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Does Social Security Make Exceptions To The Sga Limit

You Can Get SSDI or SSI and Still Work (UT 2020)

Some argue that the monthly SGA earnings limit is an arbitrary amount with no real basis and is unfair, and to some extent that’s true. For instance, someone making the federal minimum wage can work 32 hours per week and have their earnings come under the SGA amount, while someone who makes significantly more can work only five hours per week without becoming ineligible for benefits.

In actuality, Social Security can look at things that affect the true “worth” of your work. If the value of your work is more or less than the dollar amount earned, Social Security might take this into account when it determines whether you’re doing SGA-level work activity.

Social Security claims representatives will investigate whether an individual is performing work activity that is actually worth what they are being paid. They will consider the fact that some employers will subsidize disabled employees’ work by paying them their full wage even though the employees are not performing up to the value of that wage because of their disability. For instance, if an employer considers an employee’s work to be worth half of the actual pay, then Social Security could just count half the amount of earnings toward the SGA determination.

Your Work Activity Moves The Focus To Your Ongoing Work Away From Your Disability

Think about how a social security disability decision-maker, such as an Administrative Law Judge, would consider the typical disability case in which the claimant is not working.

For the non-working claimant, the ALJ simply must assess why that person can no longer work. The focus is on the medical conditions that you have. But if you are continuing to work, the ALJ will naturally focus on your work activity.

In particular, she will be considering the following:

  • Have you restricted your work activity so that you will not exceed the substantial gainful activity amount?
  • How did you decide on the work level you are performing?
  • Is there a medical basis and evidence to support your inability to perform substantial gainful activity, given that you are in fact able to work part-time?

Can I Work While On Long

It is not uncommon for a claimant receiving long-term disability benefits to wish to return to work in some capacity. While it can be difficult, it is possible under certain long-term disability policies. If you are collecting long-term disability insurance benefits and want to return to work, you will need to proceed carefully to avoid putting your benefits in jeopardy.

To find out if you can work while still receiving long-term disability benefits, you need to read your policy carefully. There may be specifications about what type of work you can do, how much money you can earn, or how long you are allowed to work before it affects your benefits. The impact that returning to work will have on your long-term disability benefits is determined by these detailed provisions within your policy and your definition of disability.

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Question: Working While Waiting For A Disability Decision

I quit working in April 2021 and applied for Social Security disability for bipolar disorder. I was approved in October 2021, on my first attempt. But before I found out I was approved, I went back to my old job in August and made $800 that month, and in September I made $1,500. In October I stopped working again. When I went to sign papers at the Social Security office for my mom to be the payee, I told them I had recently gone back to work and they told me I have to take them my paycheck stubs. Is that one month where I worked over the SGA amount going to affect my claim, or do you have to work over the SGA for a period of time?

Can You Work While Waiting For Disability Benefits

" Can I Get Disability While I

Home » Frequently Asked Questions » Can You Work While Waiting for Disability Benefits?

Can you work while applying for disability? Social Security Disability benefits can be very helpful to those who live with a disability. While waiting to hear if you qualify for disability benefits, it is still possible to continue working.However, any income from employment may put your eligibility at risk. Our Social Security Disability lawyers have the knowledge and experience to navigate the application process. They will help you develop a better understanding of how your work can affect your eligibility.Our Social Security Disability lawyers have the knowledge and experience to navigate the application process. They will help you develop a better understanding of how your work can affect your eligibility.

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Ssa Income Limits For Disability Benefits

The 2015 monthly income limit for individual SSI claimants is $733. This number is called the Federal Benefit Rate, or FBR. The FBR represents not only the maximum earnings per month but also the maximum payment a claimant can receive each month. In other words, you can neither earn nor receive more than $733 per month. The FBR for couples is higher: $1,100 per month.

If you earn more than the FBR, dont panic. You could still potentially qualify, because some of your earnings dont count toward the FBR. The SSA uses a complex formula to determine how much of your income is countable, and certain portions of your income and earnings are excluded. For example, the SSA does not count any of the following:

  • The first $20 of your monthly income.
  • Income tax refunds.
  • Loans that youre responsible for repaying.
  • Need-based assistance you receive from the state of Pennsylvania or New Jersey.
  • The value of SNAP .

Finally, you must also have limited resources. Your resources include all and any of the following:

What Can Cause Benefits To Stop

Two things can cause us to decide that you no longer have a disability and stop or suspend your benefits:

  • If, after completing a nine-month Trial Work Period , you work at a level we consider substantial.

    We suspend cash benefits for months your earnings are over the substantial level during the 36-month re-entitlement period after you complete the TWP. If your earnings fall below the substantial level in that period, we can start your benefits again. In 2022, average earnings of $1,350 or more per month are usually considered substantial. The amount of earnings that we consider substantial changes each year.

  • If we decide that your medical condition has improved and you no longer have a disability.

Remember, you are responsible for promptly reporting any improvement in your condition, or if you return to work. The booklet we send you when your application is approved explains what you need to report to us. For more information on what else may cause your benefits to stop, refer to How We Decide if You Still Have a Qualifying Disability.

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Can I Work & Receive Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are currently receiving Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you must comply with strict rules regarding your employment. Generally speaking, you cannot work while receiving Social Security disabilitybut there are some exceptions.

As of 2021, you can earn up to $1,310 per month and still receive SSDI benefits.

There is no limit to unearned income, such as your spouses earnings, inheritances, gifts, etc. associated with SSDI. Understanding your options and your rights can help you avoid a mistake that could cost you your benefits. Since 1922, Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC has served the hard-working people of Pennsylvania, fighting for the fair treatment and benefits they deserve when they are disabled and cannot work. Federal and state benefit programs are in place to help those who cannot support themselves, and our attorneys believe in upholding the principles upon which SSDI and SSI were founded.

To find out how we can help you, call .

If You Go Back To Work

My spouse works can I still receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you’re like most people, you would rather try to work than live on disability benefits.

There are special rules that help you keep your cash benefits and Medicare while you test your ability to work. We call these rules work incentives. For more information about Social Security work incentives, read Working While Disabled: How We Can Help.

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You Also Need Work Credits To Qualify For Ssdi Benefits

To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance , you must have earned enough work credits based on your job history. You earn work credits by working at a job that pays into Social Security and earning a certain amount of income throughout the year. You can earn up to four credits per year.

If you have a long history of working at a full-time job and recently stopped working, you most likely have enough work credits to meet the SSAs requirements. Our attorneys can look at your employment history to determine if you qualify.

Can You Work While On Short

Insurance companies that sell disability insurance policies arenât known to be soft touches when it comes to qualifying for a disability insurance policy. Still, they are fair, and they do allow you to earn an income while youâre collecting short or long-term disability benefits.

These benefits are claimed under the partial disability definition and are called residual disability benefits.

The residual disability benefit for partial disability may pay the full amount of benefits youâd receive if you were totally disabled for a limited time, after which youâll receive a percentage based on your earnings from work. The calculation of that percentage is performed by the insurance company and factors in the loss of responsibilities, income, and time, and pays out to replace those losses.

To elaborate on the three ways that insurers measure a partial disability:

  • Loss of responsibilities: when you can work, but you arenât able to accomplish the duties that make up 20% or more of your work.
  • Loss of time: when you can perform all of your duties, but you canât perform them for more than 75% to 80% of the time you previously spent doing them.
  • Loss of income: when you experience at least a 15% to 20% loss of income because of illness or injury.

You may qualify for total disability benefits if your illness or injury progresses to the point that you become unable to continue working at your job.

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Can You Work With Ssdi

Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal program that helps low-income people with disabilities receive benefits to improve their daily lives. Disabled people, however, often consider earning an income even while receiving these benefits.

This situation is allowable, but it comes with its guidelines.

In this article, learn how much work you can do and how much you can earn while receiving SSDI benefits.

The Trial Work Period

Students engineer hand

The trial work period allows you to test your ability to work for at least nine months. Youâll receive your full SSDI benefits during this period, regardless of how much youâre earning, as long as you play by the rules and report your work to the SSA, and you continue to have a disability.

In 2022, a trial work month is any month your total earnings are over $970. If youâre self-employed, you have a trial work month when you earn more than $970 or work more than 80 hours in your own business. The trial work period continues until you have used nine cumulative trial work months within a 60-month period.

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How Much Does Disability Pay In Texas

Theres no distinct difference between what an individual can receive in Texas and most places in the U.S.

Someone who filed for SSI in Texas and got their claim approved can receive the general SSI benefit.

This amount can change with each yearand will almost certainly change if you move states.

The maximum SSI benefit is $2400 per month, and the average amount currently received in Texas is $1200.

Keep in mind that its common for some people to receive less than this average per month.

What If I Dont Have Enough Work Credits

If you dont have enough work credits to qualify for SSDI, you might qualify for Supplemental Security Income benefits.

SSI offers benefits to applicants with low incomes and few personal assets, even if they have not earned enough work credits throughout their employment history. If you do not earn much money and have only worked part-time or sporadically throughout your lifetime, you might meet the requirements for SSI.

While the SSI program counts several different types of income toward its program limits, it also allows for some exceptions and exemptions such as property that you own but also live in. We can look over your financial information to determine if you meet the requirements for this program.

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Can I Still Work While Applying For Social Security Disability Insurance

The technical answer to this question is yes you can still work if youre making less than $1,350 per month.

That is the Social Security Administrations upper limit a disabled individual can earn and still get SSDI. If you make more than that, the SSA calls it Substantial Gainful Activity . If you are capable of SGA, then the SSA assumes you arent disabled and can engage in competitive employment. See where this is going?

So, technically you could work and still apply for SSDI benefits. The reality, however, is that if you are working even part-time, the SSA will probably reject your disability application. If that feels like a catch-22, well, thats because it basically is one.

How Many Hours Can You Work On Disability If You Work For Someone Else

How Much Can I Work and Still Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you are not self-employed, the number of hours you work is less important. Generally, your monthly income matters most for your disability eligibility. However, working too many hours could affect your case.

For example, maybe youre working close to full-time hours even though you dont earn over $1,350 per month. The SSA might consider you able to work a full-time job and deny you benefits. It will be harder to convince Social Security that youre disabled if you can work many hours.

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How Many Hours Can You Work On Disability If Youre Self

When you work for yourself, you can work hours without receiving an hourly wage. In that case, the SSA will look at how many hours youve worked, plus your monthly income.

Social Security typically allows up to 45 hours of work per month if youre self-employed and on SSDI. That comes out to around 10 hours per week. The SSA will also see whether or not youre the only person working for your business. You must not be earning SGA, along with not working too many hours.

Question: Working When You Apply For Disability

I have multiple sclerosis and arthritis and a lot of back, leg, and foot pain. I’m working full time. My job requires a lot of standing and I am in pain all day. I want to apply for disability but I’ve heard it takes a long time. My employer is trying to be understanding and has let me take breaks, but even so, I don’t know if I can keep working until I’m approved. But I need the income until I’m able to get benefits. Am I supposed to be working when I apply for benefits? If not, how long do I have to be off work?

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How Long Can I Be On Ssdi

A person may receive Social Security Disability as long as they are categorized as disabled. The benefits may be provided until age 65 when SSDI benefits will change into Social Security retirement benefits.

Can you work with SSDI benefits? Definitely, but with limitations. If you are qualified for the SSDI program, you should ensure you follow its guidelines, so you can continue to maximize its benefits. If you are unsure how much you are eligible for, you may always research or consult a disability lawyer to help you.

If you want to learn more about the amount of SSDI benefits you must receive, check out the Disability Help guide to calculating Social Security Disability payments.

Tips For Getting Approved Faster


There are specific steps that can help reduce the timeframe of getting a response from SSA after submitting your social security disability application form.

The following tips can help get disability benefits approved faster.

Provide every medical evidence: Avoid keeping the disability services examiner waiting for missing proof and documents. Be sure to send every required document along with the application.

Include all your doctors information in the application: when filling out the application, list the names of Doctors that have treated your condition, including the date you visited them and their office address. This will help the SSA quickly get in touch with the doctor and confirm your claims.

Ask your doctor for letters: Your doctors letter showing your condition and the associated symptoms can go a long way to prove your case for a qualifying disability. Try to request letters from multiple doctors and submit them along with the application.

Keep track of your applications progress: always monitor your application. The Social Security Administration may contact you for additional information or evidence. You want to get it to them quickly.

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What Work History Do I Need To Qualify For Benefits

When you apply for disability, the SSA requires you to provide:

  • The date your medical condition affected your ability to work
  • Your work history
  • The types of duties you did in the primary job you had

After receiving this information, the SSA will evaluate your work history to determine what skills you learned, the responsibilities you had, and your jobs physical demands. This evaluation helps the SSA decide whether any of those skills or faculties could transfer to other jobs.

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