How To Disable Fire Alarm


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Silence The Alarm In 3 Steps

Stop A Smoke Alarm Chirping With 3 Quick Fixes
  • Press the hush/silencing button. It will silence the entire interconnected system. The button may also say test. It should silence all the alarms immediately unless theres still smoke and debris.
  • It will reset in eight minutes, given that the smoke and debris have dissipated. You can press the hush button repeatedly until the air is clean.
  • To end the hush period, push the test/hush button again.1
  • Responses To Common Questions About Fire Alarms

    Check below to see answers to common questions we get from community residents about home fire alarms.

    1) What kinds of fire alarms can I get?

    They can be classified in two basic types: ionization and photoelectric .

    Different types of fires can be detected by ionization and photoelectric fire alarms. The USFA makes the following recommendations for every place and home where people sleep:

    • Have both ionization AND photoelectric fire alarms. OR
    • Have dual sensor fire alarms, that include both ionization and photoelectric smoke sensors

    Interconnected alarms should be chosen, as all of them sound when one of them does.

    Alarms for people with loss of hearing are also available. To alert those who are unable to hear regular fire alarms when they start beeping, these alarms might include strobe lights that flash and/or vibrate to warn them. Commercial smoke alarms are available for commercial settings.

    2) Are smoke detectors costly?

    Smoke detectors are worth the catastrophes they can prevent and are not expensive.

    Types and prices

    • Ionization and photoelectric: starting at $6
    • Dual sensor: starting at $24
    • Fire alarms that are faster to alert and have fewer false alarms : starting at $30
    • Wireless fire alarms that communicate using radio frequency: starting at $40

    A specific type of alarm might be required at your city, county, or state. To know what type of detector you need, please ask your local fire marshal.

    3) What Powers a Smoke Detector?

    9volt battery powered fire alarm

    Try Testing The Silent Button

    Testing your fire alarm is never off the table, so it is another of our suggestions on how to disable smoke alarm beeping. Unfortunately, the tests could give you a terrible headache, as sometimes the smoke alarm will chirp on and on. Also, the test/silent button could be pressed, even by accident. Whatever the reason is, if the smoke detector keeps chirping after trying the three previous solutions, detach the smoke alarm and test it with the batteries removed.

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    Silencing A Battery Powered Smoke Detector

  • 1Find the activated unit. Look around your house for the activated fire alarm unit. In addition to the alarm sound itself, this is typically indicated by a rapidly flashing red light on the front of the unit. Because the alarm is free standing, it should not have activated other alarms, meaning you only have one to worry about.XTrustworthy SourceConsumer ReportsNonprofit organization dedicated to consumer advocacy and product testingGo to source
  • Be aware that some battery-powered smoke alarms may also be interconnected wirelessly to others or to a fire alarm panel.
  • 2Reset the alarm. For most modern battery-powered fire alarms, you can do this by pressing or holding a button on the front of the device for a few seconds. If you have an older model, you may need to unscrew your alarm from the wall or ceiling and hold down a button on the back.XTrustworthy SourceConsumer ReportsNonprofit organization dedicated to consumer advocacy and product testingGo to source
  • For some models, pressing for more than two seconds may trigger a programming mode rather than a silencing mode.
  • 3Replace or remove the batteries if the alarm wonât reset. If resetting the detector doesnât turn off the alarm, there may be an issue with the batteries. Unscrew your detector from the wall or ceiling and replace the batteries. Then, reset the device. If the alarm is still active, remove the batteries entirely.XResearch source
  • Stay Cool About Fire Safety And Smoke Alarms


    Nuisance alarms from your smoke detector can be set off by anything from blowing out a candle to burning some cookies in the oven. You can quickly turn off your smoke detector just by pressing the reset button or temporarily taking out the battery and older models.

    Just make sure its actually a nuisance alarm and your smoke detectors are not giving you heads up about an actual fire.

    Home » Air Quality » Turn Off Any Fire Alarm Smoke Detector In 5 Easy Steps

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    Why Would You Consider Disabling A Device Or Zone

    What should you do, if the fire alarm keeps on activating? The first thing is to ensure that the activation is not due to a real fire. On confirmation that it is not a fire that activated the alarm, you can silence the Sounders or bells and locate the device responsible for triggering the alarm. This could be a manual call point or a detector. If it is a manual call point you can reset the unit with the reset key or if it is the old type, you may have to replace the glass.

    If the activation was caused by smoke or heat alarm, you need to establish the cause, maybe smoke or heat was generated during the use of the building unintentionally and if this was to be the case when the environment around that device is back to normal you should be able to reset the system.

    However, there may be a time, when the smoke detector is contaminated or faulty and continues to trigger the fire alarm. Then the next course of action would be to disable the faulty device until it can be replaced. Another reason to disable a device or zone, is you are aware that some work or activity within the building may trigger the fire alarm, so to prevent this happening you will disable the devices that may be affected.

    How To Reset And Clean Smoke Alarms

    Are red and green lights flashing on your smoke alarm? If there are no obvious signs of smoke or fire, then you should reset it and clean it to prevent future false alarms.


  • Disconnect the alarm and remove its battery.
  • Holding the alarm by its edge, use a keyboard cleaner to remove debris on the side of the device.
  • Press and hold the test button for five seconds.
  • Reconnect the device to power and its backup battery. It will chirp once it connects to power.
  • Battery

  • Press and hold the test button.
  • Reinstall the battery. It will chirp once when it reconnects to power.
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    Fire Alarm Keeps Going Off Heres What To Do

    Picture the scene: youre totally knocked out in bed after a long day. Suddenly, a loud beeping shocks you out of your sleep. Its the hideous tones of a fire alarm going off at 3am.

    Your immediate thought is to get out of the house, but, bleary-eyed and buzzed on adrenaline, you notice that there is no fire.

    A phantom fire alarm going off randomly at night is a pain weve all experienced. Worse still, when they start, they dont seem to want to stop.

    Thankfully for you, its a nightmare you wont be experiencing much more of anytime soon. Find out all you need to know about fire alarms, including how to turn off smoke alarms, how to check and replace a fire alarm battery, and what to do when a carbon monoxide detector is going off.

    How Do I Temporarily Turn Off My Fire Alarm

    How to Turn Off Smoke Alarms

    How to disable apartment fire alarm for a short duration is not very difficult. In most cases it is best to pull the battery out of the smoke detector and wait for 30 minutes. This will reset it.

    Otherwise, you can temporarily shut down your fire alarms by unplugging them when they start making noise.

    Note: When you put the battery back in, be sure to test them. If they do not stop beeping immediately , you may want to pull their batteries and swap them with two new ones for a few minutes before reinserting them.

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    Cooking In Peace: How To Temporarily Disable Your Smoke Alarm

    When was the last time you almost jumped out of your skin because your fire alarm went off while you were cooking or in the shower? If you have a DIY alarm system, its no big deal. But one difference in using DIY vs professional alarm systems is that if you are using a professional system, a false alarm may mean a call from the Customer Monitoring Center. If you do not answer, the fire department will show up, which can be embarrassing. So how do you prevent this?

    How Can I Turn Off My Home Fire Alarm

    Silence is golden: we all know that. So, when that silence is interrupted by a constantly beeping fire alarm or smoke detector, its likely to irritate us after a while. If its just a false alarm, you should safely reset the fire alarm or detector. Or maybe the beeping is your alarm or detectors way of letting you know that the batteries need replacing? Time for a battery check! But, dont just take the batteries out to stop the beeping: its a legal requirement to have working smoke alarms in all domestic premises in the UK, to effectively keep homes safe from fire.

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    Replace The Smoke Alarm Batteries

    Using a battery tester like the one mentioned above, check the batteries in the unit making the chirping noise. This is the most common problem with smoke detectors. When you replace the battery, use the same voltage. Remember to replace the batteries in all smoke detectors every six months.

    Once you replace the battery, however, the smoke detector may continue to chirp. This is common in newer smoke alarms that are electrically powered and have a battery backup. They occasionally retain errors in the smoke detectors processor. In this case, you need to reset the smoke alarm to clear any errors causing the alarm to continue to chirp even after youve installed new batteries.

    Make sure the batteries are fresh. It can be extremely frustrating to dig through your stuff to find batteries and bring out a ladder to install the new batteries, and once you install them, it doesnt stop the chirping because the new batteries arent any better than the old batteries. Use your battery tester to check the charge on replacement batteries. Dont store batteries in a cold place as this will drain their power.

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    How To Turn Off That Beeping Smoke Alarm

    Survey: Do You Disable Your Smoke Alarm When You Cook?

    Spoiler alert: When it comes to a chirping smoke alarm, a broomstick is not the answer.

    We’ve all dealt with the beeping smoke alarm. It always begins after you’ve just figured out how to get to sleep. The chirping starts for no apparent reason, scaring you out of that hard-earned sleep. And just when you think it’s stopped and safe to go back to bed, the incessant beeps start up again. It’s enough to make you lose your mind.

    But smoke detectors do save lives, so interrupted sleep aside, you want to make sure they are working properly. The good news is that your smoke alarm is pretty vocal when it’s malfunctioning. It may be annoying, but better safe than sorry. The better news is that most of the time there’s an easy solutionno professional help necessary. The answer isnt as easy as hitting your alarm with a broomstick or bat until it stops, but we do have some helpful ideas that should do the trick.

    While you’re working on the smoke alarm, you should also check your carbon monoxide alarm to make sure its in order, and use this travel hack to keep your house safe and sound at all times.

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    How Can You Be Sure Here Are Some Tips:

    • In almost all cases, a security system in alarm will have keypads beeping or blaring, with lights flashing, and displaying an Alarm, Alarm Memory, or Trouble condition. The main siren, if any, will also sound until it times out, usually programmed for 10 minutes or so.
    • Smoke detectors that are tied to the alarm system will also cause the keypads to beep or show a trouble condition. A beeping noise that doesnt come from a keypad is likely not an alarm problem.
    • 110-volt smoke alarms and stand-alone battery-powered smokes will often beep for a low back-up battery, but will not cause the keypads to beep.
    • Fire alarm beeping sounds are notoriously hard to locate, and a beeping smoke detector is often mistaken as being part of the alarm system. If you find that a smoke alarm keeps going off, see this page on How to Stop a Beeping Smoke Alarm.

    Sleeping In Rooms With No Nearby Smoke Alarms

    The smoke alarms in your home are there to wake everyone in your household so that they can get to safety if there is a fire.

    People who sleep in rooms, that are not classified as bedrooms, away from where the smoke alarms are installed are at greater risk of death or injury by smoke and fire. This practice is not safe.

    You may be in breach of your state tenancy agreement as you are required to notify the department if the number of people in your household changes. If you cannot accommodate your household members in your homes classified bedrooms, contact your nearest Housing Service Centre to discuss the problem.

    You must not make alterations to your home without permission. If you create makeshift bedrooms , and the department finds these alterations at inspection, you will be directed to remove the alterations and restore the property to its original condition at your own cost.

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    Dead Fire Alarm Battery

    Contrary to what you might imagine, fire alarms function by emitting a constant electric current to a sensor. When smoke obscures that current, the alarm will sound. Given how they function, the most common reason for a false alarm is a dead or almost-dead smoke detector battery.Without holding it, press the button on the front of the panel to test the battery if the alarm sounds loudly and clearly, its good to go. If there is no sound, or the alarm is quiet, slurred, or bending in pitch, its time to replace the battery. Every 6 months is a logical replacement period to make a habit of.

    Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

    How to temporarily silence your smoke alarm

    Image via Amazon

    A battery-powered smoke and CO detector, this failsafe option from well-regarded alarm experts Kidde is affordable and robust. Its alarm is a little unusual, with a voice stating either Fire! Fire, Warning! Carbon Monoxide!, or Low Battery!. Well, at least there wont be any confusion as to what its trying to communicate!

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    How Long Does A Fire Alarm Go Off For

    When you install a new battery or turn the smoke alarms on for the first time, it is usual for them to go off and beep for a short period of time . If the alarm keeps going off even if there is no smoke in the room, the problem might be caused by any of the following: Its possible that the battery power is low try using a different set of batteries.

    How To Stop A Smoke Alarm From Beeping

  • Contact Wayne Alarm Systems for Security System Services Today
  • Its one of the most annoying sounds in the world. Your smoke detector emits a chirping noise every 30 seconds to a minute, and it just wont stop. Its enough to drive you crazy. Annoying as the sound can be, its there to warn you something is wrong or that something needs to be fixed. You can learn how to get your alarm to stop beeping with these easy steps.

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    How To Temporarily Silence Your Alarms:


    The Hush® feature of most alarms provides the capability to temporarily lower the sensitivity of the smoke sensor for up to 10 minutes. This feature should be used only when a known alarm condition, such as smoke or heat from cooking, activates the alarm.

    • For hardwired or wireless alarms, only hushing the initiating unit will silence all other interconnected alarms .

    • The smoke alarm is desensitized by pushing the Test/Hush button on the smoke alarm cover. If the smoke is not too dense, the alarm will silence immediately. If the smoke or debris is interfering with the sensor, the alarm will override the Hush.

    • The smoke alarm will automatically reset after approximately 8 minutes unless particles of combustion are still present.

    • The Hush feature can be used repeatedly until the air has been cleared of the condition causing the alarm.

    • Pushing the Test/Hush button on the alarm will end the hush period.

    Is It A Crime To Disable A Fire Alarm At An Apartment Complex Or Dorm

    Disable Refuge Systems

    In most cases, it is illegal to interfere with the functioning of a fire alarm. If you disable your fire alarm by taking out its batteries or disabling its internal mechanism, it may be considered criminal mischief. This is indicated by the presence of charges for criminal mischief if caught.

    According to John Stokes, the Assistant Fire Marshal in the Department of Buildings and Emergency Management in NY, The New York City Fire Department has zero tolerance for any building code violations that affect the safety of residents.

    In other words, if your apartment fire alarm is disarmed because you have replaced a major part of the smoke detector or have had it serviced by a technician not licensed by DEBEM, this would cause a major fire safety violation that could result in fines and potential jail time.

    So, before contemplating ways on how to turn off fire alarm in your condo or apartment, you might want to think about this seriously rather than doing something hasty and landing in trouble later with the authorities.

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