How To Disable Comments In WordPress


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How To Disable Commenting For All Posts Using Code

How To Disable Comments On WordPress 2022 [THE EASY WAY]

The steps are similar for posts. Open the single.php file and find the following lines:

< !--?php comments_template  ?--> 

Replace them with the following snippet:

< !-- Begin Comment< ?php comments_template  ?> End Comment --> 

If youve inserted both snippets correctly, comments will now be disabled on all of your WordPress pages and posts. However, a WordPress site can also contain other types of content, for example Media. Its, therefore, best to check whether comments have definitely been disabled or deleted in all the right places.

The Value Of Comments Within WordPress

Before we get into how to disable comments, its worth talking about why youd want to have them for a business-focused site. Its easy to consider them superfluous to requirements, but this isnt the case.

In fact, comments can offer more value than other forms of engagement, for a few reasons:

  • Youre able to gauge interest in your products, services, and content direct from your users.
  • You can see how potential customers engage with you, and pivot your offerings.
  • Users can become part of a community, which builds brand loyalty. It can also have an impact on visibility, and your affiliate network .

While there are more benefits we could mention, this is beyond the scope of the article. Still, if you thought comments were only for a blog site, its worth rethinking that mindset. Comments can be a valuable marketing arm, and cultivating a readership with them is a solid strategy.

Install A Plugin To Disable Comments In WordPress

Of course, WordPress wouldnt be the platform it is without plugins. You can find a suitable solution for almost every need, and comments are no exception.

Far and away the best option here is the by WPDeveloper:

Though, its notable that none of the top plugins have been updated in the last few months. Still, while our tests havent come up with any issues, you should carry out your own on a staging or other test site.

Once youve installed and activated the plugin, youll find a preferences menu at Settings > Disable Comments within WordPress:

The plugin will let you carry out some of the basic tasks you can achieve within WordPress, such as disabling comments across your site, and for posts and/or pages:

You can also disable comments made through third-party platforms too, in case they sneak onto your posts.

Youll also notice options for disabling media comments, and deleting your entire comments database. These are handy features that can also be achieved without the plugin too. Next, well show you how.

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How To Disable Comments Using A WordPress Plugin

Probably the easiest way to prevent commenting on your WordPress site is to use the Plugin called.

This Plugin is perfect for sites that want to set up the Plugin one time and not worry about commenting afterward since Disable Comments globally manages the disabling of all comments and features relating to commenting on the whole site or network in a multisite website.

Heiko Schneider

What Does Enable Comments Mean

How To Disable Comments In WordPress (3 Easy Ways)

Visitors are encouraged to give feedback and respond to your posts and pages via comments. When you enable comments on your site, the will appear at the bottom of the page where people can respond to your written comment.

The Importance Of Comments In Code

The of the program can be used to document the program or to remind yourself of the tricky things that you did while completing the code. Although comments are frequently ignored by compilers and interpreters, they can be extremely beneficial in understanding and maintaining code.

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Why Do You Need To Disable Comments In WordPress Sometimes

As you know, the comment of readers is a simple way that helps increase interaction between readers and website owners. Thanks to it, you are able to improve your site content to be better in the future. However, in some cases, you need to disable comments in WordPress. For example, you want to post announcements or give some information simply. Such posts are not required to allow comments.

Besides that, normally, we often allow comments for blog posts or articles, because there are many issues that readers want to exchange and discuss. However, for static pages such as contact, services, about us, etc., it is unreasonable to allow comments.

Another common reason many website owners want to disable comments in WordPress is to prevent spam. This will help you manage your website and keep the content on it from being diluted by spam.

In the blog today, we would like to bring you some methods to manually disable comments on a part of the website, such as some posts or pages. So, lets get started now!

How To Disable WordPress Comments Completely

4 minute read

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. When you click these links and make a purchase, I may get a small commission. It wont cost you anything, but it helps me to run this site. Find out more.

For a busy site, can add a lot of admin overhead. It is understandable that you may be tempted to disable WordPress comments completely so that you have more time for other tasks.

If you have issues with spam, stop here, and see my post How to Prevent WordPress Spam.

Some people claim that pages with a lot of comments can impinge on your page load time, but with correct management, this shouldnt be the case.

WordPress comments are a great way to engage with readers, but it isnt the only solution. You could use an external provider instead such as Disqus or . The advantage of these third-party tools is that they can ease the chore of moderation. People have to log in to comment, discouraging the spammers and encouraging the more discerning contributor.

If you are sure you want to go ahead and disable comments, please read on, and remember that it isnt permanent, you can reverse the settings you are about to make later if you find it doesnt work for you.

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How Spammer Finds Your WordPress Blog Or Website

The process of finding a WordPress website or blog is quite easy for spammers. All they need to do is run a search engine query for the following terms:

leave a Reply

Submit Comment

Leave a Comment

Once they find a WordPress website or blog, they will start leaving comments on the posts with links to their websites using automated backlink builders or tools like scrapebox.

Disable Comments Sitewide Using A WordPress Plugin

How To Disable Comments In WordPress Pages And Posts

The easiest way to disable comments sitewide on your WordPress website without risking too much damage that cant be reversed is to use a disable comments plugin.

The most widely used disable comments plugin for WordPress is called . Its free to use and can be found in the reputable WordPress Repository.

This plugin will let you disable comments in WordPress sitewide including posts, pages, custom post types and attachments. Disable Comments will also:

  • hide the Comments links and sections from the WordPress dashboard
  • disable comment widgets
  • disable outgoing pingbacks
  • delete comments by type.

Disable Comments wont delete existing comments on your website, so make sure to remove those yourself if you dont want them on your site anymore.

Lets take a look at how to disable comments in WordPress using Disable Comments in two easy-to-follow steps.

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Option : Enable Comment Moderation

Your next option to stop spam comments in WordPress is to use built-in moderation features.

The first one is the ability to approve manually each comment. This wont stop spam, but it can be a good approach to make sure that only the right, authorized comments are displayed to site visitors.

The second one is the comment moderation queue. For example, if a comment has a predetermined number of links or simply contains a link, you can automatically submit it for moderation.

In addition, you can create a list of terms, names, URLs, IP addresses, etc. that are stored for moderation.

Go to the Email me whenever and the Before a comment appears sections and take the following steps:

  • to moderate all comments, check the .
  • check the Send me an email whenever checkboxes: A comment is held for the moderation option and Anyone posts a comment to receive email notifications any time a comment is being moderated . Anyone can leave a comment, but it is moderated.

On Each Media Individually

You may get comments through media files that you attached to a certain post. To disable WordPress comments on that specific media file, you need to:

  • Navigate to Dashboard, then to Media
  • After accessing it, you will be able to edit the comments for one media file at a time
  • Uncheck comments and pingbacks at the bottom of your page, in the Discussion block

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Disable Comments On Media Files

WordPress has a feature that allows users to leave comments on media assets like images and videos, but many users are unaware of it. Additionally, there are bots created explicitly to take advantage of that capability, making media comments a potential security risk. Enter the Media Library area of your Dashboard and select the Edit option for the media file you wish to secure in order to disable comments on that item. Again, find the Allow Comments checkbox and uncheck it.

Whats New With Disable Comments 20

How To Disable Comments In WordPress (Beginner

AMAZING USER FRIENDLY INTERFACEEasily configure your comment-related settings with an amazing and attractive app-like user interface.

WP-CLI COMMANDS TO DISABLE COMMENTSUse WP-CLI control for comment-related settings to disable comments on posts, pages, attachments or everywhere on your website.

GET STARTED WITH QUICK SETUP WIZARDUse the quick setup wizard after activating the plugin to instantly configure comment-related settings for your WordPress website.

DISABLE COMMENTS ON DOCSInstantly disable comments on your documentation pages or WordPress knowledge base with a single click.

DELETE CERTAIN COMMENT TYPEPermanently delete certain comment types from your WordPress website including WooCommerce product reviews as well as generic comments.

DISABLE COMMENTS VIA XML-RPC And REST APIBlock any comments made on your WordPress website via XML-RPC specification and REST API.

Important note: Use this plugin if you dont want comments at all on your site . Dont use it if you want to selectively disable comments on individual posts WordPress lets you do that anyway. If you dont know how to disable comments on individual posts, there are instructions in the FAQ.

If you come across any bugs or have suggestions, please use the plugin support forum. I cant fix it if I dont know its broken! Please check the FAQ for common issues.

Want to contribute? Heres the GitHub development repository.

A must-use version of the plugin is also available.

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Enabling The Discussion Option On Pages

To enable ‘Discussion’ options to appear on pages:

  • Open the for your WordPress site and open a page to edit.
  • Clic the Panels tab and make sure the Discussion checkbox is checked.
    When you return to the page you’re editing, click the gear icon in the upper right to view the page’s settings:
  • Return to the page you’re editing and click the gear icon in the upper right. Make sure the Allow Comments checkbox is unchecked.
  • How To Disable Comments On A Single Post Or Page In WordPress

    Sometimes, you might want to keep comments active across your site, but turn them off for specific posts.

    To disable comments on an individual post or page:

  • Select Posts > All Posts or Page > All Pages in the left side panel of the dashboard.
  • Hover over the specific post and select Edit.
  • Under the Discussion section in the right panel, uncheck the box next to Allow comments.
  • Disabling comments on a page or post wont get rid of existing comments.

    To delete an existing comment:

  • Select from the dashboard.
  • Hover over the comment you want to delete and click Trash.
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    How To Disable Comments On Media Files In Your WordPress Website

    Even if you have disabled the comments on your posts, the media files will still be open for the visitors to leave comments. But you can disable comments on each media attachment from the library, and even turn off comments on all media files via a source code.

    If you are looking to disable comments only on one media file, you should start by navigating the media library from the dashboard. Choose the media item you want to edit by clicking on it. Select the edit option and go to details located in the right panel. You will find a discussion section there, uncheck the box of allow comments, and save changes.

    However, if you are looking for an easy method to turn off comments on all media files, you can do it with a code. Start by opening the functions.php file of the WordPress theme, and paste this code at the button of the file.


    After you have pasted this code to the file, save it, and the comment section will be disabled on all the media files.

    How To Disable WordPress Comments Using A Plugin

    How to Disable Image Comments in WordPress (to stop spam)

    WordPress offers several easy ways to disable and manage comments. However, if these arent sufficient, you can install a plugin designed specifically for this purpose. One of the most popular choices for making WordPress comments disappear is Disable Comments by Samir Shah its currently installed on more than one million WordPress sites! The plugin is ideal if youre looking for a quick and easy way of disabling comments, and removing all comment-related controls and settings from both the frontend and the backend.

    As well as the popular Disable Comments plugin, there are a number of other plugins that let you adjust various comment settings in WordPress.

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    How To Disable Media Comments In WordPress

    WordPress doesnt offer you a direct way to disable comments on media, although as we noted, plugins can do this. Though, if you dont want to use plugins, theres a way to get this done using a code snippet.

    Before you press ahead, you should have a clean and current backup in place. Also, using a child theme is a good idea to preserve the changes you make.

    Whats more, while you can access the WordPress core file sfrom within your dashboard , you may also need to access them through Secure File Transfer Protocol . In this case, youll need a suitable FTP client to work with.

    When youre ready, access the Appearance > Theme Editor page within WordPress and chose your theme from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side:

    Next, under the Theme Files menu, find your functions.php file. It could also be called Theme Functions. Clicking this will open it in the editor.

    From here, paste in the following code snippet to the bottom of the file, and save your changes:

    function filter_media_comment_status {

    Key Features Of Disable Comments

    • All Comments links are hidden from the Admin Menu and Admin Bar.
    • All comment-related sections are hidden from the WordPress Dashboard.
    • All comment-related widgets are disabled .
    • The Discussion settings page is hidden.
    • All comment RSS/Atom feeds are disabled .
    • The X-Pingback HTTP header is removed from all pages.
    • Outgoing pingbacks are disabled.
    • Disable comments via XML-RPC& REST-API
    • Fully Multi-site Network supported.
    • Manage multiple website networks specific subsites or entire networks comments in advance.
    • Exclude Disable Comments Settings based on user roles.

    Please delete any existing comments on your site before applying this setting, otherwise those comments may still be displayed to visitors. You can use the Delete Comments tool to delete any existing comments on your site.

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    Ending Thoughts On How To Disable Comments In WordPress

    As you can see, learning how to disable comments on WordPress is not as difficult as people think. There are both in-built WordPress features that help you do it on some level and plugins that can handle the process entirely, without requiring any effort from your part.

    Choose the method that you find the most convenient and you can enjoy your comment-free WordPress site in minutes.

    If you enjoyed reading this article on how to disable comments in WordPress, you should check out this one about how to update PHP in WordPress.

    How To Disable Comments With A WordPress Plugin

    How to Disable Comments in WordPress â InMotion Hosting Support Center

    WordPress core allows you to disable comments and edit other comment settings through its interface, but you might prefer a plugin for disabling your websites comments instead. is a popular and reputable plugin for turning off all comments on your WordPress site with a click.

    To disable comments globally with the Disable Comments plugin:

  • Install the plugin from the .
  • After installation, select Settings > Disable Comments from your dashboard.
  • From here you can disable comments on all pages, posts, and media. You can also disable comments only on certain post types.
  • Click Save Changes.
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    Should You Disable Comments

    There is no right or wrong answer. However, consider the consequences of a barrage of spam comments. They take up a lot of space, and you need to delete them all by hand. This can be annoying and time-consuming. After all, you want to work on your business or your brand.

    Another thing to consider are offensive or harmful comments. Even if your site made its commenting rules very clear, these can still creep in. With horrible results! Your readers can be alienated and hurt by these comments, preventing them from returning to your site. And the worst case scenario: your websites reputation could be damaged. Thats why it might be good to disable comments for a particular piece of content. Especially if it could be seen as controversial.

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