Flotation Devices For Disabled Adults


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Clothing That Is Easy To Fasten

Local aquarium employee creates wheelchair for disabled Goldfish

For those with arthritis, tremors, or poor fine motor skills, clothing with magnets or hook and loop closures, instead of buttons, can drastically improve the dressing experience.

Here are a few places that sell clothes that are easy to fasten:

Joe & Bella sells tops with magnetic buttons.

MagnaReady sells tops and pants with magnetic closures for men and women, plus dresses for women.

Seven7 sells stretch denim jeans with magnetic and hook and loop closures instead of traditional buttons or zippers. They also sell jeans with faux fly front with two hook and loop waist closures, along with a rear elastic waistband.

And Tommy Adaptive sells clothes with:

Additionally, JAM sells clothes with easy fasteners:

  • Linen shirts with magnetic buttons.
  • Pants that can be put on 2 ways:
  • Using the bilateral side access via invisible zippers along the side seams.
  • Pulling up the pants in a traditional manner, taking advantage of their elastic waists and pull-on loops.

How Swimming Helps Them:

Recent scientific studies have shown that swimming is a turning point for anyone with disabilities. The studys analysis shown that swimming is a great therapeutic and psychological activity for disabled people because it helps with the body strain, allowing them to move without resistance. This therapy allows them to move without anyones assistance, making all their body limbs stimulates on their own. It regulates their blood circulations and breathing process. It provides their joints and bones a lot of cardio workouts which is very important for them. Swimming is essential for everyone as a fun activity that also provides them with great health benefits.

Swimming Aids For The Disabled

With the right kind of equipment, everyone can enjoy a swimming pool or lake regardless of physical abilities. If you are blind or physically disabled, you have several options available to help you navigate the water. Swimming aids provide access to the effective exercise you can get while swimming.

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Kiefer Cushion Float Collar

There’s no need to inflate this neck floatie.

The design of the Kiefer Cushion Float Collar is a similar concept to the Water Way Babies float listed below, but instead of a circular plastic ring, this collar is a flat, 2-inch-thick, foam oval that does not need to be inflated. The foam collar goes around the users head and can be fastened with a clip.

Danmar Sectional Raft Swim Aid

Swimming Floats For Special Needs

A good way to support the entire body above water.

The Danmar Sectional Raft Swim Aid is a float made of eight foam panels, a head support, and two shoulder straps. Unlike a traditional floaties that keep an individual above the water, the Swim Aid supports the body in the water. And, it provides a lot more support to the entire body than most small, square floats. Its available in small or large, and ranges from 36 to 74 inches long.

This float doesnt offer the flexibility of an adjustable seat, but it will definitely help keep your loved ones safe below the surface of the water.

Many different models for different needs make Life Jacket-Adapted a good choice.

The Life Jacket-Adapted Inc. site carries several life jackets for people with disabilities. Each model is slightly different, and these variations give the user flexibility depending on their ability to tolerate more or less of the water. For example, one model allows the user to float on their back or their stomach as well as to stretch their body out flat.

Another jacket model looks more rigid and only allows the user on their stomach or back, but not lying flat. A third variant looks the most solid, the user remains in a horizontal position while wearing the float. These items range in size and price to accommodate people between 18 to 250 pounds and from $170 to $440. The Life Jacket-Adapted Inc. factory is located in Canada, but they ship internationally.

More variety to suit your needs!

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Floatation Devices For Disabled Adults And Kids:

There are various technologies developed for disabled kids and adults. They are well equipped and a lot of thought processing went into their design and manufacture for making as much as helpful for them. It is a very important strategy taken by the manufactures in making the products. They are proved very beneficial for all the past customers

My Pool Pal Flotation Swimwear

My Pool Pal Flotation Swimwear combines bathing suits with the best in flotation innovation. This range of unique swimwear has flotation devices built directly into the suit, so the wearer always has additional water support.

This swimwear comes in a range of styles and sizes, from regular one-pieces to rash guards and more. As the wearer becomes more confident in the water, they can remove the flotation inserts. This converts the suit to a regular bathing suit. There is also the option to remove some of the inserts and leave others, still providing some support.

My Pool Pal Flotation Swimwear also helps the wearer position themselves correctly in the water. This can improve physical strength while also keeping the head and neck clear of the surface.


  • No or few options for adults
  • Does not provide the strong support that some swimmers might need
  • Does not prevent rolling

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People With Physical Limitations

Physical limitations can make it hard to get dressed. For instance, physical limitations can make it impossible to raise ones arms to put a top over the head or to stand up to pull on pants. Additionally, those with tremors and other impairments may not be able to manage buttons, zippers, or laces.

Additionally, people with physical limitations must consider how clothing will impact their ability to perform daily living tasks, such as toileting. And of course, clothes need to feel comfortable.

Adaptive clothing can help those with permanent physical limitations due to a long-term disability, disease, or simply the aging process. Additionally, adaptive clothing can help those with temporary limitations, such as after surgery or an injury.

Sectional Raft By Danmar

Quadriplegic can swim in the ocean, lake, river and pool

The Sectional Raft by Danmar isnt technically a life jacket. We have included it on this list because it is similarly worn on the body to provide support and flotation in the water. Unlike other special needs swim vests that serve to hold the swimmers head high above the water, the sectional raft lets them recline. That allows water to flow around them.

Because of this, swimmers using the sectional raft might need assistance, especially if they are non-ambulatory. However, this positioning lets them relax in the water and enjoy a more natural experience.

The raft holds the head above water. Meanwhile, the supports on the back prevent swimmers from rolling over. The bottom folds can be folded or unfolded to provide additional support or mobility for the lower limbs.


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Drawbacks Of Using Special Needs Swim Vests

There arent drawbacks to using special needs swim vests in general. However, there may be drawbacks to one particular model or product.

Some of these products are for people with specific physical disabilities or limitations. For example, they might not be appropriate for a person who performs sudden, involuntary movements.

Others are limited to those who can move independently in and out of the water. It is essential to read the specifications of any product you buy. It ensures that the vest can support the wearer based on their individual needs.

As for other drawbacks, they are the same as any other flotation device or even swimsuit. The wearer may find a type of fit uncomfortable or dislike how it distributes their weight. In this way, as with almost any other product, it is all a matter of trial and error.

Clothing For Wheelchair Users

Because wheelchair users generally spend most, if not all, of their days seated in their wheelchairs, specially designed clothes can provide comfort as well as ease of use.

For instance, pants designed for wheelchair users generally have higher back rises and elastic waistbands that provide ample coverage and comfort. Additionally, pants may have a shorter front rise reduces fabric bunching. Plus, zippers on the sides and internal pull-up loops can make it easier to pull pants on.

Also, shirts designed for wheelchair users may have hook and loop closures, magnets, or snaps on the back which can make self-dressing or assisted dressing easier.

Here are some places where you can find clothing for wheelchair users:

In addition to their CareZips® pants , Joe & Bella sells open-back shirts with snap closures and sells pants with the following features:

  • Higher waistband at the back and lower at the front.
  • Large flap pocket placed on the side for easy access while seated.
  • 2 Easy-Grip loops, 1 on each inner side, for easy pull-up dressing.
  • Full elastic waistband.

Additionally, JAM sells jackets with the following features:

  • A shorter back to eliminate fabric bunching.
  • Fully zippable sides and arms.
  • Hook-and-loop closures at the wrists.

And MagnaReady sells pants for wheelchair users with the following features:

IZ Adaptive sells clothing for wheelchair users, designed with the following features:

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Stearns Safety Puddle Jumper

The Stearns Safety Puddle Jumper is well-known. It is an excellent choice for children and youth both abled and differently-abled. With a safety design approved by the United States Coast Guard, parents everywhere have felt at peace knowing their child was safe in the water.

Puddle jumpers are excellent because they provide support and buoyancy in the water while allowing children to move independently. However, it is vital to note that users should always have supervision. Puddle jumpers do not hold the wearers head out of the water. Although they provide additional support, this never replaces adequate supervision for any child.

However, they are excellent for teaching children to swim and providing support in the water while still allowing wearers to move freely.


  • May not provide enough support for some swimmers

What Is Adaptive Clothing

Life Jackets Swimming Float Swim Ring Adult, PNG, 800x800px, Life ...

Adaptive clothing is a broad term used for clothing and shoes that are designed to serve the needs of a particular group of people. In many cases, these clothes provide ease and comfort, while looking like typical clothing.

Certainly, were all familiar with maternity clothes and nursing bras. And we all know that pants can come in different inseam lengths to accommodate a range of leg lengths. Similarly, you can find dress shirts with longer tails for tall men, and others with shorter tails for shorter men.

However, adaptive clothing can assist with a wide range of needs. For instance, some clothes have magnets or hook and loop closures to help you or a loved one get dressed. Additionally, there are clothes designed to help those who are bedridden, in wheelchairs, or with other physical limitations. And there are clothes that make people with sensory issues more comfortable, and others that make access for medical treatments easier.

Interestingly, some adaptive clothing is considered inclusive fashion, designed with features the general population would enjoy, while benefiting those with limitations.

Simply put, adaptive clothing not only makes it easier to get dressed quickly, but it can also allow people to dress independently while also making it easier for caregivers to dress others.

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Independence For All Abilities In Water

Floatsation® is a swimming aid made of a unique matrix of balls giving total support, flexibility and independence in water for people of all abilities, disabled and non-disabled, young and old.

The Floatsation® product range has wide applications both in the leisure market as an inclusive swimming/floatation aid and as hydrotherapy aid in the pool. The products enable independence in the water acting as an exercise unit and an aid to relaxation at the same time as well as being a fun toy in the water for all.

Floatsation®Youth Sport Trustswww.youthsporttrust.org

The 7 Best Floats For Swimming With Disabilities

Swimming with disabilities can sometimes pose a problem when trying to locate the best flotation device for you or your loved one. The flotation device needed often depends on the level of support needed by the individual and their weight/size. Here are seven great options for flotation devices for swimming with disabilities.

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Why Trust Verywell Family

Deanna McCormack is a copywriter and marketing professional who writes product reviews for parents and families. She lives with her two kids under 3 in sunny Arizona where they swim almost every day of the year. She loves the Primary Diaper for her toddler because it makes him feel big.

  • The 5 best swim diapers for babies and toddlers in 2022. Healthline. https://www.healthline.com/health/parenting/swim-diapers

  • Clothing For Seniors Bedridden Patients And Those With Physical Limitations

    Adaptive Canoeing : Canoeing for the Disabled: Safety

    For those who cant dress on their own or have pain that makes it difficult to put on traditional clothing, there are many options.

    For instance, you can buy tops, dresses, and other garments that fully open in the back, allowing wearers to simply slide their arms through the arm openings without raising them over their heads. These open-back garments have overlapping flaps in the back which are usually secured with shoulder snaps. Open-back garments are very helpful for people who cannot raise their arms or are confined to a bed or wheelchair.

    Additionally, you can buy pants with fasteners at the waistband, or with zippers down both sides. These adaptive pants make self-dressing or assisted dressing easier, plus these pants make it easier for toileting and diaper changing.

    Options for clothing include:

    Joe & Bella sells adaptive clothing with features that make self-dressing or assisted dressing easier. Their garments feature adaptations such as open-back garments, one-handed magnetic zippers, magnetic buttons, and hook and loop fasteners.

    Here is a quick video that shows how the CareZips pants unzip:

    Seven7 sells stretch denim jeans with faux fly fronts with two hook and loop waist closures and rear elastic waistbands.

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    Maintaining Your Special Needs Swim Vest

    Maintaining a special needs swim vest is straightforward. Vests use durable materials designed to get wet. So keeping them in good shape isnt a challenge.

    The best thing to do for a special needs vest is to make sure it dries completely soon after use. Hanging it over a railing or clothesline is the best way to do this.

    Always let a swim vest drip dry never put it in an electric dryer. Dryers can melt, fray, or damage the materials, ruining the fit and making the vest unsafe.

    If the vest has been in saltwater, give it a quick rinse before drying. Saltwater can damage and weaken the fabric. Similarly, rinse off any mud, sand, or dirt.

    Store the life vest in a cool, dry place to make it less likely to develop mildew. Never pile heavy materials on top of a life vest, as the weight can damage the materials.

    Waterwaybabies Neck Flotation Device

    The perfect inflatable neck floatie.

    WaterWayBabies makes a float with a very simple design. Its a blow-up ring that circles the individuals neck, keeping their head afloat, but their body free to move about the water. It comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large, that are all priced at $45 each. Their website touts the strength-building properties of hydrotherapy for people with developmental needs.

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    Gul Recreation Vest Buoyancy Aid Red & Black Size: L/xl

    • On the inside, youll find super and lightweight PVC foam designed to give you 50N of buoyancy while staying comfortable.
    • The Rec Vest is made from rip-stop CE approved nylon on the outside making sure its long lasting and durable.

    Check Latest Price

    Lowest Price

    Product Details

    The updated version of this ever popular Gul Rec Vest 50N Buoyancy Aid makes the ideal paddling buoyancy aid, designed with the emphasis on canoeing, kayaking, SUPping and general paddlesports but also suitable for a variety of active watersports.

    The Gul Recreational 50N Buoyancy Aid Jacket/Vest is small but perfectly formed, compact design, appeals to stand up paddlers recreational paddlers, kayakers and canoeists. Plenty of adjustment available via the shoulder straps and waist belt to ensure optimum fit and comfort.

    Designed to sit high above the waist to ensure plenty of freedom of movement around the waist for seated activities. Deep cut arm holes, and cut away shape specifically designed for plenty of scope for arm movement when paddling.

    Quality product, popular design, and a highly functional buoyancy aid ideal for many water sports.

    Reviews From Real Customers

    Very good pfd in fact purchased three for kayak and SUP. Tried different brand first but returned these due to lack of adjustment. The Gul rec rest sits high up with good cut outs to aid movement. Has a third adjustment belt to really help adjust it well and prevent excess movement and stop it riding up.

    Thoroughly recommend.

    Dolphin Float System By Danmar

    MJM Adult or Child Aqua Float for Rehab

    The Dolphin Float System by Danmar is ideal for swimmers who can support their head and neck but still need help steadying or balancing themselves in the water. The Dolphin Float helps support and balance swimmers while providing them with freedom and mobility.

    The large chest pad helps lift the wearer out of the water. It also prevents rolling and becoming stuck under the surface. Meanwhile, the strap crosses between the legs to keep the system securely in place.

    Users can also remove the front chest pad if they do not need it. The Dolphin Float System is ideal for those who need moderate additional support while still moving freely through the water. There are also customizable options. The Dolphin Float comes in a range of sizes.


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