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Invictus Active Trainer Best Cardio Training Equipment For Wheelchair Users

How can I workout with a disability? | The Active Hands Company

This awesome piece of equipment basically serves as a treadmill for a wheelchair. Whether you are an athlete or just want to improve your cardio and strength without leaving your wheelchair and your home then this is a great option for you.

The Invictus active trainer is portable, takes a small space and you can even connect it to your smartphone or tablet to display heart rate speed and distance. You can also change the resistance level in order to fit it to your abilities. The wheelchair pushing gloves mentioned earlier might be very useful with this item.

I really recommend also checking out the FreeWheel wheelchair attachment. It is a cool easy-to-install front wheel that will make your wheelchair much more accessible for harder terrain. You can check it out also at the Invictus Active websites link that I added.

Importance Of Aerobic Exercise For Disabled And Adults

Beginning in the 1980s, professionals in the fields of physical fitness and health began to praise aerobic activity and its contribution to human health, especially to strengthen the heart and lungs.As more researchers are interested in the field of aging, there is more and more evidence that adults who engage in aerobic exercise not only improve their physical health but also their mental capacity.True, this does not mean that suddenly they will become runners, but if they want to keep the brain and memory, the proposed solution is 30 to 60 minutes of daily aerobic exercise.

Exercise Equipment To Help You Stay Active If You Are Disabled

Getting into exercise as a disabled person can seem like an additional challenge. Not only do we have to find time to fit it in amongst our busy schedules and working life, but not all equipment, leisure facilities or sports are accessible.

Here at Disability Horizons, we want to help you find easy ways to access and enjoy fitness and exercise, whether at home or in a gym, so we have rounded up 7 useful fitness aids available on the Disability Horizons Shop.

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Where Is Gerofit Located

Gerofit is currently offered at 30 VA locations around the country. For implementation information please contact the following staff. For a list of VA locations please see below. If you live too far away to attend please see the Gerofit Resources tab for other opportunities.

Katherine Hall, Ph.D. Durham VA Medical Center GRECC Telephone: 286-0411 ext 176734

Leg Exercise Machines For Disabled:

FINNLO by HAMMER Rower / Ergometer AQUON Evolution

There are many Leg Exercise machines designed specifically for people with various disabilities and for the seniors.

They have 3 major categories:

  • there are wheelchair fitness equipment
  • bedside exercisers, and
  • standing devices
  • Wheelchair fitness equipment is designed to provide an aerobic workout for users who are confined to their wheelchairs. These machines typically include a bike style hand-pedal system that can be mounted on the front of the wheelchair. e.g. check this peddler available for sale online.

    Bedside exercisers are used by individuals who cannot stand or walk due to illness or disability.

    They can be positioned next to the bed, providing safe and effective workouts without any risk of falls or injury. Bedside exercisers may provide more than just cardiovascular benefits, improving flexibility and muscle tone as well as balance and posture through targeted exercises for these areas of the body.

    Standing devices are for disabled people who cant walk but they can easily stand and balance themselves to workout.

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    Who Is Eligible For This Kind Of Assistance

    The Ministry of Health agrees to offer support to those that suffer from a permanent disability and need equipment to enjoy a certain degree of mobility, and are part of the community.

    The Ministry also offers this kind of assistance to those that were granted this advantage through a ruling of the Supreme Court.

    It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Health published the lists with eligibility criteria and rehabilitation devices that are offered.

    But, again, theres a way to get free medical equipment with the help of associations and organizations.

    Considering that not many people with disabilities fit in the set of criteria mentioned by the Ministry of Health, a number of organizations decided to be their voice and lend a helping hand.

    So, in case you are not considered eligible to get the support offered by the Ministry, dont fret, as there are many others out there that can and will give you a helping hand.

    For example, if you are looking for a free wheelchair, either for you or someone in your family, here is a list of the organizations that will help you get one, entirely free:

    Exercise Equipment For Disabled People

    For some disabled people, getting regular exercise can be a challenge. When its difficult to move around, or if strength, stamina or dexterity are an issue, keeping a degree of fitness can be extremely difficult. And yet we all know the myriad of health benefits that are associated with regular exercise.

    Thankfully, theres exercise equipment for disabled people that can help you. In this article, we will look at the equipment that is available to help disabled people exercise regularly, while also looking at the smart, specialist equipment that has corned the disability exercise market.

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    Cat Tongue Grip Tape From 1995

    The self-adhesive and non-abrasive Cat Tounge grip tape can be attached to almost any surface or item, providing endless uses for making items easier to hold and less likely to slip from your hand whilst in use.

    It is is ideal if you have limited, weak or poor grip due to arthritis, joint pain, spasms or the effects of a stroke.

    It can also be attached to almost any sports equipment, including tennis rackets, golf clubs, bike handles and weights, and gym equipment, such as treadmills, rowing machines and pedal exercisers.

    This non-abrasive grip tape is made of a latex-free recyclable material, can be washed easily, is two inches wide and comes in a 10-foot roll.

    Purchase the Cat Tongue Grip Tape exclusively on the Disability Horizons Shop.

    Dont forget to keep hydrated while you exercise try the Hydrant sports water bottle to help you drink independently while keeping active.

    Exercise Equipment For Disabled Adults 3 Awesome Devices

    20 or 40min Intense Seated Workout for Disabled, Injured or Amputee

    I have made this list of equipment from my years of experience as a personal trainer and a lot of research.Please dont see these pieces of advice as a replacement for medical treatment. The equipment in this list is my recommended and favorite equipment, of course, there is plenty of other equipment that you might find as better for your own needs.

    This second group of equipment in opposite to the first group earlier in this article is for disabled adults that have real difficulty with moving and staying active whether from disability or due to a surgery that prevent them to move.In this case, maintaining blood circulation is the top priority and these pieces of equipment are the best for this job.

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    Ireliev Tens + Ems Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator For Pain Relief & Arthritis & Muscle Strength Treats Tired And Sore Muscles In Your Shoulders Back Abs Legs Knees And More

    This awesome device uses 2 very helpful technologies both for pain relief and muscle strength:

    TENS-Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a pain relief method used for about 30 years in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.It basically sends low voltage impulses to the skin which helps with blocking the pain signals from the brain encouraging it to release endorphins to the body.

    EMS-Electrical Muscle Stimulation is basically electrical impulses that make the muscles contract thus making them stronger and healthier and also serves as a great rehabilitation tool.

    Disabled But Not Really

    Disabled But Not Really is a 5013 organization providing equal access to the underserved disabled community through programs that focus on fitness, wellness, and mental health. We guide people living with disability through inclusive training and help their identities to be fully visible in an inclusive community.

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    Finding An Adaptive Fitness Facility

    There are a variety of recreational and fitness facilities that cater to persons with disabilities. Accessible gyms go above ADA requirements for sports facilities and include special exercise equipment, ramps, and elevators.

    Ability360 is a state-of-the-art fitness center that offers programs that empower people with disabilities so that they may lead independent lifestyles and have control over their choices. It includes an area where wheelchair-using athletes can exchange their wheelchair for a sports wheelchair. They also feature locker rooms with wide doorways for easier navigation.

    US Adaptive Athletics has a center in Arizona that enables disabled citizens to achieve their fitness and training goals. The fitness center houses equipment customized to the needs of people with disabilities. Those who need assistance will be pleased to know that staff are readily available. They also offer exercise programs that may be used for short term and ongoing treatments.

    Those who prefer personal adaptive training can opt for DPI Adaptive Fitness. Their physical therapists can improve therapy sessions. They also help those with disabilities focus on specific strengthening exercises in their pre-designed programs. Their focus is to help members progress from their current fitness or functional level through collaboration with their rehab team, doctors, and family.

    Wrist And Ankle Weights


    Wrist and ankle weights can be used to add extra resistance to a workout, or they can be worn during day-to-day activities to gradually build strength and increase muscle tone.

    Consider getting wrist and ankle weights with secure straps so they can attach to your body without needing to be gripped, and your muscle definition and strength will increase considerably.

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    Got A Question Email Us

    Invictus Active Trainer from £799

    The Invictus Active Trainer is an innovative and user-friendly device for all wheel-chair users and ideal disability fitness equipment that helps them to build strength and stamina and deal with balance issues. The flexible design of the Invictus Active Trainer makes it easy for use with any size of wheel chair and its lightweight and compact design make it convenient to carry it around. In the advanced versions you can even hook it up to your phone or your tablet, to check on the distance covered. In short it works like a treadmill for those on a wheel chair.

    For beginners, it helps to correct your technique of using the wheel chair and also helps you to learn the optimal style for you without straining any other part of your body. For regular wheel chair users, the Invictus Active Trainer helps you build your arm and hand muscles and also stamina. Another plus for regular wheel chair users, the Invictus Active Trainer helps fight flab, control your weight and aids weight loss. Invictus Active Trainer comes with a user-friendly manual as to how you can use it to the fullest along with a CD of engaging exercise work-outs on the Invictus Active Trainer.

    Watch this video for more about this disability fitness equipment

    YouBike from £1395

    YouBikeTM has seen considerable success in the following cases:

    Berkel Bike from £6995

    Sunny Health And Fitness Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser Desk Elliptical Mini Bike

    This seat-sized bike is the perfect ergonomic solution for people with disabilities.

    Its low-impact design places lower body movement without putting pressure on joints.

    It also allows for a natural range of motion, so you can cycle through 8 levels of magnetic tension that make it progressively harder to complete a stride. The mini-bike allows for a natural full range of motion and can be used to burn calories without the risk of getting hurt.

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    Exercise Equipment For Disabled Seniors

    Our trainer offers disabled seniors an easy and enjoyable way to exercise and keep fit.

    Smart model accessible gym equipment that connects to your phone via our app. Easily record speed, distance, heart rate and calories burnt!

    For wheelchair users, it has been hard to find exercise equipment to meet their needsuntil now! Our trainer lets you get a complete upper body workout while sitting in your own wheelchair. Whats more, it has the advantage that you can use it in the privacy of your own home, whenever you wish.

    Why is it important that disabled seniors exercise?

    Keeping to a regular exercise routine can improve your general health and well-being. Additionally, elderly people typically experience a decrease in their muscle tone. This can mean that propelling their wheelchair can become more and more difficult, and can limit their independence. Regular use of the Invictus Active Trainer can help you to maintain muscle mass so that you can continue to enjoy the same freedom of movement that you have been used to. Not only that, our trainer can also improve the functioning of your heart and lungs, and maintain your balance and coordination it really is the ideal exercise equipment for disabled seniors.

    So easy to use.Get on and start exercisingwithin seconds!Save time setting up spend it getting fit.

    Why is it important that disabled seniors exercise?Save time setting up spend it getting fit.

    Many hospitals and rehabilitation centres

    Most Recent Area Pages:

    Ministry Of Health Support For Disabled People

    Physical Therapy Exercises for Seniors: Lower Body Exercises If Using a Wheelchair – 24Hr HomeCare

    Thus, let us take a closer look at what the Ministry of Health is providing.

    If you decide to go for the help offered by the Ministry of Health, you should know that it offers assistance in purchasing rehabilitation devices or lending services concerning medical equipment for people with disabilities.

    Since lending services assume to use medical equipment for a determined period, we should see the conditions of getting assistance in purchasing such equipment.

    According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, in this case, a disabled person considered eligible for this type of assistance will get a price reduction of 75% from the initial price of the equipment.

    Thus, the recipient of this service should cover only 25% of the costs generated by purchasing the equipment.

    There are situations in which an exemption is offered as well, but the conditions are strict in this case.

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    Gripping Gloves/wheelchair Push Gloves

    Gripping gloves are great for those with impaired hand movement or strength. The glove allows you to hold an object to perform a lift or pull when using dumbbells or a weight machine.

    Learn more about grip gloves here: /

    Push gloves are perfect for someone in a wheelchair thats using wheelchair pushing for cardio. These gloves allow you to work on speed and quick movement in your manual chair while decreasing your risk of injury to your hands. You can check this glove out here:

    Try Accessible Fitness Classes

    Once youve found a fitness facility that meets your needs, try out their fitness classes. Ability360 has fitness classes which include introduction to weight training and scuba diving lessons.

    The Goodwill Fitness Center teaches yoga, balance, Zumba, and has a stay-fit program. Before disabled members take a class, they can schedule a one-on-one session to evaluate whether the facility can cater to their needs.

    Wheely Good Fitness holds group fitness classes with its founder and motivational speaker, Kris Saunders-Stowe. Saunders-Stowe leads some classes himself. While he might not be able to try all the possible exercises, he understands how disability can affect body temperature, energy levels, temperature regulation, and range of motion.

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    American Mobility Outreach Americanmobilityoutreachcom

    This organization should benefit from the attention of both the people that can donate wheelchairs and those that need such a piece of equipment.

    It accepts any kind of donation when it comes to wheelchairs and scooters for the disabled, as they refurbish the received medical equipment and offers it to the ones that need it free of any charge.

    These Are The Best Pieces Of Equipment To Have To Ensure That You Can Help Your Disabled Clients

    Exercise Machine Therapy Outer Space Health PNG, Clipart, Disability ...

    Know some folks who would like this article?

    I often get asked, Whats the best exercise equipment for someone living with a disability to have at home to continue to exercise after rehab?

    While each person is different and working towards his or her specific goal, a few pieces of fitness equipment consistently stand out.

    The cost of the items may vary from inexpensive to very expensive, but each has been used consistently during training sessions with great benefit and results reported by my clients.

    From 10 to 1 here are my top ten Adaptive pieces of disability fitness equipment:

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    Gymboss Timer Or Boxing Fitness Timer

    THE best timer for interval training. You can set the number of rounds and your cycles of high intensity/low intensity and just listen to the beeps for your rest and start times.

    Check it out here: /

    I love to incorporate some form of boxing techniques to adaptive fitness workouts. Ive referenced research articles that support boxing fitness using the Wii for stroke rehab.

    The boxing fitness timer can be set for 2 minute rounds or 3 minute rounds and rest periods of 30 seconds or 1 minute.

    You can also set it for 1 round up to 12 rounds. Ive had clients hitting the heavy bag or working on combinations according to this timer.

    Deluxe Hand Exerciser 550

    The deluxe hand exerciser is the perfect tool if you have hand dexterity and strength issues, helping you to exercise your hands.

    Simply attach rubber bands to the different levels to pick the desired resistance and start your exercises.

    You can use it at home while working or watching TV, or, because it is small and lightweight, you can take it out with you to fit in some exercises whilst travelling.

    Buy the deluxe hand exerciser now for just 5.50 on the Disability Horizons Shop.

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