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What Makes A Website Ada Compliant

Parents, Advocates Want NJ’s Day Programs For Adults With Intellectual, Developmental Disabilities T

Accessibility is the key provision laid out in the ADA guidelines. While were most familiar with the physical accommodations mentioned above, there are many modifications that can be made to websites to make them more accessible. Consider the list of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines first published by the Web Accessibility Initiative in 1995.

Simply put, focus on making your website easy to usefor all users.

A reputable web developer should be familiar with the guidelines laid out in the ADA, and should be able to enhance your site to bring it up to compliance.

Dont be penny wise and pound foolish. In other words, paying a web developer to bring your site up to ADA standards today will cost you a lot less than one non-compliance fine tomorrow.

What Our Parents And Caregivers Have To Say About Primetime Centers Of New Jersey

“We are so very blessed and fortunate to have Primetime Center Brick in our town. The staff is so welcoming, professional, and first class. All the young adults that attend the program have become friends and work well together as a group. They do various jobs/trips in the community. When they cant get out they do simple school related academics and easy to follow cooking classes and when they’re done cooking they sample what they cooked.All and all, PTC of Brick is an awesome and over the top center for adults with disabilities. A true dream come true for a parent/guardian. “Tim & Sherry D Parents

Jed is very lucky to be in PrimeTime Center with the knowledgeable staff that educate and work with him. He is more independent and helpful in the house and can now do things for himself. He looks forward to going to PTC every day.Elena G Parent

My son has been attending Primetime Center for three years and absolutely loves it. The staff are very dedicated and caring. They work hard to ensure that each participant is given the opportunity to grow more independent thus making it possible for a better quality of life. The participants are happy. Primetime is our extended family. I cannot thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience they continue to provide.Eileen V Parent

Supported Living Services Waiver

The Supported Living Services Waiver is a program to provide supported living in the home or community to persons with developmental disabilities.

Who Qualifies?

In order to be enrolled in SLS you must:

  • Be 18 years of age and older
  • Be able to live independently with limited supports or, if you need extensive supports, are already receiving that high level of support from other sources, such as your family
  • Be currently residing in, or be at risk of being institutionalized in an Intermediate care facility
  • Have income less than 300% the Supplemental Security Income allowance per month
  • Have countable resources less than $2,000 for a single person or $3,000 for a couple.

Benefits and Services

  • Assistive Technology

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Childrens Extensive Support Waiver

The Childrenâs Extensive Support Waiver provides supports and services to children with developmental disabilities or delays who have a complex behavioral or medical condition and who require near constant line of sight supervision.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Children 18 years of age and younger with intensive behavioral or medical needs who are at risk of out-of-home placement and have been determined to have a developmental delay/disability through a Community Centered Board
  • Child must be institutionalized or at risk of being institutionalized in an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Childrenâs income must be less than 300% the Supplemental Security Income allowance per month and countable resources less than $2000

Top Benefits:

  • Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Assistive Technology

Adult Day Program Services In The Heart Of New Jersey

Disability Services Burlington

Friends of Cyrus IIcurrently operates an adult day program in Medford, New Jersey. Our Day Habilitation Services assist our clients in all aspects of daily living. When an individual joins us, our team conducts person-centered planning meetings to identify the most growth-oriented activities for each individual.

Activities in the community include vocational training and volunteer work, art, music and recreation, physical fitness, utilizing community resources and computer training.

Daily living skillsinclude communication and social skills, hygiene, cooking, cleaning, laundry, money management when appropriate, and leisure.

Other activitiesinclude art/music therapy, recreation, pet therapy, physical fitness and computer training.

Friends of Cyrus IIs 9,000 square foot Adult Day Program is located on 10 acres of crisp, wooded land in the heart of Medford, NJ. With outdoor walking trails, multiple classrooms, and a kitchen for cooking lessons, we have plenty of resources to keep our clients active and engaged in meaningful ways throughout the day.

Hours: Medford adult day habilitation services will be offered Mon-Fri, 10 am 3 pm.

Staff Ratio: Our center-based staff to client ratio is 1:6

Day Program Address: 175 Tuckerton Rd. Medford, NJ.

For more information or to schedule a tour use the contact information below!

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Program Options For Pasa Waivers & Private Pay

One-on-One Customized Activities

Schedule an occasional activity or one that is regularly repeated. Supplement a day program, achieve a particular participation or learning goal or give the primary care givers a break. Pricing depends on activity and can include all transportation in private vehicles.

Day Programs

Participate in a non-facility based day program one, two or three times a week. Your RecPartner will choose activities from within the community that create consistency and security but also provide variety and growth. Day Programs are available in groups or 1-3 people of similar ability and interests.

Special Events

Choose from a variety of additional activities including sporting events, concerts, movies, cultural events and a long list of physical activities such as bowling, swimming, biking, hiking, boating, tubing and skiing. Click this link for Current Schedule.

Travel Opportunities

Participate in overnight group travel opportunities to popular places in Colorado and neighboring states with occasional longer trips to other popular places. Overnight trips are planned to Glenwood Springs, Cripple Creek, Summit County and Utah National Parks. Click here for Current Schedule. Updated regularly.

Custom Travel

If you have somewhere youve been wanting to go or other individual travel needs, a RecPartner can assist you and make your trip memorable, fun and safe.

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Helping You Live A Fulfilling Life

A Cognitive Connection allows you to cultivate relationships, expand your self-understanding and improve your social skills. If youre interested in developing one or all of these aspects of your life, our dedicated team is here to help you reach your full potential. Contact us today to learn more about how our programs can help you succeed.

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Benefits To The Family And/or Caregivers:

  • Peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe and cared for by well-trained, qualified and screened staff
  • Transportation is provided via Easterseals fleet of well-maintained vehicles, many of which are wheelchair accessible, and operated by screened drivers that are certified in CPR/First Aid
  • Several hours of respite enabling caregivers to work, run errands, or tend to other personal matters

Americans With Disabilities Have A Voice

Adult day programs remain closed due to COVID-19

There are many realms in our society where Americans with disabilities are consistently fighting to be included and appropriately accommodated. But, when it comes to having a voice where it really countsat the voting boothsalmost 38 million adults with disabilities are politically active and engaged leading into the upcoming midterm election, according to a recent national survey conducted by Easterseals, AARP, and Pathfinder Opinion Research.

It should come as no surprise this population of voters care about issues like inflation, Social Security, and Medicare, the August 2022 survey results revealed.

Further, this group, who relies heavily on early vote methods and other various accommodations to participate in elections, displays broad and bipartisan support for policies that make it easier to vote and are deeply concerned that politicians passing restrictive voting laws are making it more difficult for older Americans and adults with disabilities to participate electorally, according to the report summary.

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Health First Colorado Buy

The Health First Colorado Buy-In Program for Children with Disabilities allows families who make too much to qualify for Health First Colorado and Child Health Plan Plus to buy into Health First Colorado coverage for their child with a disability by paying a monthly premium based on the familyâs income.

Who Qualifies?

  • Children age 19 and under, with a qualifying disability per the Social Security Administration
  • A determination of disability by the SSA is accepted as proof of disability
  • Children not certified through the SSA can still be determined disabled by the State by completing the Health First Colorado Disability application
  • Family income must be below 300% of Federal Poverty Level , after income disregards are calculated

Benefits and Services

If your child is enrolled in the Childrenâs Buy-In program, they will receive full Health First Colorado benefits. Benefits include:

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Ace: Arts And Community Exploration

The Arts and Community Exploration program is a people-centered interactive day program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It focuses on the whole person, community involvement, and integration, with stimulating activities tailored to each participants needs and unique personality.

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Benefits Of Making Your Website Ada Compliant

Aside from the obvious benefit, which is avoiding hefty fines for non-compliance, making your website accessible to all users will benefit your business in many ways.

Consider the following:

  • Include people living with disabilities as part of your customer base because they are prospects! Dont give users a reason to abandon your site because of lack of accessibility.
    • Improve brand image so you can gain a positive reputation for being accessible.
    • Capture older users No demographic should be excluded from using your site.
    • Enhance your SEO An ADA-compliant website has a better search presence.
    • Increase overall site usability for the benefit of all users, not just those people living with disabilities.

    Second Home Offers You A Free Trial Day

    Daybreak Adult Medical Daycare

    Contact us for a free day and let us show your loved a wonderful experience. Your free day includes chef prepared breakfast & lunch, prepared to meet all dietary needs, free transportation to and from our facility, and includes full participation for all daily activities.

    This allows you to experience a full day at our center, you can meet and get to know our wonderful staff and other participants!

    Feel free to schedule a free tour and a free day at our facility.

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    Day Habilitation Services Program Highlights

    Family Involvement

    Since our members success also depends on transferring learned skills to the community and their home environment, communication with their family is essential. We encourage annual meetings to be held at program to review and discuss progress towards goals and objectives and to modify plans as necessary. We encourage open communication with families throughout the year to ensure we are all working towards the same outcome. Additional meetings can be initiated by the FH team or the family as needed.


  • Community Activities Our members engage in various community-based activities throughout the week. This allows them the opportunity to become familiar with their local neighborhoods and learn the necessary skills to feel comfortable and safe while in the community. Each member is also assigned a community trip day. This includes a community activity in the morning followed by going out to lunch with their peers. While our members have fun on these outings, we are working on skills learned in program such as positive transitioning, community safety, money management, healthy decision making and more.
  • Recreational & Leisure Activities In effort to broaden our member interest, we expose them to a variety of recreational and leisure time activities such as exercise routines, golfing, art, music, Zumba, reading, group and individual social activities, and more, both in program and in the community.
  • Elderly Blind And Disabled Waiver

    Waiver For Persons Who Are Elderly, Blind, or Disabled is a program to provide an alternative to nursing facility care for elderly, blind, or physically disabled persons, as well as individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    In order to be enrolled in EBD you must:

    • either be 65 years of age and older with a functional impairment,
    • or be between the ages of 18 and 64 and be blind or physically disabled
    • be currently residing in, or be at risk of being institutionalized in a nursing facility or hospital
    • have an income less than 300% the Supplemental Security Income allowance per month
    • have countable resources less than $2000 for a single person or $3000 for a couple.

    Top 5 Benefits:

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    Is Your Business Website Ada Compliant

    Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 2:22 PM

    It comes as quite a surprise to many business owners that the provisions detailed in the Americ

    It comes as quite a surprise to many business owners that the provisions detailed in the Americans with Disabilities Act extend to websites. Well, it most certainly does!

    People living with disabilities have every right to live, learn, work, and play using the Internet, just like anyone else. They know all too well that many companies arent aware of updates made to the original 1990 ADA. Their failure to accommodate people who are blind, deaf, living with mobility issues, etc., has made it difficult for people with disabilities to use the web.

    Just as physical accommodations must be included in public and privately owned buildings, like wheelchair ramps, restroom accommodations, braille signage, etc., accommodations must also be added to websites. According to the ADA, websites must be accessible to users of all abilities.

    Give it a moments thought and youll quickly come to the obvious conclusion that making your website accessible to all users is simply good business. Why turn away prospective customers because your site isnt navigable?

    Further, its the law. With the enhanced ADA provisions enacted in 2010, all forms of advertising, including websites and social media platforms, are required to be compliant.. failure to comply could result in hefty finesthousands of dollars!

    Individual Services And Support

    NJ adult day programs could reopen at 50% capacity

    Each individuals day is uniquely structured so they can participate in the activities that are important to them. Our modern locations provide areas for large group activities and private therapy rooms, where individuals can work on personalized goals. In our day programs, individuals receive specialized coaching and work on valuable life skills. We include a variety of goal-driven activities, such as:

    • Independent living skills
    • Personal safety

    And since each persons needs change over time, we revisit their goals and hold monthly self-advocacy meetings. The individuals we support also have opportunities to enjoy life in the community, where they participate in meaningful activities while strengthening the fabric of their own neighborhood through part-time employment and volunteerism.

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    At Work Inclusivity Begins At The Top

    The Organization CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion aims to rally the business community to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace. The CEO pledge outlines a specific set of actions the signatory CEOs will take to cultivate a trusting environment where all ideas are welcome, and employees feel comfortable and empowered to have discussions about diversity and inclusion.

    Easterseals New Jersey wholeheartedly supports this effort. We recognize that more than 1,600 Chief Executive Officers have signed this pledge, and more companies than ever before are actively making the topics of diversity and inclusion part of their annual meetings and strategies.

    One fact coming from the study is that DEI was named a top priority for many of the executives. According to Gartner, the importance of the topic appeared to be 1.8 times higher in 2020 than in 2019. The same study claims there was about an 800 percent rise in online job postings in that time by recruiters who are committed to diversity.

    Another survey reports developing, adopting, and encouraging progress in corporate diversity programs was at the top of corporate 2021 priority lists.

    Childrens Home And Community

    The Childrenâs Home and Community-Based Services Waiverprovides a home or community based alternative to children with significant medical needs who are at risk for acute hospital or skilled nursing facility placement.

    Who Qualifies?

    • Medically fragile children ages 17 and younger who are in the home and at risk of nursing facility or hospital placement
    • Child must be institutionalized or at risk of being institutionalized in a nursing facility or hospital level of care
    • Childrenâs income must be less than 300% the Supplemental Security Income allowance per month and countable resources less than $2,000

    Benefits and Services

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    Day & Vocational Programs

    In our day programs, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can make friends and build life skills that help them live full, joyful lives.

    Our programs offer services in a variety of settings. Some are provided in the community and some are in our centers, where people can make friends and enjoy their favorite activities. We believe that growth happens in every stage of life, and every day is a great day to try something new.

    We know support looks different for everyone. Thats why our team creates a unique person-centered plan for each person in our day programs. We get to know each person and their goals. With our teams support, individuals choose activities that match their interests and help them build the skills they need to thrive.

    Sevitas day programs offer exciting activities

    We combine learning and skill building with fun, with activities like:

    Here Is How We Do More

    SCLSNJ âcontinues to enhanceâ programs for persons with disabilities ...
    • Wide variety of daily activities, including games and specifically tailored cognitive skills activities, an exercise program , as well as other therapeutic recreation activities. Additionally, there are a number of large screen TVs available in various entertainment rooms for clients who prefer to watch movies / news / shows from time to time. A billiard room is also available on-site for our clientâs use.
    • Included in our program are daily local trips to grocery shops, malls and, weather permitting, parks and weekly / bi-weekly excursions to museums, the botanical gardens, libraries, the Denver Zoo, hot springs, and other locations of interest .
    • We host birthday parties on a monthly basis to celebrate the birthdays of all our clients with live music, dancing, birthday cake and small gifts!
    • We care for those with Parkinsonâs disease, Alzheimerâs, stroke, brain injury, developmental disability and other conditions.
    • Alpine Adult Day Care has been approved by the State of Colorado as a Program Approved Service Agency , serving clients with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
    • Alpine Adult Day Care isBrain Injury certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment !

    Sign In or Create an Account

    Save your favorite respite resources with a Colorado Respite Coalition account.

    Program Description

    Programs Available

    Ages Served

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