If your claim is denied in whole or in part, you will receive written notice of the denial. This denial letter will include:

the specific reason for the denial reference to the policy provisions upon which the denial is based a description of any additional information that may be necessary for you to perfect your claim, including why such information is necessary a description of the policys internal administrative appeal procedures an explanation of the claims administrators basis for agreeing or disagreeing with your treating providers opinions, the medical experts it hired to review your claim, and the Social Security Administrations determination you are disabled .

How do I File a Disability Claim Appeal?

You have 180 days from the date you receive the disability claim denial letter to file an internal administrative appeal. The denial letter will include instructions for submitting the appeal. It is important to strictly follow your plans administrative appeal process, as failing to do so could forever waive your right to pursue your claim for these benefits.

What Should I Include in the Disability Claim Appeal?

In addition to including the information described in the denial letter as being necessary to perfect your claim, you may also consider including the following:

What Happens While the Appeal is Being Reviewed?

Additionally, in some cases, the claims administrators may even have you surveilled.

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