100 Percent Disabled Veteran Benefits


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Expedited Processing Of Social Security Disability Benefits

What Veterans Need to Know About 100 Percent Disability Compensation Benefits

Disabled veterans with a 100% permanent and total VA disability rating may receive expedited processing of applications for Social Security Disability Benefits. The Social Security Administration automatically identifies most veterans that meet the VA 100% Permanent and Total disability compensation rating. Although in rare instances a veteran may have to self-identify as meeting the rating and provide the VA notification letter as proof. You can apply online by clicking HERE.

Spouse And Dependent Health Care

Family members of veterans with 100% disability ratings are also eligible for full medical care. The VA provides many health-care services for families through the Civilian Health and Medical Programs . This is a complex program, beyond the scope of this column, so please refer here for details:

Make Sure You Get All The Benefits You Deserve

Regardless of what state you live in, its important that you pursue the monthly compensation payments due to you for disabilities connected to your military service.

Most veterans are underrated for their disabilities and therefore not getting the compensation they deserve. At VA Claims Insider, we help veterans understand and take control of the claims process so they can get the rating and compensation theyre owed by law.

Our process takes the guesswork out of filing a VA disability claim and supports you every step of the way in building a fully-developed claim so you can increase your rating in less time!

If youve filed your VA disability claim and have been denied or have received a low rating or youre not sure how to get started reach out to us for a FREE VA Claim Discovery Call, so you can FINALLY get the disability rating and compensation you deserve. Weve supported more than 15,000 veterans to win their claims and increase their ratings. NOW ITS YOUR TURN.

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Disabled Veterans Life Insurance Program

The Disabled Veterans Life Insurance program is a VA program that provides insurance for disabled veterans who have a service-connected disability rating from 0% to 100%. The basic program, commonly referred to as RH Insurance, insures eligible Veterans for up to $10,000 of coverage. Totally disabled veterans who are unable to work may apply for additional coverage of up to $30,000. Click HERE to review eligibility and application requirements.

Best Benefits For 100 Va Disability: The Ultimate Guide

100 Percent Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses Frequently Asked ...

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

If you want to learn how to implement these strategies to get the VA benefits you deserve, to speak with a VA claim expert for free.

Today, Brian Reese the VA Claims Insider reveals and explains the Ultimate Guide to the 35 Top Benefits for 100 VA Disability this year.

Weve also compiled a complete list from A-Z of little-known 100 disabled veteran benefits for 2023 along with tips, strategies, and lessons learned so you know how to get them.

And we even took the time to order them by the level of importance and the amount of benefit you can receive for you and/or your dependents.

In our experience helping more than 20,000 disabled veterans, weve discovered many veterans with a 100 percent VA disability rating dont even realize the incredible benefits available to them at the federal-level, state-level, various non-profits, and everyday military and veteran discounts, among others.

This means you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of benefits you deserve for you and your family!

Okay, lets deep-dive some of the top benefits available to veterans with a 100% VA disability rating.

You Served You Deserve!

And weve got your six! Become an Elite Member and talk with one of our Veteran Coaches to begin your journey to a higher rating!

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    Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation And Employment Program

    The Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program, also known as Voc Rehab, is designed to assist veterans with service-connected disabilities to obtain suitable employment and/or achieve independent living goals. It consists of several application phases, involving tasks for both VR& E staff and Veterans to complete. A full list of Voc Rehab coordinators can be found HERE. Veterans can also get started with the VR& E process by contacting your local VA Regional Office.

    Va Disability Housing Grants

    Disabled veterans may be able to get a Specially Adapted Housing grant if youre using the grant money to buy, build, or change your permanent home and you meet eligibility requirements. If you qualify for an SAH grant, you can get up to $101,754 for FY 2022. You may also qualify for a Special Home Adaptation grant if youre using the grant money to buy, build, or change your permanent home and you meet eligibility requirements. If you qualify for an SHA grant, you can get up to $20,387 for FY 2022. This is the current total maximum amount allowed for SHA grants. Finally, you may be able to get a Temporary Residence Adaptation grant if you meet the requirements. If you qualify for an SAH grant, you can get up to $40,983 through the TRA grant program for FY 2022. If you qualify for an SHA grant, you can get up to $7,318 through the TRA grant program for FY 2022. Click HERE to check eligibility for all VA Disability Housing Grants.

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    Qualifying For 100 Percent Va Disability Based On Unemployability

    Many veterans find it challenging to qualify for a 100 percent VA disability based on the rating schedule. Fortunately, VA offers a way to receive 100 percent benefits based on your inability to work. The program is called Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability .

    The most important criterion to receive TDIU is that youre unemployable. To show this you must prove that you are unable to get OR keep substantially gainful employment. But you also have to meet certain rating requirements. If you have a single disability and cannot work because of that disability, you can receive TDIU if your condition rates at 60 percent or higher. If you have two or more disabilities and cant work because of those disabilities, you can receive TDIU if your conditions have a combined rating of 70 percent or higher with one having a 40 percent rating or higher on its own.

    % Disabled Veteran Benefits By State: Wyoming

    SECRET 100 Percent Disabled Veteran Benefits [NEW in 2021!]

    Among the options for 100% disabled veteran benefits by state, Wyoming stands out as an exceptionally friendly place for veterans. The state has a tight-knit and respected veteran community with trust funds and generous family benefits in place.

    Some of the highlights of 100% disabled veteran benefits in Wyoming include:

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    With A Dependent Spouse Or Parent But No Children

    Compensation rates for 30% to 60% disability rating

    Find the dependent status in the left column that best describes you. Then look for your disability rating in the top row. Your basic monthly rate is where your dependent status and disability rating meet.

    If your spouse receives Aid and Attendance benefits, be sure to also look at the Added amounts table, and add it to your amount from the Basic monthly rates table.

    Basic monthly rates for 30% to 60% disability rating

    Dependent status 30% disability rating 40% disability rating 50% disability rating 60% disability rating
    Dependent status 30% disability rating 508.05 40% disability rating 731.86 50% disability rating 1,041.82 60% disability rating 1,319.65
    With spouse 30% disability rating 568.05 40% disability rating 811.86 50% disability rating 1,141.82 60% disability rating 1,440.65
    With spouse and 1 parent 30% disability rating 616.05 40% disability rating 875.86 50% disability rating 1,222.82 60% disability rating 1,537.65
    With spouse and 2 parents 30% disability rating 664.05 40% disability rating 939.86 50% disability rating 1,303.82 60% disability rating 1,634.65
    With 1 parent 30% disability rating 556.05 40% disability rating 795.86 50% disability rating 1,122.82 60% disability rating 1,416.65
    With 2 parents 30% disability rating 604.05 40% disability rating 859.86 50% disability rating 1,203.82 60% disability rating 1,513.65

    Compensation rates for 70% to 100% disability rating

    Va Travel Pay And Reimbursement

    VA Travel Pay Reimbursement is for regular transportation, such as, car or POV, plane, train, bus, taxi, or light rail. You may be eligible for this reimbursement if youre traveling for care at a VA health facility or for VA-approved care at a facility in your community, and at least one of the below descriptions is true for you. The current VA travel pay reimbursement rate is 41.5 cents per mile for approved, health-related travel. Pro Tip: Veterans can now file a travel pay claim and reimbursement online!

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    How To Receive A 100 Percent Disability Rating

    To have the best chance of receiving a 100 percent disability rating, you must convince the VA of the severity of your condition.

    The more persuasive evidence and supporting documentation you submit, the stronger you can make this case. The best types of evidence to include with your appeal are, among others, medical records, personal statements from your doctor, lab test results and statements from yourself, your family, friends, manager or co-workers.

    Equally important is showing youre receiving regular medical care for your condition. If you have not been to the doctor in six months or a year, the VA may find it hard to believe your condition is severe enough to warrant a 100 percent rating.

    our veteran’s disability lawyers today

    What Does A Va Disability Rating Of 100% Really Mean

    VA 100 percent disability ratings can be confusing

    The words 100% disabled often conjure up images of totally incapacitated people, vets with traumatic brain injuries, and those who have lost limbs. However, a 100% VA disability can be determined in more than one way.

    The first is through a catastrophic injury or illness, such as those described above. Also, any veteran being treated for an active cancer receives a 100% determination

    A large number of veterans are rated as 100% disabled through an accumulation of other less serious conditions.

    For example, a Vietnam veteran may have cardiovascular disease presumptively related to Agent Orange. Perhaps the VA determines that condition to be 40% disabling. He also has ankle issues stemming from a parachute jump for another 20% tinnitus and a small piece of shrapnel lodged in his knee that begins causing him trouble as he ages.

    Together, the cumulative rating for those issues may add up to more than 100%, but the veteran may still be leading an active and relatively mobile life.

    The VA has a program for just about anything a disabled veteran might need. There is a complete array of health care programs including full dental.

    VA benefits can also help with education, employment, and housing. VA counselors constantly remind veterans If you need help with something, the VA most likely has a program to assist you.

    Ask the DMV:When will Bronze Star license plates be available?

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    Va Home Loan Funding Fee Waiver For Disabled Veterans

    Disabled Veterans with a VA disability rating of 10% or higher qualify for a waiver of the VA home loan funding fee. In 2020, VA home loan funding fees range from 1.4% to 3.6% of the total loan amount . For example, lets say a first-time veteran home buyer purchases a $300,000 home and makes a down payment of $15,000 . Youll pay a VA funding fee of $4,702.50, or 1.65% of the $285,000 loan amount. Note the funding fee applies only to the VA loan amount, NOT the purchase price of the home. Now, if youre a disabled veteran with a service-connected disability rating of 10% or higher, you are exempt from the VA home loan funding fee! Disabled veterans can check eligibility requirements HERE.

    How Can I Qualify For A 100 Percent Va Disability Rating

    To qualify for a 100 percent VA rating, you must either have one condition rated at 100%, or have one or more individual VA ratings increased, which will then increase your total combined rating to 95.00 or higher .

    If your conditions have worsened since you last applied and now qualify for a higher rating, you can submit a new claim on VA.gov by checking the box for an increased evaluation.

    Further, you can always add new primary or secondary disabilities, but youll need to prove service connection.

    Heres the deal fellow veterans

    So many veterans are Stuck, Frustrated, and Underrated by the VA.

    And were on a MISSION to change it so you and your family get the VA disability benefits you deserve for serving our country.

    If youre ready to increase your VA rating, maybe even to 100% if eligible by law, checkout my brand-new FREE video training for 2023:

    VA CLAIM SECRETS: Top 3 Strategies to WIN Your VA Claim, PROVE Service Connection, and INCREASE Your VA Rating in Less Time!

    Reveal SECRET VA Claim Tips & Strategies for Veterans

    Click the red button below to watch the FREE training:

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    Free Entrance To National Parks For Disabled Veterans

    Disabled veterans with a 100% permanent and total VA rating are eligible to receive FREE lifetime access to more than 2,000 federal recreation areas, including national parks, wildlife refuges, and forests. The completely free Military Pass is a way to thank Americas veterans, Gold Star Families, and current military and their dependents for their support of our country and to encourage them to explore recreational opportunities on their public lands and waters. Certain disabled veterans qualify for the Interagency Access Pass, which is a lifetime free pass for any veteran with a permanent disability. An Access Pass may also provide discounts for expanded amenities like camping, guided tours, etc. For more information visit USGS Store Access Pass.

    Dental Care Benefits For 100 Percent Disabled Veterans

    VA Benefits with 100% Service-Connected Disability | VA Disability | theSITREP

    If you qualify for VA dental care benefits , you may be able to get some or all of your dental care through VA. The eligibility for outpatient dental care is somewhat different from the eligibility requirements for most other VA medical benefits. Specifically, eligibility for VA dental care is categorized into classes. The class you are in determines the benefits you will receive.

    Veterans with 100 percent disability ratings are categorized into Class IV. Importantly, these veterans are eligible for any needed dental care, such as scheduled cleanings and X-rays. It also includes restorative procedures such as fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures. Any oral surgeries that you might require, such as tooth extractions, root canals, and reconstructive surgeries due to trauma or serious illness are covered as well. However, these dental benefits are not afforded to those veterans with only a temporary total rating.

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    Discounts For Licenses And State Parks

    Louisiana Veterans can enjoy discounts and fee waivers for hunting and fishing licenses as well as entrance to Louisiana state parks. Certain qualifications apply.

    Beginning June 1, 2022For Non-Resident Disabled Veterans who have a permanent service-connected classification of 50% or more:

  • The LDVA Disabled Veteran Hunting/Fishing License Form must be filled out and signed by the veteran and all requested information provided, including:
  • Copy of valid Drivers License or State ID
  • Proof of permanent VA disability rating of 50% or more
  • Veterans requiring a hunter certification number, please visit: wlf.louisiana.gov
  • Please email or mail your completed application and proofs to:
  • 205 Court St., Suite 4Ville Platte, LA 70586
    • LDVA will certify the application and email the completed application to LWF , where LDWF will certify and send the veteran his/her initial hunting/fishing license.
    • Each year after that, the veteran may purchase that new years hunting/fishing license either online on your website or in person at any one of the retailers listed at your hunting or recreational fishing license listing on your website under

    Additional Va Disability Compensation For Dependents

    Disabled veterans with a current VA disability rating of 30% or higher are eligible for an increase in monthly VA disability compensation to help support your family. Disabled veterans can apply online for free and add/remove dependents at any time on the VA.gov website inside their VA disability claim online application. The application typically takes 30 days or less to add or remove dependents.

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    How To Use The Tables To Find Your Monthly Payment

    Find your basic rate

    Go to the compensation rates for your disability rating. On the Basic monthly rates table, find the amount for your disability rating and dependent status. This is your basic monthly rate.

    Example :If youre a Veteran with a 30% disability rating, and you have a dependent spouse , your basic monthly rate would be $568.05 each month.

    Find your added amounts, if any apply

    If your spouse receives Aid and Attendance benefits or you have more than one child, you may qualify for additional monthly payment amounts as listed in the Added amounts table.

    First, determine your basic rate.

    Example :If youre a Veteran with a 70% disability rating, and you have a spouse, plus 3 dependent children under the age of 18, you would start with the basic rate of $1,907.06 .

    Next, look at the Added amounts table. Find the amount for children under age 18 .

    Since your basic rate already provides payment for 1 child, you would add the rate of $70.00 for each additional child .

    If your spouse receives Aid and Attendance, you would also add $130 .

    In our example of a Veteran with 70% disability rating, your total monthly payment amount would be:

    $1,907.06 basic rate + $70 +$70 +$130 Total $2,177.06

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